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Patriots get a new teammate

FOXBOROUGH --Safety Rodney Harrison is one of the unquestioned leaders in the Patriots' locker room. His thoughts on the team's acquisition of receiver Randy Moss?

"I'm excited for us," Harrison said today. "We gave up a fourth-round pick to get one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, still. He was in a bad situation, but he can still play."

At the same time, Harrison acknowledged there is some risk in the move.

"I've always said, if he comes in, doesn't work hard and acts like a prima donna, it's not going to work," he said. "But if he puts the team first and works hard, he has the talent to do special things for us. It comes down to the small things, and buying into what we're all about here."

From a defensive perspective, Harrison knows well about the type of problems Moss can create.

"As I've said before, there aren't many cornerbacks who can stick him man-to-man," he said. "That is going to help us out, because teams usually have to roll the safety to stop him and that can open things for the other guy. And then you consider we have the best quarterback in the league."

Harrison believes Moss's situation mirrors Corey Dillon's from 2004, when Dillon was acquired by the Patriots after struggling in a losing situation in Cincinnati. He also sees similarities to his own situation from 2003, after he was let go by the Chargers and signed with the Patriots.

"When Corey Dillon came in, everyone thought he was an outlaw. He proved otherwise. When I came in, everyone thought I was an outlaw, ruthless. I think I proved otherwise," Harrison said.

"Let's get a chance to know the guy before we make any judgments. If he comes in and is selfish, there are going to be problems. But if he has the right attitude, it will be huge for us."

Defensive lineman Ty Warren, another leader in the Patriots' locker room, also reacted to the news.

"What I've witnessed is that he's a proven impact player. If Bill [Belichick], [Scott] Pioli and [Robert] Kraft are willing to have him on the team, I'm willing to have him on the team, too," Warren said. "Obviously, they do their research. They know where we're trying to go with things. Every move is part of a plan to get to the big dance and this year, they obviously feel he can be part of the puzzle of where we want to go."