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'So Far, So Good' for Patriots RT Sebastian Vollmer in Return From Broken Leg

FOXBOROUGH ó Patriots right tackle Sebastian Vollmer was carted off the field in October 2013 after suffering a broken leg against the Miami Dolphins.

His screams were an audible reminder of how dangerous the game of football can be.

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It was, without a doubt, a scary moment for the German-born player.

"Not to explain too much, but every time you get hurt, itís not a good thing, you donít really know whatís happening to yourself, you just take it step-by-step, go inside, talk to the doctors, do whatís necessary and then work your way back," Vollmer said. "Itís a strain. Every day, you work, you do rehab, you get better, you get stronger, youíve done surgery and all that stuff, and looking forward. Iím back out here now, so thatís a good moment for me."

Now he is recovered enough to participate in the team's OTA sessions but not enough to go through 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills. And he's still adjusting to all the new faces and a new offensive line coach in Dave DeGuglielmo, who may or may not be the loudest voice on the field yelling at him.

"I have a lot of voices yelling at me," Vollmer cracked. "I like him. You know, itís like playing with a new player next to you. Itís a little bit of a change, but you get used to it. Thatís what weíre doing with this, getting used to each other. Heís coaching us hard and trying to get better."

As far as the status of his leg and how ready he is to play, Vollmer offered the company line.

"Working here with the coaches and trainers, doing what I can," he said. "And so far, so good I guess."