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Ryan on beating Patriots, Belichick

Posted by Greg A. Bedard  March 22, 2011 03:25 PM

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NEW ORLEANS - Earlier we brought you the comments Jets coach Rex Ryan had about Wes Welker being benched for the first series of the playoff game between the two teams. Here are some additional Patriots-related comments from Ryan:

On Tom Brady not finding the open receiver against them..

"We mixed it on him. We mixed coverages and all that. It’s always easy to have a clicker and say, ‘Well, he should have thrown the ball here.’ But if your progression is this, this and this, then you might not see that other guy open. You can see that on any play. ‘Oh, he should have thrown here.’ I’m like, ‘How’s he going to know to throw it there? Did you tell him to throw it there?’ And all that kind of stuff. So I disagree. I think we had a great plan and Tom Brady is as good as it gets at quarterback. Quite honestly he never had a good day."

How much did it factor in that this was the second time you faced them without Randy Moss?

"I think what hurt us, New England played a great game. They played their best game of the year unfortunately and they only won 14 regular-season games. So that wasn’t a good thing for us, that Monday night game. I think the fact that we lost Jim Leonhard late in Friday’s practice, we had the best week of practice we’d ever had since I’ve been here and it kind of let the air out of the balloon for us. Still not making any excuses. New England deserved that game. Obviously, they killed us. But we knew we were a lot better team (than that). People want to forget the fact that we did beat them in Week 2 and we beat them, maybe not like they beat us but we beat them pretty good. So we couldn’t wait to play that game. Had our nose rubbed in it a little bit. All that. We were ready to play that game."

Did the Patriots lack the ability to stretch the field in the playoff game?

"That’s a funny statement since I don’t know if anybody scored more points than they did. They led the league in scoring, that’s pretty darn explosive to me. They do it differently – they’ll do it with the tight ends, they’ll do it with the underneath guys and all that but Randy Moss, I said all along he’s a great vertical receiver. And you had to roll coverage. Most teams would have to roll coverage to him. We never did. Now, we got burned for a touchdown but he was a vertical weapon down the field. But New England, please, we should have the problems that New England has on offense. I’ll sign up for that right now. They led the league in scoring and they had the MVP of the league in Tom Brady."

What do you think about four Boston writers sitting at your table?

Yeah, I don’t know why that is.

Maybe it’s because Belichick isn’t here…

"Maybe that’s what it is. You know what’s funny, we should have put Belichick and I together. We were in the team picture together, right next to each other. You know what’s funny? We have conversations. We talk about baseball, we’ll talk about anything. I personally like Belichick and I have more respect for Belichick than any coach in this league as you guys know. But, again, I still want to beat him and the fact that he’s in our division, I’m paid to beat him. I’ve got to go to beat him. I’m not just going to say, ‘Hey Bill, just don’t kick my butt too bad.’ No, no way in hell. We’re not conceding one iota. And the fact that…I feel like at times we’re only team that can beat him for whatever reason. They lost three game last year. Two to us and one to my brother."

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