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Awww, UGG: Tom Brady's Latest Ad Stars His Dog Lua

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are two of the most recognizable people in the world. Now you can add Lua's name to the family's marketing muscle.

In Brady's latest ad for UGG entitled "Down Time," the Patriots star quarterback gets his dog into the act.

"Down Time" explores Bradyís life off the field, especially on a non-football Sunday like yesterday. UGG explains:

On off days, theyíre often spent at a local Boston-area beach in a quiet moment of solitude. On days like these thereís no game plan. Success isnít measured in completions or touchdown passes. Today, the only wide receiver is Tomís dog, Lua, water breaks include an actual water bowl, and the crowd of fans is a curious flock of seagulls. Today, thereís no scoreboard. A victory isnít measured in first downs, but scoring actual downtime.

In the latest ad in the series, Brady acts as the voiceover, saying: "This is what it all comes down to. This is what all the hard work is for. The long days. The extra hours. All for moments like these. It may not be the big moment -- the grand entrance, the bright lights on the big stage -- but itís moments like these that make those that much more important."

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The past videos that have launched as part of Brady's fall campaign for UGG included ďTime Out,Ē which featured Tomís father Tom Brady, Sr. in early September and ďPre-Game,Ē which featured Tomís mother Galynn in late September. Both ads featured cameo appearances by Brady's pit bull Lua.

In addition to continuing his endorsement work -- which Forbes' estimates is worth $7 million to the Patriots QB -- Brady has been aggressive on promoting his image on social media this season.

"I've worked with one of my great friends on it, who's really done a great job," Brady said on WEEI's Dennis and Callahan show Monday. "That's a pretty important thing to do today. We've talked a lot about it over the years, with social media. Really I think the phrase will always be 'controlling the message' and also having the opportunity to talk to your fans. I'm a little bit old school in that I've never really approached ó probably the younger generation, the guys playing now, are much more in tune with that. I'm trying to do a better job with that, certainly over the last six weeks."

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