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Sizing Up the Patriots' Tight Ends with Michael Hoomanawanui

FOXBOROUGH ó A host of new tight ends are getting extended work in Foxborough thanks to Rob Gronkowski, who has yet to fully partake in the team's offseason practices.

That's also left an opening for Michael Hoomanawanui, the Patriots' other most experienced member of the group, to shoulder the lead. With younger players on the roster, like rookies Justin Jones and Asa Watson, the entire group can change in the 2014 season, with can potentially make the roster and an impact on this team. (Fellow tight end D.J. Williams has been with Gronkowski and the rehab group for an undisclosed injury.)

Hoomanwanui was asked to assess himself and the group.

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"Overall I would say good," he said. "I can only speak for myself and what I try to get better at each and every day. I think I have both aspects of the position. But you know, thereís no pads out here right now so itís hard to tell for myself and for everyone. How everyoneís going to be with the pads on, weíll see that in about a month."

Expectations for the rookies are especially tough right now, when so little of what they do can be judged against the actual, physical nature of the game. So Hoomanawanui keeps it simple for them.

"Come to work, be on time, do your job, whatever that is," he said. "Iím by no means a coach, so I don't know what their role is going to be in the offense or what we need to see from them right now. Just from the outside looking in, and obviously being on the inside, obviously being a tight end you have to be able to block and be able to run and catch the ball. I think theyíve done a good job so far. But like I said, nobodyís got pads on right now so thatíll be a big determining factor as well."

Since the departure of Aaron Hernandez, as well as Gronkowski's numerous injuries, the whole dynamic of the Patriots' tight end position has been altered. The tight ends group is not nearly as dangerous with Gronkowski out of the lineup, changing almost instantaneously from a receiving threat to a forgotten target.

"You could say itís changed, I guess, just based on personnel," Hoomanawanui said. "But we still have to fill that role somehow. Whether itís one person doing it, two people, or three people. For this offense, itís gotta be done, somehow, some way. Like I said, if that means one person doing it, or two or three, or by committee with four, itís just gotta be done. Thatís how weíre gonna win."

As with all things tight ends related on the Patriots, a lot of the roster decisions will be determined by Gronkowski's health, the Patriots wariness of his injuries, and the development of the offense going forward. Will the Patriots continue to have a two tight end set, much like the thunder and lightning combo of Gronkowski and Hernandez that was so successful? After a 2013 season in which they adapted successfully without either impact player, they may never go back in that direction. So whether the Patriots need two or three tight ends ó or even four ó to start the 2014 season will be based upon the their assessment of the offense as much as Gronkowski, whom Belichick said Tuesday was day-to-day.