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Patriots Are People, Too: Duron Harmon Plays Organ and Wants to Fly


FOXBOROUGH, Mass. ó Each week, here on the Extra Points blog, we will get to know a few fun facts about a particular Patriots' player. This week, we caught up with safety Duron Harmon before he headed home for the bye week.

Erik Frenz: Tell me one thing about yourself that I wouldn't find in a Google search.

Duron Harmon: That when I go home, I play the organ for my church.

EF: That's a difficult instrument. How long has that been a passion of yours?

DH: I've been playing the organ since I was 13. I was taking piano lessons, and started when I was eight, but it's a lot different just because you have two rows of keys and then you have the bass pedal. It's difficult, but it's fun.

EF: If a Patriots fan could get a drink with one player on the team, who would you suggest?

DH: Gronk! For sure! I think they would have the time of their lives. A close second is Devin McCourty, because he's such a people person, that he can talk to anybody and have a great conversation. He's just a kind-hearted man that I know that would make that person feel really good when they have that drink.

EF: Where are you from, and how does Foxborough compare to your hometown?

DH: I'm from Magnolia, Delaware. It's about the same. It's a small town, not really too much to do, not a city, just a lot of green grass, trees, looks very similar to here.

EF: So not really a lot of culture shock when you came here?

DH: Haha, nope! I was pretty much like, "Oh...this looks like home!"

EF: Who would you say is the funniest guy on the team, in your opinion?

DH: Sporadically, I would say Gronk. He'll come up with something, but then a lot of people don't know Malcolm Butler is very, very funny. I think it has to do with him being a little country, too. Him being from Mississippi, the accent gets going when he's telling a story. He'll get you laughing hard.

EF: So what would you say is your favorite thing about football season?

DH: I would say my favorite thing about football season is the idea of just coming together and just getting that W. You can't win a game by yourself. It doesn't matter if the quarterback, running back, nobody can win a game by themselves, especially at this level. So the idea of just coming together, you need the defense, the offense, and the kicking game to play well. The idea of conformity is the main thing that drives me to keep playing this game.

EF: Anything you don't enjoy about football season?

DH: Night games. You've got to sit around all day, and it gets you out of your routine. Especially away night games. You're sitting in the hotel all day, you're not comfortable, you're just laying around and ready to play, and you get a little antsy.

EF: What did it feel like the moment you found out you would be playing for the Patriots?

DH: It was like a dream come true, for real, because I got to go to an organization that prides themselves on winning and playing physical and great mental football. So I felt like I could come in here and do those things that they asked me to do, which is play mentally and physically tough.

EF: What's your favorite play that you ever made in your playing career?

DJ: I would say the interception against the Steelers last year, against Ben Roethlisberger. Even though the routes got picked and the receiver didn't get to the ball, just me picking off Ben Roethlisberger, getting an interception from him, seeing him when I was growing up, being on the same field as him, I was just like, "Wow, that was pretty cool." I'll definitely always remember that.

EF: What is your proudest moment of your playing career?

DH: Just being a part of that comeback win against the Broncos last year, and then having some good moments out there myself, just helping the team come back and win that game was a big moment.

EF: If you could have one super power, what would it be?

DH: I'd want to fly! I hate traffic, so I would just fly over the top of the traffic, get where I need to go and I'd be set.

EF: Get a little S on your chest?

DH: Haha, yeah, for sure. Sounds good.

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