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Nick Cafardo Super Bowl chat transcript

David77:Q: Do you think Philadelphia's secondary will be too physical for the Pats' receivers?
Nick_Cafardo:No. Patriots receivers usually don't get bullied. I know they're smaller guys, but they're tough. One thing I'll say about Pats receivers, they don't get jammed at the line of scrimmage very often. Obviously, I think the five-yard chuck will be enforced strongly in this game.
Melissa:Q: How do you think the poor practice facilities will affect the Pats and Eagles?
Nick_Cafardo:As Bill Belichick pointed out at his morning press conference, the Patriots practice in similar if not worse practice field conditions after November. The only problem is the team likes to match the condition of the practice field with the condition of the field they're playing on. I'm not sure there's a match. While it may rain on game day, the field should be in very good shape.
larry33:Q: More catches- TO or Troy Brown?
Nick_Cafardo:Because I never know how much Troy will play on offense, I'll go with TO
Mojoman:Q: Do you think the Pats will try to chip Westbrook and knock him off his routes much like they did against M. Faulk?
Nick_Cafardo:There will be some of that, but I believe they'll cover Westbrook as if he's a receiver. I know some think they'll use a linebacker with some underneath help from a safety, but don't be shocked to see a corner on him every now and then.
NervousNellie:Q: There's been lots of talk of how this team will be viewed historically if they win. How will they be viewed if they lose?
Nick_Cafardo:I can't speak for any one else. The way I see this is over a decade window. In the year 2011, I'll look back and evaluate how they did. How many Super Bowls did they win? How many times did they get there? I think it's a major thing just to get to the Super Bowl, so if you have a combination of getting there and winning and getting there and losing, those are all plusses for me.
rubies44:Q: How will Brady react considering all he has been through this week???
Nick_Cafardo:He should be fine. He's talked about what happened and having been through a few things like that in my life, I know sometimes as you're grieving you find refuge in your work. I think Tom feels the same way.
Canuck_Pat_Fan:Q: Will McNabb be tough for the Patriots to contain should he choose to run the ball?
Nick_Cafardo:Not necessarily. What you don't want is for McNabb to escape for the big gain. What you don't want is for McNabb to make first downs with his legs on third down. I think the Patriots are going to have something in their defensive set up that will account for McNabb running. They'll likely use a multiple-spy system where different linebackers, maybe even a guy like Harrison, will keep an eye on McNabb.
Scotty_O:Q: Nick, do you feel the same way about Jacksonville as you did in the earlier chat now that you've been there for the week? A lot of bad PR here in Boston. Will they change the selection policy in the future?
Nick_Cafardo:I'm probably the wrong person to ask. I'm working just about the entire day from early morning to 8-9 p.m. at night, so my day is basically indoors. The Super Bowl could be in Alaska for all I care. All I know is that when I leave the hotel and return to it, it's about 60 degrees. Maybe it's cloudy. Maybe it's rainy. But all I know is I can drive without major traffic.
Kevin_S:Q: Nick, considering all the injuries the Patriots have dealt with this year, don't you find it odd that no one is listed on the injury report this week? Do you know if the league will be investigating this?
Nick_Cafardo:Don't forget there's been a week off between playoff games and Seymour is back at practice. Johnson missed a day of practice with a leg thing, but then he was back. There is a pool reporter at practice so he's able to monitor who is hurt and who isn't. I don't think the league will conduct any investigation unless there's a complaint and I don't think the Eagles are going to do that.
JEFF_S_PATS:Q: Does Richard Seymour play this week and, if so, how much? Special situations only or a regular turn in both offensive and defensive schemes?
Nick_Cafardo:I have no reason to believe he won't play. I do believe he'll be somewhat restricted to running downs or situations. I don't see him taking all the snaps at DE because, for one, Jarvis Green has been playing very well and there hasn't been a big drop off. What would surprise me is if he's used as a fullback.
oldschool:Q: Do you think that the Patriot's tight ends have a good chance to do well in this game? I say that because I expect the Eagles 2ndary to try and shut down the Pats' wideouts with double coverage. Also, does this favor Corey Dillon breaking some long gains?
