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Report: Tom Brady 'Was Not Happy' With Logan Mankins Trade

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was reportedly upset with Logan Mankins' trade. Jim Davis / Globe Staff

In the latest revelation on how the Patriots' trade of Logan Mankins has affected the locker room, Bleacher Report's Jason Cole says that Tom Brady had an "emotional reaction" to the news.

"He was not happy with this move," Cole said.

Cole also reported that the Patriots had requested a pay cut for Mankins after the Pro Bowl last season, the first of two pay cut requests. He was asked to take a pay cut again before the trade, refusing both times.

Mankins had a $10.5 million cap hit for the Patriots with a $6.25 million base salary before being traded. The Patriots will save $5.755 million in the trade after taking on Tim Wright’s $495,000 salary.

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