Extra Points

The Redskins Sold Out of Those Idiotic 'We Practiced With the Patriots' Shirts


Oh, the memories.

When the Washington Redskins announced they'd be selling T-shirts to commemorate a week of practice with the New England Patriots, predictable eye rolls ensued from us media types. Who would buy such a thing?

Apparently everyone. The shirts have sold out, according to the Globe's Ben Volin, as rabid fans rushed to preserve the time they squinted through binoculars to see Tavon Wilson (or was that Duron Harmon? I can't tell, he's too far away) bat down a ball intended for Washington's 5th-string wideout. Something to tell the grandkids, no doubt.

This is capitalism at its very best and worst. Then again, it's probably better to blow the money this way than to spend $30 to park 1/2 mile away from Gillette Stadium for a game. At least you can wash your car with the T-shirt.

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