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Joe Montana's Advice to Tom Brady: Stick it Out As Long As You Can

Former San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Joe Montana offered some free advice to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. ABC Photo Archives

Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana offered some words of advice to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning in an appearance on NFL Network's Total Access Wednesday.

Montana, who quarterbacked the San Francisco 49ers to four Super Bowls and finished his career in Kansas City, was asked about both Brady and Manning's desire to play into their 40s and what guidance he would give them. Montana ended his career at the age of 38.

"I say play as long as you can, because the minute you get out, no matter how ready you think you are, you say it’s time and [then] when I was leaving Kansas City, as soon as that season started the next year I was going, ‘why did I do that?’ " Montana said. "I should have continued to play.

"Your body tells you something and your mind tells you something, but in reality, physically as long as you can play, I would play because it’s quitting cold turkey," Montana continued. "You can’t go out with that kind of excitement in anything else that you’re gonna do. I always say, I wish everyone could play on a Sunday afternoon, just one game. Just so they would understand what if feels like, win or lose. [To see] what’s it like on a field on Sunday. Then you would never say, 'why is that guy still trying to play at his age.' [Then] you’ll understand the excitement of the game and there’s nothing like it."

Montana is a significant figure for Brady, who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area watching and idolizing the then-49ers quarterback in his heyday. Brady has said repeatedly that he will play well into his 40s.

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