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Bits from Belichick: the short week and Schwartz

Posted by Shalise Manza Young, Globe Staff  November 22, 2010 06:22 PM

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BB-lax.jpgAs you'd expect, this is a different week for the Patriots with their next game coming on a Thursday. The short week means certain things have to be "glossed over" while others have to be condensed.

Bill Belichick touched on those things and a few others in his press conference today:

"It would be nice to be able to sit around and put your feet up on the table and enjoy last night’s game for a little bit but we’re on to Detroit," he began. "So, a short week here; a lot to do. We have to try to cram three days...six days into three. I think the players came in with a good attitude today, really tried to get a lot done. Obviously, we’ve got a lot of work to do. We’re going to try and keep grinding it out here. It’s a big start for us today and we have to try to find a way to get everything done here."

On whether the Lions have an advantage because they play on Thanksgiving every year:
Oh absolutely. Sure. It’s great to be in this routine. You’re in it every year. Having been in Detroit for two years, it was a game that you knew every year was your game. You knew you were going to be playing at home. You knew you were going to be playing at noon, and whatever the weekly routine is, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, in getting ready for it, it was the same thing you did last year. It was something you were comfortable with and you actually looked forward to and [you] didn’t have to travel, all those kinds of things. I think it’s a great game for Detroit, the Lions, the city and for football. It’s a traditional game. I think it adds a lot to the holiday. But, from a preparation standpoint, it’s the same amount of time and all that, but it’s something that you are used to doing because you do it every year. And the players are used to it. It’s a big day there for them.

On Detroit head coach Jim Schwartz, who worked as a personnel scout with Belichick's Cleveland team:
Jim’s one of the smartest guys I’ve ever worked with. He’s a guy who, to say multitask, wouldn’t even be fair. He’s the kind of person who if you gave him 20 things to do, he would be on top of all 20 of them and know exactly where he was on all of them and say to you, ‘Oh, by the way, while I’m doing this, do you think I should do that? Or, I’ve been looking at this, I don’t think it’s what you really want. I think you really want to look at it maybe a different way. Now that I’m half way through, do you want me to change it or do you want me to keep doing it the way you told me to do it?’ This guy can handle a lot. He thinks very quickly. He sees concepts extremely well. A lot of times you take a ton of information and you have to try and sort it out and he really, as quickly as anybody I’ve ever been around, can just get to bottom of things in a hurry.

On playing long-toss with lacrosse star Paul Rabil after the Colts game:
Paul was throwing them long, I wasn’t. That was a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun to get out there and toss around with Paul. I’ve really gotten to know Paul since his playing days at [Johns] Hopkins and of course up here with the [Boston] Cannons. So he came over here to the game yesterday, so I had to go out there and toss it around a little bit. But, he’s the best lacrosse player in the world. His senior year, the game against Syracuse, is probably as good of an individual performance as I’ve ever seen in any sport, in a losing effort. It was a tremendous performance. I think Paul’s done a lot for the game and he’s been a great guy to watch. I really appreciate everything that he does as an athlete and as a lacrosse player: his competitiveness, and his toughness, and his skills. His work ethic is pretty impressive. I thought about making him a strong safety, but it’s hard to take the best lacrosse player in the world out of that sport.

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