Dan Shaughnessy Patriots chat transcript

Tuesday Jan. 29, 2008
Jimbo57__Guest_Dan - do you think the Patriots will move Moss around to make the Giants adjust their coverages on him? Granted he may not get any more touches but it may create some holes out there and maybe some confusion.
Dan_Shaughnessymoss makes a nice decoy. brady says he'll be more involved this week and of course we expect he will. moving him around can only confuse the giants.
VTPatPatriot__Guest_Has the Patriots success in the last decade surpassed the other local teams (celtics/red sox) in terms of dominance of their league in the last 50 years?
Dan_Shaughnessythey certainly have not passed the celtics who won 16 championships, including eight straight and 11 in 13 years. but they are doint it in a salary cap era which forces parity. so it's pretty impressive.
pesky4prez__Guest_Hey Dan! Enough about Brady's foot. Enough about Moss's legal issues. Enough about girlfriends in the crowd. What is the biggest "football" issue nobody is talking about? I think the Giant's secondary -or lack thereof - is what will decide the game. Agreed?
Dan_Shaughnessyyou may be right. we don't know what the biggest football issue will be -- could be the giants running game vs. the pats old cagey linebackers. but there will be a lot of nonsense in the two weeks in between games -- none more than today at media day
twotowtee__Guest_Dan, When these two teams played each other in the last game of the regular season Kazur and Neal and I think one other offensive linemen did not play and the patriots still scored 38 points. How much of a plus will this be for the pats now that they are back?
Dan_Shaughnessyevery game is different, but that pats should get better protection and a better running game with their o-line intact. but more than 38 is still asking a lot
pete12__Guest_Dan, Great stuff, i love reading your column. Do you think that the Pats will try to punch NY in the mouth early, breaking the Giants spirit early, effectively putting the game out of reach? Thank You.
Dan_Shaughnessyi'm anxious to see what the pats do out of the gate. belichick saw these guys in preseason and again five weeks ago. and now he has two weeks. so it should be a pretty good bag of tricks.
VTPatPatriot__Guest_Is Bill Belichick the greatest coach in local history, or will he forever be 2nd the Red Auerbach?
Dan_Shaughnessybill did it in a league with three times as many teams, in a sport which enforces parity. however, red was gm, coach, assistant coach, marketing guy, bus driver, and everything else. his genius was more obvious (getting bill russell). but there are a ton of similarities. still, i gotta go with red for now.
Skybar__Guest_Dan, I know it's still early in the week but wanted to know if there have been any sightings of former Patriots from our last 3 Super Bowl teams?
Dan_Shaughnessysaw andre tippet last night and wished him well for hall of fame. haven't see others yet, but it's early in the week. hope grogan and the guys are around. regarding the last three teams, i have seen none of those guys, but you know troy brown will be here.
GiantsFan__Guest_Hi Dan, I think we have a pretty good chance of beating the Pats Sunday, I compare our team to the Pats in 02 when they played the Rams. All the focus was on the Rams and the Pats came out of nowhere. I think we have the Pats number and Plaxico and Jacobs will run rampid on them! What are your thoughts?
Dan_Shaughnessyi hope you are right cuz i like close games. there is a good parallel between these giants and the 01-02 pats. that might work against the giants, however, because a lot of the 02 pats are still around to remind their new teammates.
Joel__Guest_It seems that some of the media is trying to convince America that NY has a shot. That Coughlin has 'galvanized' them and they are brimming with confidence. What about the Pats, who practically declared in week 2 that they are a VERY tight knit group, handing San Diego a whooping? What about their nature to stick to the party line, "One day at a time?" To ME, the Pats exemplify closeness, confidence, and a desire to win for their coach and fans. Your thoughts?
Dan_Shaughnessyboth teams are feeling great about themselves. that's how you're supposed to feel when you get here. giants just won three road playoff games and almost beat pats in last week. personally, i'm glad the new tabs are stoking the fires. makes this more fun.
David_D__Guest_Dan, do you think the Pats Defense will play a soft zone like they did in the last few games? Seems like the CBs are @ 10 yards or more off the line, and we are willing to give up the short 5-8 yard passes. In just about all of the games, the 2nd half the defense really came closer to the line and we saw more blitzing on the QB. I think Eli will panic if the blitz him. do you think it will be more of the same from the previous few weeks?
Dan_Shaughnessyno idea on the coverages. remember how the pats let the eagles have the inside routes all night? every game has a different plan, then there are adjustments. i'd certainly expect to see no. 37 blitzing eli from time to time
realciti__Guest_Dan I watched the coach's press conference Sunday night and came away with the same feeling you did, "who is this guy?". This guy never takes a team lightly and never would tell you if he did, but his "giddiness" makes me wonder what is going on. What is your take on it?
