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Legends Never Rest: Tom Brady Gets Right Back to Working Out

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You didn't think Tom Brady was going to sit home and catch up on Bravo! and "The Bachelor" a week after his fourth Super Bowl victory, did you?

Hell no.

Tom Terrific is getting right back to work, prepping for the 2015 season.

** Adorable Alert! **

Brady -- wait for it -- posted on Facebook today with his son Ben on his back while doing a plank exercise on his forearms. The caption reads: "My little personal trainer working me hard!"

In other Brady news, Sam Monson -- the ESPN scribe who famously penned the "Tom Brady is no longer a top-5 QB" last summer, has finally seen the light.

"The bottom line here is that performance, form and legacy are all fluid concepts," Monson writes. "Every word written about Tom Brady or any other quarterback is just a snapshot in time until he has hung up his cleats for good. A year ago his play looked like it was on the way down. His performance was slipping and he entered the season playing poorly. After week four he played for two months of the season as the best quarterback in the game before ending it with another two months of good if not mind-blowing play. Even in the Super Bowl we saw the very best of him along with the very worst at different points, but we also got to witness the culmination of one of the greatest comeback stories in sports.

Read the rest of Monson's sort-of-mea-culpa on Brady here.

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