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NFL Admits It Got It Wrong on Ray Rice, Revamps Domestic Violence Policy


In a move that seemed a foregone conclusion ever since the massive fallout stemming from the resolution to the Ray Rice case, the NFL today announced new, far stricter measures in regard to domestic violence.

In a letter to team owners, the league put forth new penalties for such incidents. A first offense will result in a six game suspension with a second offense resulting in a lifetime ban. These new measures stand in stark contrast to the penalty handed down from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to Rice, a running back for the Baltimore Ravens, who received a two-game suspension despite video evidence of him assaulting his then fiance and dragging her into an elevator.

The letter also made clear that the new policies will apply to all NFL personnel, not just players. Goodell, who came under intense scrutiny, wrote in his letter, "I didn't get it right," according to Jane McManus of ESPN New York.

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