Dan_Shaughnessyit tells me two things: 1. he os confident that the game plan is set and he is happy with the plan; 2. he wants to restore some of what was lost in the wake of spygate and running up the scores. hi image took a hit and it does mean something to him -- especially with immortality around the corner.
Karl_in_Albany__Guest_Seems to me the Patriots dominance starts with the owner. What have the Krafts been doing right that other NFL owners get wrong?
Dan_Shaughnessywatch the cnbc hour-long feature on kraft and you'll get your answer. he's learned to delegate which is key. he's not afraid to spend money and trust his football people. and he's a fan. it's a good combo for boston fans
VTPatPatriot__Guest_How many Super Bowls have you covered as a reporter? Does this one seem special with the undefeated record on the line?
Dan_Shaughnessyi think it's about 12 or 15, but i haven't checked. best ever was new orleans when the pats won for the first time.
PileDrvr__Guest_The half-time show is one of the most dreaded in recent memory. Why do they keep getting worse?
Dan_Shaughnessyagain, new orleans had u-2 and beatle paul with 9/11 tributes. that was the best. weakest had to be michael jackson witht the kids on the float.
JBS__Guest_Who are 3 people you want to run into in Phoenix this week?
Dan_Shaughnessyin my dreams i'd run into will mcdonough and alan greenberg and take then out for a beer.
shaughnessy_rules__Guest_I have a media question: How do you come up with stuff to write about for two whole weeks? People harp on the media storylines, but what can you do?
Dan_Shaughnessyit's a struggle (which is obvious to the readers, unfortunately). one key is staying out of the way of all of our great writers who are assigned to specific things. so i have to be a little more creative. always things a day or two ahead.
jcanty12__Guest_Hey Dan, you touched on this in your column this morning, but do you believe Belichick is making an effort this week to be more polite and easy going in terms of dealing with the media, in order to win back some of the respect lossed during Spygate? I thought it was awesome how he dealt with the questions Sunday night, especially the one about disdaining meeting with the media, which was a cheap shot.
Dan_Shaughnessyi'm with you. he's been aces, especially sunday. monday was a tad boring, but not nasty. no spygate questions yet -- i expect that will end today.
Fish_Man__Guest_Hey Dan, Love your column! What evidence do we have that the Pats didn't just recopy the tapes they had to give the NFL? How come they took a week to hand in the evidence? Still hasn't been cleared and needs to be don't you think on the road to greatness?
Dan_Shaughnessywho knows? not sure there would be any benefit now, with the jets knowing and all, but there's always going to be a lot about that episode that we do not know.
old_slow_goalie__Guest_How is the pro/anti Patriots feeling in the air in Arizona. If you listen or read most national media reports we are a cross between Darth Vader and the Yankees!
Dan_Shaughnessyi think your sense is correct. one thing about this place is that it is spread out so fans really have no place to gather. that's why pre-katrina new orleans is the ideal site
pbruin__Guest_predictions: score at super bowl? final consecutive wins for the Patriots? future of Seau, Bruschi, Moss?
Dan_Shaughnessypats, 38-35. sound familiar? i think this is it for bruschi and seau. moss will be back in the league, but the pats won't break the bank for him. they're funny about not overpaying at that position.
TempleEquipment__Guest_Are the Pats just looking for bulletin board material, seems like 18-0 is not getting the respect it should, will Bill use this and Plax opening his mouth with a score yesterday (23-17 Giants).
Dan_Shaughnessyin think 19-0 is all they need. they know the pointspread so it's hard to play the disrespect card.
VTPatPatriot__Guest_What is the dumbest question you have heard on media day? Why do they let so many yahoos into the fray which must make it hard for journalist to get their questions answered?
Dan_Shaughnessyhow long have you been a black quarterback?
Dan_Shaughnessyjim -- is it your mother who is blind and your dad who is dead, or the other way around?
Dan_Shaughnessya lot of legit organization choose to send in the clowns for this one.
GiantSlayer__Guest_Do you think the Pats will double Osi this time instead of Strahan. Strahan killed us on backside pursuits how do you think the Pats will deal with that?
Dan_Shaughnessyno guess. just that the o-line is all together again, unlike in that game. may need running backs to help, too
m_header_in_cali__Guest_Dan, With the seemingly incessant wave of support that seems to be growing by the day for the Giants, doesn't this only give more fuel for the Patriot's fire? Also, how confident are you, if the game is on the line, that Gostkowski can come through?
