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Bill Belichick Drops ‘My Cousin Vinny’ Reference During Surprise Press Conference

Of all of the great quotes that came from the mouth of one William Stephen Belichick during his impromptu press conference on Saturday, where he fired back at accusations the Patriots deliberately under-inflated footballs for the AFC title game, none may have been better than the line he dropped in reference to “My Cousin Vinny.”

When speaking about his knowledge of football pressure, he said “I would not say that I am Mona Lisa Vito of the football world,” comparing it to Marisa Tomei’s character from the film, whose vast auto expertise was influential in proving the innocence of Bill Gambini and Stan Rothenstein in their trial for murder.

The role in “My Cousin Vinny” won Tomei the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, and Belichick’s impassioned speech may have fired up his team enough and added extra motivation to their “us against the world” mentality going into next weekend to win them their fourth Lombardi Trophy.

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