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Brady talks Branch, Patriots' defense, Suggs

Posted by Shalise Manza Young, Globe Staff  October 18, 2010 07:21 AM

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Brady Gostkowskif

Tom Brady just wrapped up his weekly chat on WEEI's Dennis and Callahan show, and he's understandably upbeat after yesterday's big come from behind win over Baltimore. Here's some quick hits from Brady:

How Deion Branch can step back in like he never left:

TB: "Well, I think he’s incredibly smart and works hard and as I said over the course of the week, I've thrown thousands and thousands of football to him over the years and he has physical ability that's the same as when he left. I don’t think he thought he would be as involved as he was in the offense but we found ways to get him the ball."

On the touchdown to Deion Branch:

TB: "I looked left to Gronk, I looked to Wes, he was on the left, Woodhead had a guy covering him, then I saw Deion. In a play like that, they only rushed three down there...when we played them last year in the regular season I had two scrambles, when we played in '07 I scrambled around and threw it to Ben (Watson)…they’re a team that either blitzes you [with three] or packs eight guys in the end zone."

Having to wait so long to get the ball at the start of the game:

"I think that’s part of it. It's great to get the ball when you start the game... when they get the ball and go on a long drive, then we get ball and don’t do anything with it. Felt like most of the game we were really…we didn’t execute very well at quite a few moments in the game…We have to do better job and making plays that are there."

On Terrell Suggs' postgame comments, including saying Baltimore will beat New England if they meet again in the playoffs:

TB: "Well, he had his chance so maybe if he gets another chance he can try to back those words up. We play those guys a lot and they've only beat us one time in all the times that I've played them. So they talk a lot for beating us once in nine years."

On playing without Randy Moss:

TB: "There’s things that we did with Randy we don’t do with anybody else, things we do with other people never did with Randy. With Randy not there, catering to things guys do well. He’s found a different home, and we’ve got to move on."

On the play of the Patriots' defense:

TB: "They came up huge when they needed it and I thought they really showed what they’re all about. I tell you, they work hard evey day in practice, we compete hard every day in practice. I can see what they’re capable of and they played great football and it’s like all of us: we have to find a way to be more consistent. Special teams has really been the most consistent part of our team."

On whether Danny Woodhead can keep up his output from first three games with Patriots:

TB: "He sure can. I think they have a hard time with him – he's extremely quick, has great hands, good vision, he's a threat in the run game and the passing game, so you hand it off to him he gets 8 yards, pass to him, he gains 12. For a back to catch the ball, it adds whole other dimension to the offense. Since Kevin’s gone down, we really needed guys to step up and he’s really stepped up. You can’t replace Kevin but Woody has really done nice job."

On the performance of the offense yesterday:

TB: "The important part to me is staying on field on third down. We had way too many second and longs yesterday…if we’re not completing balls on third downs it makes for a long day. We hung our defense out to dry quite a bit yesterday and they really came up big."

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