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Julian Edelman Busts Tom Brady on His Scamper: 'I Call Him Brady Vick'

FOXBOROUGH -- "It was the slowest 17 yards I've ever seen in my life," Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman joked about Tom Brady's third quarter run against the Dolphins today.

"It's always fun seeing the Clydesdale run," Edelman added. "He's been working hard on his little mobility stuff. He takes that to heart and it's always to watch him get fired up after a run... He's always had unbelievable pocket awareness so he seems pretty good to me. I mean he's been around here a while, a long time so it's alway great seeing the big dog get out there and move the chains. I call him Brady Vic."

Brady and Edelman connected on a six-yard touchdown pass on a three-play scoring drive with 1:29 to play in the third quarter, giving the Patriots a 38-13 lead.

The hot topic postgame was how the Patriots offense had trouble getting going in this one.

“The first half, we didn’t really execute what we were trying to do," Edelman said. "On the first drive, we moved the ball a little bit here and there and kind of puttered off or fluttered off or whatever you want to call it. We came in and basically just said, ‘Let’s just play each play and try to do your assignment and just try to execute,’ and we were able to do that a little bit better in the second half.”

Getting back to basics jump started the Patriots sluggish attack.

“We gave up a big lead the first time we played these guys, so we just came in here and said, ‘Let’s go back to the fundamentals of what we have to do each and every play,’" Edelman said. "It’s not about X’s and O’s; it’s about execution and going out and just doing your job and making a play. It seemed like we were able to do that a little better in the second half. There were a couple things that we still have to work on, and we’ll do that this week, but it was good to come out here and get my sixth division title in the six years that I’ve been here.”

Like his teammate Rob Gronkowski, Edelman has never known what it's like to be on a team that has not won the AFC East division.

“It’s pretty amazing," Edelman said. "You put in all the time and the effort in the offseason, and you go through the long days of training camp, and before that you have the OTAs, and you put in all this time and work and effort for this right here. I’ve been fortunate enough to get six, and now we get to play some real football.”

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