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Brandon Spikes calls time with Patriots '4 Years a Slave,' spars with fans on Twitter

Brandon Spikes found himself fighting with Patriots fans on Twitter Wednesday. David Goldman / AP photo

Brandon Spikes, the colorful linebacker now employed by the Buffalo Bills, is relishing the opportunity to play against his former team, the Patriots.

And once again, he took his brand of brashness to Twitter to share his uninhibited feelings about his time in New England and what he expects for the Bills in 2014 against their AFC East opponent.

He didn't seem to characterize his stay in town too fondly, either.

Of course, Patriots fans who follow the evocative personality that is Spikes were not too pleased with the what was on display. Doesn't Spikes know that Bill Belichick is 65-23 against the Bills? That Tom Brady is 22-2 all-time against Buffalo? Or that the Patriots went on a 15-game winning streak against Buffalo (that Spikes was a part of) before it ended in 2011? (The Patriots have since started up a new streak, winning five straight now.)

But hey, there are plenty in Patriots Nation that let him know. And Spikes wasn't too pleased with them. Especially when they took it too far.

More than anything, for Patriots fans and those that call themselves Bills fans in this space, this is just another revealing episode in which you get to view the Spikes that wasn't allowed to speak freely while he was under Belichick's wing. He was very much kept under lock and key, talking to the media rarely in his four-year tenure for his own good. He's the type that doesn't have a filter. And even then, you kinda get the feeling he's still pulling punches.

He signed with Buffalo on a one-year, $3.25 million deal. You probably can imagine the freedom he gets now. It's a different world for him in western New York. But you gotta wonder how much his freedom of speech actually costs, in wins and dollars.

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