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Julian Edelman Affirms Respect for Darrelle Revis

Julian Edelman said Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis is the best cornerback at his position in the NFL. Michael Dwyer / AP photo

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman didn't stop short of calling the team's new cornerback Darrelle Revis the best at his position in the league in an appearance on the NFL Network's Total Access show Wednesday evening.

"I mean Darrelle is one of the best corners in the NFL," Edelman said of what Revis brings to the table. "He showed it in camp. He did very well. Heís a very instinctive player. Heís great in the locker room. I like competing against him every day. Itís good to have another player like that."

Revis's name has been thrown around in an ongoing argument on Total Access of which cornerback is the best in the game, with younger players like Patrick Peterson, Richard Sherman, and Joe Haden also in the mix. Edelman wasn't ready to dive into that debate on the show.

"You know I havenít played against some of those guys," he said. "After playing against Darrelle in OTAs and minicamp, I can tell you that heís still pretty darn good. Thatís all I have to say on that one, really."

Here are some other comments from Edelman during his appearance:

On Rob Gronkowski possibly aiming for Week 1

"Well Iím not a doctor or trainer or anything. I see Gronk in the locker room, heís working hard, doing what heís trying to do. But when Gronkís on the field, heís probably one of the best tight ends in the NFL. Itís always great to have him out there and hopefully he will be."

On Tom Brady wanting to play until he's 40

"It wouldnít surprise me. Knowing him the way I know him, Iím sure heís just focused on this year. Youíre gonna have to ask him that. The guy is in here, working hard, preparing to the fullest ability, taking care of his body. So you know that heíll definitely have a shot to do it."

On whether Bill Belichick has watched his YouTube videos, "Burgertyme" and "Smoothie Tyme," and their inspiration

"You know, Iím sure he did. Because they kind came off his original, I think it was called the Bill PB&J [show] with the two pieces of bread in between with double layers of peanut butter. So I think we actually stole the concept from Bill Belichick."

On what he remembers from the Patriots' Week 12 win over the Denver Broncos after coming back from down 24-0 at the half

"I remember we won. That was a good memory. That we won that one. No but, uh, seriously, at halftime, we couldnít have done anything worse than what we were putting on the field in the first half. We kind of just took it as, we canít get any worse than what we did so letís go out there and just play each series the way we have to and just try to string a couple of consistent drives up and we were able to do that. We played complimentary football in the second half and came out with the win."

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