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Brady: 'We'll take the win'

Posted by Chad Finn, Globe Staff  September 15, 2009 01:17 PM

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The morning after leading the Patriots to a thrilling 25-24 come-from-behind victory over the Bills Patriots quarterback Tom Brady checked in for his weekly spot with WEEI's "Dennis and Callahan" program.

Here are some of Brady's more notable comments:

On why he told his teammates in the huddle that they were going to win the game when they were down 11 points with five minutes remaining:

Brady: "Well . . . when you look in that huddle and you see all those guys and you understand the situational football we’ve worked on for the entire offseason and training camp, you know there is a lot of confidence. What you have to do is you have to execute, and I think those last two drives we were finally executing the way we all thought we were capable. When you do that, you’re able to move the ball and get the ball in the end zone. We didn’t do a very good job of that for the first 3 1/2 quarters but we did enough when we needed it. I don’t think any of us are thrilled to play the way we played, but we’ll take the win and we’ll learn from it and move on."

On tight end Ben Watson's winning touchdown catch:

Brady: "That was unbelievable, I threw that ball hard. I threw it a little bit behind him, the defender was in front of him, we call that a back-shoulder throw. He’s so athletic, he was able to jump, rotate his body, catch the ball, secure the catch and get his feet down, while he was getting hit. It was an incredible play."

On whether he was nervous playing his first meaningful football game than last season's opener:

Brady: "I felt pretty good. You never know how you’ll feel. I’ve always felt anxious before every game I’ve played in. I hate the feeling. I’m glad it goes away once the ball is kicked off. I felt good, I felt excited, I think the team was prepared, but it’s an execution game. It really is. When you play a team like the Bills, who make you earn everything you get, you've got to go out and execute well. If you don’t, it’s going look like last night. They gave us everything we could handle."

On why the Patriots offense struggled to put the ball in the end zone before late in the fourth quarter:

Brady: "We just weren’t making the critical plays. That’s what it comes down to, those scoring plays. We had a couple of fourth downs where we were right on the fringe, just not quite in field-goal range. We went for it and didn’t make them. Those end up being big swings in the game. There was one were we took the ball from inside our 20 down to their 30 and we had nothing to show for it. You can move it 60 yards, run time off the clock and have nothing to show for it. It’s those situational plays that we’ve been pretty good at over the years that last night just weren’t hooking up. It’s early in the year, I’m glad we won but we all realize we have a lot of work ahead."

On developing chemistry with his receivers:

Brady: "We’ve had eight months off since the last game. The reality is you’re not going to play like you play in November or December after you’ve gone through 80 practices and played 12 games. There are plenty of things we need to correct and some things we did good. The less mistakes you make, the greater chance you have to win. When we make unforced errors, we put ourselves in the position we were in late in the game. But we found a way to dig deep when we needed to and make the plays we needed to, when we needed to. We’re all proud of the way we performed in the end, but there will be a lot of us, starting with me, who wish we had made things easier for us in the earlier part of the game."

On the Bills' defensive scheme:

Brady: "Every team has wrinkles. They played a coverage they hadn’t played in years. Once we saw it, we adjusted to it, but it’s the first couple of games. That’s the challenging part of early in the season. Nobody has seen us, and we haven’t seen our opponent. I love playing late in the year when you’ve seen eight games of work and situations that you really know and have a good feel for how the defense will play. Early in the year you’re preparing for what you’ve seen on film and expecting other things as well. Every team has wrinkles, the Jets will have plenty of wrinkles for us, we’ll have some different things, that’s just how it is early in the year.

On whether he was hindered by his knee:

Brady: "I didn’t feel that. I think some of it, early in the year, is getting used to the pass rush. I think it’s always been like that for me. Sometimes you use bad technique. It’s just a learning process out there. Every week as the regular season goes, you get more comfortable. I’m sure next week I’ll be more comfortable than I was last week. I’ll look at the film at the ones where I didn’t step into the throw, or my arm angle was low, or I didn’t throw over the top or had a long stride. Those are the things I need to correct. You need to be accurate when you’re passing the football, especially in our offense. I’ll try to make those improvements and be better next week."

On trying unsuccessfully to evade ESPN reporter Suzy Kolber at the end of the game:

Brady:[Laughs] "She wasn’t letting me go. She was more tenacious than {Bills defensive lineman Aaron] Schobel out there. She’s a great reporter and ESPN always does a great job of covering the games."

On whether the players like wearing throwback jerseys:

Brady: "We do, we like it. It’s always fun to do something different out there. Wearing the black shoes or the old helmets, it’s fun for the players. I grew up watching the Patriots with those helmets, I remember the Super Bowl with Andre [Tippett] against the Bears with those old helmets. It’s pretty cool when you see them hanging there in the locker room. And on the field you see all the great Patriots players from the last 50 years during halftime. Along with a bunch of teammates like Troy [Brown], Rodney [Harrison] and Tedy [Bruschi], it was really great."

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