Nick_Cafardo:The only doubt I have about the TE's having a big game is the possibility you might need them in coverage because the Eagles blitz so much. You might need some max protection for Brady. I do agree it favors Dillon because there will be times when the Eagles over-pursue and Dillon will find some open spaces.
BradyOverManning:Q: How much of a factor do you foresee Viniateri being in this Super Bowl?
Nick_Cafardo:I think he's always a factor. I'm anticipating a closer game that I originally thought, so it could come down to Adam again.
cb:Q: More Sacks, Philly or NE
Drew_who:Q: Nick will Drew Bledsoe join Parcells and the Cowboys? Do you see a resurgence if he does?
Nick_Cafardo:I was talking to a general manager here this morning about that very topic. I suggested Dallas, and he thought there was a good chance of that happening. I thought Drew played all right the second half. he had a bad game against Pittsburgh, but I think he might have salvaged something there. If he's out in the open market, he'll have bidders.
bradywannab:Q: Do you think the Pats and Eagles will stick with what got them to the SB or do you think they change a large percentage (25-50%) of their plays?
Nick_Cafardo:I fully expect Charlie Weis to have a couple of new wrinkles to beat the Philly blitz. whether it be a reverse or a halfback option or a wide receiver pass. Something like that. I'm curious to see if Philly takes away the deep game by pressuring Brady and whether they'll force the Patriots to go back to a dink and dunk offense. The Eagles usually stick to what they do. Find TO deep, the tight end over the middle and Westbrook on a dump off.
BradyOverManning:Q: Do you think the Eagle's linebackers will be able to slow down Dillon, and if so, what's the chance their secondary would be able to then also stop Brady from picking apart their Secondary?
Nick_Cafardo:There's certainly a chance they can stop Dillon. I thought Trotter really solidified their run defense down the stretch and he's a big factor. If they can stop Dillon, then I think they can take more chances on their blitzes and really try to force Brady to make mistakes. I know Dillon is a big priority because it sets the tables for their blitzing.
Jason:Q: Though he was deserving of being voted in, Tedy Bruschi gets to be a Pro Bowler finally due to another guy's injury. Do you think just being there will make it easier for him to be perceived as Pro Bowl-worthy in the future?
Nick_Cafardo:Absolutely. I think the players and coaches who vote really know how valuable a player he is. It's just difficult to ignore Ray Lewis or James Farrior on a yearly basis. Bruschi is more a part of the LB unit, while the universe evolves around Lewis.
bebop:Q: will weather be a factor on Sunday?
Nick_Cafardo:We're hearing 30 percent chance of rain.
tavaresgj:Q: Nick, Regarding TO and his involvement in the game...Should his ankle prevent him from being completely effective, would it be possible that they put him in motion and keep him underneath the linebackers over the middle to try and attract attention?
Nick_Cafardo:That's a good idea. I just don't think they're going to mess around with how they use their star receiver. He's going to do what he does. If his ankle is an issue he'll just play less reps. You'll see him more on third down and less in the first two downs.
BradyOverManning:Q: Considering that some of the most memorable playoff games in History have occurred in cold weather, should the NFL allow northern cities to also host a Super Bowl? I ask independently of Foxboro, which I don't think would be a good venue.
Nick_Cafardo:It's been kicked around. The commissioner has tried to take care of the cities that used some public funding for the building of their stadiums which is why it's in Jacksonville this year and Detroit next year. There are a lot of sponsors who want it to be in a warm weather city. It'll always be that way unless there's a dome.
NervousNellie:Q: Have there been any surprises this week?
Nick_Cafardo:Belichick has been pretty funny.
Littlechief:Q: Are the Pats at a disadvantage this off-season in hiring coordinators, it seems like a lot have been snatched up in recent weeks?
