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Devin McCourty: Ex-Rutgers Coach is Tougher Than Bill Belichick

Devin McCourty told the hosts of "NESN Live" that his former college coach, Greg Schiano, is tougher than Bill Belichick. Bob Leverone / AP photo

Patriots defensive back Devin McCourty joined "NESN Live," the regional sports network's new show, for its debut Monday and proceeded to have a bit of fun on behalf of his teammates and twin brother.

But the most revealing anecdote he shared during the show was that Greg Schiano, his college coach at Rutgers and the former coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is a tougher coach than Bill Belichick.

"Toughest coach Iíve ever played for," McCourty said. "I donít know, maybe I should say Bill because then he might feel better and think heís tougher on us. I might get in trouble but Iím gonna go with Coach Schiano.

"[Schiano's] more of a yeller and a screamer," McCourty added. "Heíll get right in your face. Billís more sarcastic. Both can be pretty brutal, but Iím gonna go with coach Schiano."

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McCourty also said that Julian Edelman was harder to cover than former teammate and current Denver Bronco Wes Welker.

"We donít ever root for any Broncos around here," he said.

As far as being a safety over a cornerback, there's apparently some power to the situation that is attractive to McCourty.

"I have more control," he said. "I always tell corners that now if they get on my nerves, I can make their jobs a lot harder. So they always gotta make sure Iím their best friend out there."

Of course, everything McCourty said was in jest. And in keeping with the tradition of these lighthearted interviews, he explained why he was a better defensive back than his twin brother, Jason McCourty.

"Iíve gotten this question so many times," he said. "I donít even understand why. Itís so easy. You got one guy who is a two-time All-Pro (2013 second team AP All-Pro and 2010 Sporting News All-Pro) and you got another guy who is just pulling on my pant leg for me to teach him a bunch of things. So Iím gonna have to go with Devin McCourty on that one. I try to teach him everything that I learn."