Dan_Shaughnessyinteresting question because they won all the super bowls by three points. but the new kid hasn't shown may cracks. like i said, 19-0 is all the fire they need.
KB__Guest_Hey Dan-Randy Moss the past 2 games: Decoy or distracted??
Dan_Shaughnessyi'm going with decoy. no one has been saying he's taking plays off.
hhh__Guest_Will the flu be a big factor for the Giants?
Dan_Shaughnessydoubt it
gpsodave__Guest_Can the Pats still win if Matt Cassel has to take over? The G-man have nothing to lose by rolling, bumping, or hitting Brady out of the game. Can he pull it off?
Dan_Shaughnessywould be tough. we all know they need brady to be in there
sportsfan__Guest_Dan, Will the Pats run an even balance between run and pass for a change?
Dan_Shaughnessywe never know. but the running game has been cranking
Jaewoo__Guest_Hi Dan, enjoy your column since a teenager in the 80s. A big fan of yours. I'm pretty much confident that the Pats will in this SB. So will throw a question on a former Pat. What's your assessment on the chance for Tippett's HOF this year? Honestly. I think he deserves to be in Canton, OH next to Hannah. Thanks.
Dan_Shaughnessyhope you are right. but football is tough. every year there are a handful of worthies who don't get in. i'm thinking he's 50-50
South_of_Boston__Guest_a recent colleague from LA compared Tom Brady to AROD (I think AROD and TIKI Barber are a better match)...do you have any thoughts on that write-up?
Dan_Shaughnessylove the scribe (plaske of la times), but i don't see that analogy. something about three rings and being clutch
Jimbo57__Guest_Dan - The Patriots are known for taking away one thing that the opponent does. Do you think they will try to stop the running game and put the ball in Manning's hands? I have heard they want him to be in 3rd-and-longs, which is probably where his mistakes are made.
Dan_Shaughnessyyou are way ahead of me on this. i'll go with your theory.
LT__Guest_As a Pat's find, I find the NYG very appealing as they remind me of the '01 Pats - nothing to lose, peeking at the right time, over-achievers. Can you make me feel better about this match up?
Dan_Shaughnessyyou team always wins. that's all you need to remember
gamesoh__Guest_Against Philly the Pats came out in a 4-3 on D and threw them a bit, do you think that is a possibility this time?
Dan_Shaughnessysure. but i have no idea and bill won't tell me
newby__Guest_The impression is that only the Giants will be making adjustments from the previous game to pressure Brady. What will the Pats do to take away Burress or to help Hobbs? That seems to be the only concern I see.
Dan_Shaughnessywe all know what pressure on the quarterback does
c__everett__Guest_Don't you think all this winning lately has made you complacent ... I miss the unapologetic hatchet jobs and character assassinations .... bring back grumpy dan! Cheerleader dan is turning us into San Diego east.
Dan_Shaughnessyi hear you. when good things happen we tend to write good things. when bad things happen, we write things you may not like to read.
PileDrvr__Guest_I'm so tired of Kraft and his son wearing the same "Trump" monochrome neck ties. Can't they afford a stylist?
Dan_Shaughnessyi'll mention it to them at our next breakfast
Hugh_Millen__Guest_In the first meeting with the Giants were the Pats holding stuff back from their game plan so to not give away looks to Jax? Will the Giants see stuff they haven't seen come Sunday? Also, what effect will having Neal/Kazur be in controlling the line of scrimmage?
Dan_Shaughnessyholding back? doubt it. that was a playoff game the pats really wanted to win
Paul__Guest_Ok, I have to try sneaking in a Sox question. To me, playing Jacoby Ellsbury = winning the World Series. As good as Santana is, I don't want to see Ellsbury go. How do you feel about the trade?
Dan_Shaughnessywould not trade ellsbury
Scoobie__Guest_Best place to watch game... Bar or house party?
Dan_Shaughnessyplasma at home. bathrooms are closer, too
BigOscar__Guest_What's running through Bledsoe's mind right now?
Dan_Shaughnessyhe's been pretty generous. i think he knows the change had to be made. it was just an awkward time.
Chris__Guest_As a journalist, are you pleased or disappointed that the Patriots aren't coming here to the UK for the next NFL game at Wembley? As a British Pats fan, I'd have loved the opportunity to see them play.
Dan_Shaughnessysurprised to hear you say that. i see no reason to go over there.
rd__Guest_It is natural to feel confident about the Pats winning the Super Bowl but don't you feel all the talk about the victory parade on Super Tuesday is a bit premature?
Dan_Shaughnessyno. they will win. they always win.
Dan_Shaughnessythanks everybody. nice chatting with you. dan shaughnessy