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Leftovers for the scrapbook

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Picked-up pieces from nine days in the home of Southern empowerment and Lynyrd Skynyrd . . .

You knew somebody would come through and sure enough, Rodney Harrison stood up after the win and said, "Everyone had pretty much blown us off. Didn't give us a chance. Everyone picked Philly to win this game. It really gave us a lot of motivation to come out here and try to win this ballgame." Joe Andruzzi added, "A lot of people counted us out." Hmmm. Let's count. For starters, the guys in Vegas made the Patriots 7-point favorites. Fourteen of 14 Globe staffers picked the Patriots to win, not to mention just about everyone at Sports Illustrated and ESPN. Still the "nobody thought we could do it" theme works nicely for pregame preparation.

Terrell Owens is right. Noting criticism that accompanied his desire to play, he said, "Other people like Brett Favre, they would have called him a warrior. For me, they said I was selfish. I'm selfish because I want to help my team win." In the end Owens caught nine passes for 122 yards. He was the Eagles' best player. Given that he broke his right leg Dec. 19, the performance was downright Schillingesque, and he should be applauded.

True to his word, Tom Brady cut his hair just before the game.

When does the Bill Belichick line of hooded gray sweats hit the racks? It should be displayed right alongside those red "I'm goin' out to change the oil, hon" sweatshirts worn by Terry Francona during Red Sox games.

It's now 7,923 days since Philadelphia's last world championship. That was when the 1983 Sixers swept the Lakers to complete Moses Malone's Fo-Five-Fo. Speaking of the Sixers, Julius Erving was in Jacksonville, rooting for the Eagles. And yes, Philadelphia fans outnumbered Patriot road-trippers by a considerable margin.

Three titles in four years. It's been done before in our town. The Celtics won 10 in 11 years from 1959-69. The Red Sox won three of four World Series when Babe Ruth pitched, beating the Phillies in '15, the Dodgers in '16, and the Cubs in '18.

You're getting old if you remember Jacksonville's Rick "Tall Boy" Jones pitching for the 1976 Red Sox.

Anybody seen Jevon "The Green Mile" Kearse? It was as if he never played in the 2005 Super Bowl.

Has Freddie Mitchell still "got something" for Harrison? In 60 minutes of Super Bowl XXXIX, Mitchell caught one pass from Donovan McNabb. Harrison caught two. And he was playing defense.

Mike Vrabel now has twice as many Super Bowl touchdowns as William "Refrigerator" Perry.

Side-by-side stores in a strip mall near Alltel Stadium: Liquor Depot, Gentleman's Club, Waco's. Those joints are right down the street from an adult video shop with a sign that says, "Open 23 hours." I resisted the urge to find out precisely which hour is deemed suitable for closing.

Sorry, but Andy Reid just looks too much like Glenn Ordway.

The Gatorade bath is a nice tradition and a great photo op, but please, Tedy Bruschi, spare the coach's 86-year-old dad next time. Too cold. Bet nobody ever did that to Steve Belichick in those 33 years when he coached at Navy.

Jonathan Kraft needs more air time on those victory podiums.

Next time the Patriots are in a Super Bowl, pick them to win by 3 points.

Saw Artis Gilmore and am happy to report that Rigor Artis still has the strongest handshake this side of Ken Harrelson. Pembroke Burrows, Gilmore's 7-foot teammate from the Jacksonville team that went all the way to the NCAA Final Four in 1970 (losing to John Wooden's UCLA team), went on to become a member of the Florida Highway Patrol. Another teammate, Rex Morgan, was drafted by Red Auerbach that year.

Nice job of clock management by Reid and McNabb down the stretch.

The Patriots are now 2-0 when Paul McCartney plays at the Super Bowl. Sir Paul played in New Orleans in 2002. And really, Paul, we love ya, but . . . "Drive My Car"?

The Colts won the 1971 Super Bowl three months after the Orioles won the World Series. The Steelers won the 1980 Super Bowl three months after the Pirates won the World Series. And now the Patriots win the Super Bowl 102 days after the Red Sox' record run.

Nineteen-year-old Hank Aaron played for Jacksonville in the Single A Sally League in 1953.

Any of you catch Brady on Letterman last night?

Remember back when we were all in a lather about Ty Law and his contract and his shots at Belichick?

The Jacksonville Host Committee took out a two-page ad in the Times-Union Monday, thanking and listing the names of all 9,000 volunteers who gave their time to help the city host the Super Bowl. Trust me when I tell you that all 9,000 were cheerful and polite at all times -- not easy given the crusty nature of the folks they were trying to help.

Super Bowl XL will be in Detroit next year when the Patriots go for four out of five. It could be a rematch because Philly looks like the class of the NFC for 2005. Detroit in February? I'll say it again: Buy the plasma instead.

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