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Joe Montana Believes Brady Asked for Deflation of Footballs


On the day Tom Brady posted a #TBT photo of himself wearing his idol's uniform as a kid, that same idol had some strong words regarding the Patriots quarterback's involvement in Deflategate.

Joe Montana spoke to reporters following an event to promote Papa John's pizza and wasn't buying either Brady's insistence that he knew nothing about how the Pats' footballs became slightly deflated during the first half of the AFC Championship game or coach Bill Belichick's scientific explanation for how the balls may have become underinflated detailed at a surprise press conference last Saturday.

"If I want a ball a certain way, I don't do it myself," Montana said as per a report from Christopher Gasper of The Boston Globe. "So, somebody did it for him."

Montana, who won four Super Bowls as the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers in the '80s, said that a football can wind up a certain way only if the quarterback wants it to and that doesn't mean he has to do it himself.

"I mean, it's easy to figure out who did it," Montana said. "Did Tom do it? No, but Tom likes the balls that way, obviously, or you wouldn't have 11 of them that way without him complaining because as a quarterback, you know how you like the ball."

For what it's worth, Montana thinks the whole thing is no big deal and that the air pressure guidelines are "stupid."

"They shouldn't have the rule anyway," he said. "If you want to see the game played at the best, everybody has a different grip, everybody likes a different feel."

Montana also noted that he feels Brady is a "great quarterback" and that this whole situation shouldn't reflect poorly on anything Brady has accomplished throughout his career.

Montana is the latest quarterback -- current or former -- to weigh in on Deflategate with Kurt Warner and Drew Brees among the most recent to speak their minds. Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman, who Montana referenced when discussing the issue, echoed Montana's sentiments last week when he said, "For the balls to be deflated, that doesn't happen unless the quarterback wants it to happen. I can assure you of that."

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