Extra Points

Poll: Top Tweet Touting (Say That 5 Times Fast) #MankinsTrade


As we all know, Twitter is a news spreading machine vital to our media frenzied populace for discovering the hottest topics in the universe. But Twitter can also be a rich well of zingahs that will make you regret that recent sip of hot coffee. Damnit ... I JUST washed this.

Here is a list, in no particular order, of tweets that we saw fly by the deck using #MankinsTrade following the news of Logan Mankins (sigh) going to the Buccaneers. Or as Chad Finn so eloquently scribed in his reaction piece, "the organization that gave America delicious creamsicle uniforms."

So here we go, our favorites followed by a poll to declare the winner of the awesome #MankinsTrade hashtag contest. Let's hope all the embeds don't make your computer blow up, or your mobile device to ... oh whatever, just use a computer.

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