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Tom Brady Brushes Off Facebook Image Brouhaha

Has one of Tom Brady's Facebook posts turned into bulletin board material for the Colts?

Brady was asked about the perceived brouhaha Wednesday at Gillette Stadium.

"That was just a friendly post, you don't like that?," Brady said when asked how the picture of him riding a blue colt ended up on his Facebook page. "You've got to 'like' that."

After a few chuckles Brady added, "I didn't make that graphic... yeah, I liked it."

In preparation for the Colts coming to town for the AFC Championship game this weekend, an image of Tom Brady riding a blue horse appeared on TB12's illustrious Facebook page on Monday.

The caption under the image reads, "six days."

In response to the image of Brady riding a blue colt, an Indiana retailer is selling a t-shirt of a Colt stomping on what appears to be the image of Pat Patriot -- the iconic figure from the original Patriots logo.

The anti-Patriots shirt can by yours for the low, low price of $26.


In today's presser, Brady said the nervous energy still kicks in before postseason games.

"Absolutely. I think that’s part of playing sports," Brady said. "Being in a competitive situation like we are, I don’t think that ever goes away. You never know what’s going to happen on game day, you work as hard as you can to kind of prepare for everything and like I said, to be physically and mentally right, but no one can predict what’s going to happen.

"You have your vision of the way you want things to turn out on a particular play or scheme or something like that and if it does, great; if it doesn't happen the way you want it to, which is most of the time, you've got to figure out something to do. I think that’s where a lot of the nerves come into play, the anxiousness of just the anticipation of what’s going to happen versus what we’ve prepared for, so you just have to prepare for a lot of things."

Brady was asked about his intensity leading up to big games.

"I know it’s an emotional game and I need to be emotional out there to play at my highest," Brady said. "I try to rest up all week and I’m actually pretty mellow most of the time, as you guys know. It’s just for those three hours on Sunday that you get to let it rip, which is really, I think, when you can be yourself. You've got to go out there and bring a level of energy and enthusiasm and all the guys do that. And certainly making good plays helps that. When you see your teammates make good plays that’s all part of it. Hopefully we make a lot of good plays."

Brady went on to describe how his mood manifests itself leading up to a playoff game, and dropped an S-bomb along the way.

"My wife asks the same thing, ‘What’s your problem?’ But I get pretty edgy," Brady said. "I just think there’s a high level of pressure every week and I think the pressure is on from the moment that – I’d say it’s like watching the games on Sunday. You watch the first game, like the Cowboys-Packers game, and it’s kind of fun and you get to watch the game. And then all of a sudden, you watch the Denver game and Indy play, and as soon as that game ends it’s like, ‘Boom,’ and the clock starts. It’s a race to see who can prepare the best over the course of the week.

"There’s not many opportunities you get during the season to have a time where you don’t know who your opponent is. After, obviously, we won on Saturday and then you have that little moment of time where you’re not really preparing for anybody and then as soon as you know the opponent the anxiousness starts building and building. You do everything you can through the preparation to get an understanding of what the team is doing and how you’re going to play and which plays you’re going to install and how you’re going to run the plays and did you execute the plays and then did you execute the plays and all of those things lessen your anxiety because you can go out and perform and build confidence in what you’re doing. It’s kind of the ebbs and flows of the week. Sometimes in a good mood, sometimes in a sh***y mood. Sometimes it just ebbs and flows."

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