Nick_Cafardo:Well, I think one or both might come internally. And if one doesn't, I'm sure it's someone who has ties to Belichick.
oldschool:Q: Nick, who's got the emotional edge? The Pats, who want to send Charlie and Romeo out winners, or the Eagles, who are trying to overcome their cursed past?
Nick_Cafardo:The Patriots always use emotion to their advantage. The Eagles, to some degree are happy to be here for the first time. Their cursed past is a big issue in Philly and with McNabb in particular. People tell me that McNabb really wants this, so he has motivation. But I'm still thinking the Pats use emotion better than anyone.
lung_cookie:Q: Who sees more action this weekend Wilfork or Traylor?
Gehrig38:Q: Eagles = Red Sox? They even have the wounded star. Can they beat the Pats?
Nick_Cafardo:Lots of similarities. Very similar teams. Both teams are great to deal with. Good personalities, free-spirits. The Eagles are fun to be around, like the Red Sox. But the answer to your question, in my opinion, no, the Patriots will win.
Dr_Football:Q: Hey Nick, thanks for chatting... any comments on the Ken Powers/Peter King/ Worcester paper plagiarism situation?
Nick_Cafardo:Spoke to Peter about it today. I thought it was classy of him to speak to the Telegram editor on Ken's behalf. My concern right now is for Ken and his family.
bebop:Q: Manning scorched the Champ Bailey secondary for 457 in playoffs; what does mean for Law in the open market (assuming he gets cut).
Nick_Cafardo:I don't think Champ's performance has anything to do with Law's potential contract. Law is a shutdown guy and shutdown guys are in demand and he'll make his money.
Houston_PatFan:Q: Nick, how much of a concern is the Eagles return game to the Patriots? It seems like the Pats coverage teams have been average at best this year and if this is a tight game, those extra 15 yards per return that Westbrook has the ability to pick up could really hurt.
Nick_Cafardo:The Patriots know more than anyone that special teams could be a thorn for them. We had a chance to speak to Brad Seely this week and Brad thought the Pats cover teams could have been better this season, but he feels they've played very well the past few weeks. I know they're not ranked among the best cover teams, and in fact are closer to the bottom, but what's important is what they've done lately.
Bucky_2:Q: Have you made your own prediction on this Super Bowl? The score?
Nick_Cafardo:21-17, Pats
tug_3:Q: Nick: Do you notice the Patriots getting bored with all the hype of the week.
Nick_Cafardo:No, not really. I would find it odd if a team complained about the Super Bowl hype. These opportunities don't come along every day. One hour of talking to the national media about their team is some huge burden for them? I don't think so. Some like it more than others, but it's part of the week they'll always remember.
jim_2:Q: Hi Nick - Love the mailbag and chat sessions! Here's how I would go at the Eagles. I would run relentlessly at Jevon Kearse, I would use stacked receiver formations, I would split Faulk out wide, and I would definitely go no-huddle. What do you think?
Nick_Cafardo:OK, you're hired as Weis' replacement. Good ideas. Just have to worry about Kearse in that he lines up different places. Like the no-huddle because that limits the blitzing and personnel substitutions. I like your thinking.
JEFF_S_PATS:Q: We all know that Coach B is renowned for making changes within the defensive structure to confuse and, hopefully, shut down the opposing offense. What surprises, if any, do you think the Eagles defensive staff has planned for the Pats?
Nick_Cafardo:I was speaking to my colleague Mark Blaudschun, who has covered the Eagles all week. He wonders whether the surprise will be that the Eagles don't blitz as much as we think.
red:Q: Which Patriots will retire after the game on Sunday?
Nick_Cafardo:If I had to guess, Keith Traylor, or maybe Roman Phifer.
BostonDotCom_2:Thanks again Nick! And thanks for popping into the chat everyone, the transcript will be up on shortly. And GO PATS!
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