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Oh #@%! ... Brandon LaFell Apologizes For His F-Bomb Wardrobe Malfunction

Brandon LaFell may want to look in the mirror the next time he leaves the house.

The Patriots receiver had the right idea when he paid a visit to his old high school over the weekend in Houston, but he definitely wore the wrong shirt -- which wasn't exactly out of the Schoolhouse Rock playbook.

When LaFell paid a visit to Lamar High School to watch his old football team in action, he was sporting a T-shirt that read "F**K $TATI$TIC$" in large letters on the front according to TMZ Sports.

LaFell admitted the "innocent mistake" and apologized for the incident via a representative who told TMZ that LaFell wasn't trying to shock the kids -- he was just at home and "when he realized his high school was playing, he shot out of the house" and forgot that he was wearing the shirt with the vulgar message.

"It wasn't a conscious decision to make a statement at all," the rep for LaFell told TMZ. "If he could do it over, he would wear a different shirt."

The shirt in question appears to be made by a company called Fly Supply.

The Lamar Texans (formerly the Redskins) hammered Regan, 56-14 in the Saturday afternoon tilt at Delmar Stadium in Houston.

And speaking of statistics, LaFell has19 receptions for 337 yards and three touchdowns in seven games with the Patriots this season.

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