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Darrelle Revis One of Five NFL Players Who Has Regressed The Most


You have my attention, ESPN Insider.

It's probably a ploy to get you to subscribe -- heck, of course it is -- but ESPN Insider Sam Monson has written an article which claims that, after three games, Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis is one of the five NFL players who has regressed the most since last season.

Monson writes, in part, "A year ago he was coming off a bad knee injury and was trapped in an ill-suited, zone-heavy scheme in Tampa Bay, yet Revis was still PFF's top-graded corner overall and top-five in coverage grade alone. The Patriots aren't asking him to do what he did for the Jets, but his situation is better than a year ago. I see no reason he can't play to last year's standard at least, so expect him to improve."

He adds, "While he hasn't graded badly, he has been entirely average in a year where he was supposed to re-stake his claim to being the best shutdown corner in the game. Revis Island appears to have developed a ferry port and light aircraft terminal."

Guffaw. I'm not sure it's physically possible to track the five players who have regressed the most across the entire NFL, and given the presence of Joe Haden and J.J. Watt on the list, Monson seems to have picked some big-time names to stir up attention. Remember, this is the guy who wrote in June that Tom Brady wasn't a top-five NFL quarterback.

Revis obviously hasn't been perfect. On Sunday, Raiders QB Derek Carr targeted six receivers who were being covered by Revis. As a team, though, the Patriots have been stingy, allowing 36 points through three games.

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