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Jimmy Garoppolo Brings a Blue Collar Work Ethic to the Patriots

FOXBOROUGH -- Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, the second round pick from Eastern Illinois, was saying all the right things about his role as the backup to Tom Brady and Ryan Mallet when he met with the media at Gillette Stadium on Tuesday.

Garoppolo has only said hello to Brady and Mallet at this point, but he's eager to learn under the two veteran QBs when the veterans and rookies get together in camp.

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ďTheyíre two guys who have been in the league for a very long time, and both have been successful quarterbacks in this league," Garoppolo said. "Thatís what Iím trying to become. They both have a tremendous amount of knowledge they can share with me and Iím trying to pick up every little nugget I can... I just have to come in with the right mindset of Iíll learn the playbook as fast as possible, adjust to the NFL game, the NFL speed as fast as possible. If I can do that, Iíll be in good shape.Ē

Garoppolo was asked about the similarities between the Patriots playbook and the one he worked with at Eastern Illinois.

ďNot many. Itís a completely different offense, to be honest," Garoppolo said. "Itís like learning Spanish compared to English. Itís like a completely different language.Ē

Garoppolo, who was trained in the Brady style of play, spoke about how Brady and Mallet have influenced him on the football field.

ďItís obviously different, each quarterback guru is a little bit different," Garoppolo said. "Just the way Tom has poise in the pocket, the way he throws the ball, itís pretty picture perfect, if you ask me. Just to learn as much as I can from him and Ryan from a short period of time.Ē

Garoppolo was asked what he thought the Patriots saw in him when they met before the draft.

ďI hope they saw a dedicated, motivated football player," he said. "Someone who really loves what they do, comes out here. Iím a blue collar guy, I like to come out to work every day, so I hope thatís what they saw."