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Bill Belichick Discusses Alleged Leaked Johnny Manziel Scouting Report

FOXBOROUGH — If the alleged New England Patriots leaked scouting report of Johnny Manziel is real, head coach Bill Belichick has no idea.

Belichick was asked about a scouting report of Manziel, rumored to be the property of the Patriots, that was leaked by on Friday.

"Well, with all due respect, I hate to admit this, but I don't think I've been online in a couple days or weeks or whatever, so that's not really an important thing to me," he said. "I don't even know what's online, and what isn't online, but I would say we probably have — I can't even imagine — 10,000 pages of information. That's a lot of information. There's no way I'd sit up here and tell you that I've read it all. I've read a fraction of it, but we have a ton of information on all the players that are in the draft. What's online, you should go talk to the geniuses that are online. I don't know.

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"MyFace, YourFace, InstantFace, go talk to whoever you want that does that stuff. I don't know."

There are some red flags pertaining to the validity of the scouting report. For one, it contains the old cursive font for the Patriots' logo instead of their new block-face font. Also, a previous look at a Patriots scouting grade reveals a more in-depth grading system than the one purported in the alleged Manziel scouting report.

Manziel was drafted with the 22nd pick of the draft by the Cleveland Browns. The Patriots drafted their quarterback in the second round, taking Eastern Illinois' Jimmy Garoppolo with the 62nd pick of the draft.

Here's more from Belichick's press conference Friday night:

— On which qualities he likes in Garoppolo: "Well I'd just say in general without getting into any specifics or we'd be here all night the general qualities a quarterback needs to have are being able to manage the game, being able to do what the team needs to win, be accurate, be smart and be productive. I'd say he's done those things."

— On carrying three quarterbacks: "We've had four, we've had three, we've had two. So whatever's best for the team, that's what we'll do. Nothing is set in stone. We've had different numbers of guys at different positions. I don't think there’s any concrete formula. We'll do what's best for the team."

— On Garoppolo's lack of experience against elite competition: "I would say his level of competition is less than, certainly, [the SEC]. He's not playing at the level of competition in the SEC or that kind of thing. But again, that's not his fault. He's playing against the guys that are out there, like a lot of other players. I think it will be an adjustment for him. He'll see guys that are a lot bigger, a lot faster, a lot more athletic than the guys he's seen on the field the last couple years. The guys in the SEC are going to see that too. But the guys from other conferences, it's just going to be a higher level of competition. It doesn't mean they can't adjust to it. A lot of times that competition brings out a better performance in those guys because it's demanding. So, we'll see."