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Patriots Are People, Too: 10 Questions With Patriots Punter Ryan Allen


FOXBOROUGH — Each week, here on the Extra Points blog, we'll try to get a little closer to one Patriots player by asking some outside-the-lines questions about them in their personal lives. Here's our chat with punter Ryan Allen.

Erik: What's one thing about yourself that I wouldn't find in a Google search?

Ryan Allen: This is so hard, I get tunnel vision. I have an Italian Greyhound named Zoe. She's three years old.

EF: If a Patriots fan could get one drink with one player on the team, who would you suggest?

RA: Matt Slater.

EF: Any reason why?

RA: Just because he's a swell guy.

EF: What is your hometown, and how does Foxborough compare to it?

RA: I'm from Salem, Oregon. [Foxborough] is good. It's pretty decent. It's kind of gloomy weather in the winter time, but nice summers. Fall is super nice with all the leaves changing. It's pretty similar. The northwest is ...

Kicker Stephen Gostkowski chimes in: So you're saying the people are way nicer where you're from than here?

RA: No, no ...

EF: Don't worry, I'm not going to twist your words.

RA: It's pretty, honestly. It's similar. There are a lot of similarities to them.

EF: So what's your favorite thing about football season?

RA: Movie night and Saturday night dinner before the games. For sure.

EF: Do you have any pre-game rituals before every game?

RA: Not really, just have my own routine that I do for the most part, as far as getting prepared physically and stuff like that, music and all that kind of stuff. Nothing outlandish, no superstitions, no bracelets or anything like that.

EF: What did it feel like the moment you found out you were playing for the Patriots?

RA: It was pretty exciting, man. It was a crazy couple of months there, prior to it, but it was very exciting.

EF: What's the funniest or strangest thing that's ever happened to you during a game in your playing career?

RA: Six games in, last season, we were playing the Saints. I was told by Stephen to keep my composure at the very end of the game, if we did score. But we ended up scoring, and as we were leaving the field, I ended up just getting super pumped and just started throwing fists up in the air. Stephen was right behind me, just scolding me out on the field, so that was pretty funny.

EF: What's your favorite play you ever made in a game?

RA: I think the most memorable one from last year is the overtime kick where Denver ended up fumbling it. That was a pretty cool playing experience. That was fun.

EF: What's your proudest moment of your playing career?

RA: Shoot, just to have a decent first season as a rookie and to deal with every situation throughout the year that I've had, and just to learn from all of it, I thought it was good. There were so many situations and certain types of scenarios, getting through the entire year, and just to go through them and to learn from them, and to end up standing on your own two feet and healthy at the end of the season is a blessing, too. So I was proud about finishing the first season and having it go pretty well.

EF: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

RA: I'd probably have to be invisible. If I could be invisible, like if I could turn it on, being invisible would be sweet. Pulling jokes would be sweet. I mean, any superpower is going to be pretty cool. Whether it's flying or it's ...

Long-snapper Danny Aiken chimes in: The power to eat all the food you wanted and never get fat.

RA: Yes! I think I might have to change my answer. I'd want to be able to eat anything I want and never get fat. That would be sweet. Eat all you want and still be toned and ripped. That would be sweet.

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