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For $29.99 (Plus Shipping), Julian Edelman Will Totally Embrace His 'Minitron' Nickname

"Minitron can do so many things, he's so quick. What he did on the punt return was incredible.Ē -- Tom Brady, on Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman

There was a time last year, the week before Christmas to be exact, when Julian Edelman would not acknowledge his new nickname.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady dubbed Edelman "Minitron" last December, a reference to Lions wideout Calvin Johnson, whose nickname, "Megatron,", is derived from a Transformers character. When reporters asked Edelman about the name at the time, he brushed it off, apparently not happy with being called small during such a big season.

Edelman seems to be over it. For $29.99, you can purchase a "Minitron" t-shirt on From the website:

Patriots, roll out.
I'm officially embracing the Minitron nickname.
Embrace it with me, fellow Patriots.
(women's available too! check sizes)


Edelman had a huge game Sunday vs. the Denver Broncos, catching nine passes and scoring two touchdowns, one on an 84-yard punt return. Given that the Patriots signed him to a relatively team-friendly deal (he can earn up to $19 million, so he's not poor), it makes sense for Edelman to cash in for what he can.

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