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Sounds that speak volumes

By Shalise Manza Young
Globe Staff / February 10, 2012
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Super Bowl XLVI referee John Parry summed up Wes Welker’s fourth-quarter drop in three words that now ring painfully true for those around the Patriots: “That’s the game.’’

Parry’s words were caught by NFL Films microphones; the game’s lead official and a couple of players were wearing microphones for the game, and “Sound FX: Super Bowl XLVI’’ debuted on NFL Network Wednesday, with the best of what the mikes and cameras picked up.

Other highlights from the show:

In warm-ups, Tom Brady and Robert Kraft embrace, with Kraft telling Brady, “You have that look in your eyes.’’ Brady tells Kraft it’s been there for three days. Brady also remarks to Welker, “I feel so good today,’’ and the receiver says that he does as well.

After the intentional grounding call that gave New York 2 points for a safety, Brady is shown sitting on the bench with offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien as the two look at the game still from the play.

“I looked to Gronk [Rob Gronkowski],’’ said Brady. “I looked to Wes; he dropped. Then I felt him [Giants lineman Justin Tuck]. I had no place to throw it away. I threw it over his head. I wouldn’t want to throw an interception.’’

There is then a cut to Bill Belichick speaking to Parry about the costly penalty.

“What’s the problem with it?’’ Parry asks.

Belichick tries to plead his case, though not very strenuously, and ends by saying, “I mean, damn.’’

One of the funnier moments comes on the sideline, after the first batted-down pass by Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, when Brady turns to Welker and says, “It’s like throwing in a forest, dude!’’

Vince Wilfork remains positive throughout. When the Patriots get down, 9-0, he notes that he and his teammates just have to settle down and they’ll be all right. In the second quarter, when Wilfork draws a hold on Giants guard Kevin Boothe that takes a third-down conversion off the board for New York, Parry and umpire Carl Paganelli ask Wilfork if it was a good call.

Wilfork admits that it was a bad call by Paganelli. But he adds, “As much as you guys miss, I deserve one!’’ The tackle is seen smiling through his facemask.

After the Patriots score on the opening possession of the second half, Brady wraps Chad Ochocinco in a hug; the receiver caught the first play of the drive, a 21-yard pass. Ochocinco, however, does not look as happy as Brady.

At one point, New York linebacker Michael Boley notes that “87 [Gronkowski] is a decoy,’’ as he was playing with a high left ankle sprain that limited him.

And just before the Eli Manning-to-Mario Manningham pass that spurred the Giants to the game-winning touchdown, Belichick tells defensive players to “make [Manning] go to Manningham.’’

They did, and Manningham rose to the occasion.

Interested parties

The fallout from some postgame partying by Patriots players continued yesterday. Gronkowski and Matt Light were photographed shirtless and dancing in the team’s gala (which was planned days in advance and was to be held, win or lose).

Giants receiver Victor Cruz said he “probably wouldn’t have been partying’’ had his team lost, while former Patriot Rodney Harrison ripped into Gronkowski.

“There’s no reason for that to happen,’’ Harrison said on a Chicago radio station. “When we lost the Super Bowl . . . I was so devastated, the last thing I ever wanted to do was party, let alone dance or take off your shirt.

“It’s just immaturity. It’s not right. He made a mistake and I’m sure he feels absolutely stupid about it at this point. There’s a time and a place for everything.’’

But former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman told NFL Network’s Rich Eisen, “What I learned in sports at every level - and it’s amplified when you get to the NFL - is that everyone kind of handles loss differently . . . that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not important to those players, it’s just their kind of way of dealing with it.’’

Shalise Manza Young can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @shalisemyoung.

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