Extra Points

Gronkowski, Edelman Blow Our Minds with T-shirt Game

If someone wears a T-shirt with your picture on it, what is the appropriate response? To make a T-shirt of your own with an image of that person wearing the shirt with your picture on it.

Confusing? Not to Rob Gronkowski. This afternoon he retorted to teammate Julian Edelman by upping the ante.

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Gronk was responding to Edelman's initial salvo.

After Gronk's latest move, Edelman hinted that this game of chess isn't over yet.

When did wearing a T-shirt depicting another person sporting your likeness become a thing? Actors Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin got the Inception trend going this spring. Where this trend ends, no one knows, but if Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan get involved, the internet might explode.