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Nick Cafardo Patriots Super Bowl chat wrap

Patman:Q: Nick with all this talk of Dynasty, do you think it will cause the Patiots to lose some of their focus and intensity?
Nick_Cafardo:No. They have never lost focus or intensity and I don't believe it will happen now. They're good at blocking hype. In fact, they have a sign in their locker room that says "Don't believe the hype!"
dande:Q: Why are the Patriots not practicing until Thursday? Is it because the flu was going around
Nick_Cafardo:No. They're in sort of a bye week mentality where they practice a couple of days during the off week and basically go over some basic fundamental stuff, and then starting Monday they'll get into specific game plan stuff and preapre for the week as they normally would.
VanBrocklin:Q: What team have the Pats faced this year with as good a Secondary as the Eagles? (3 pro bowlers)
Nick_Cafardo:Well, I don't know about Pro Bowlers, but Miami has a few big name guys. Buffalo is pretty good. Baltimore, obviously with Reed, McAlister and Gary Baxter is a terrific player. I'm sure I'm missing some other team or two.
TrueBeliever:Q: The Patriots have spent either big free agent dollars or high draft choices at every position except o-line. How and why do they get away with that? Wouldn't Dillon look great behind one of those big hog lines?
Jeff__Maine:Q: How much do you think the loss of Philly's TE Lewis will factor in this game? It seems he has played a major role since TO went down.
Nick_Cafardo:I agree Jeff, that Lewis is a big loss. He's basically McNabb's safety valve. He's his dump off guy. When everyone is covered, Lewis usually slips open in the middle of the field and creates a good-sized gain. Big loss.
Patman:Q: Nick, how do you think the Patriots defense will perform against McNab, an experienced quarterback who can run and pass extremely well?
NorthamtonRick:Q: Nick, I enjoy your work. Considering his lack of conditioning, if TO plays can he be anything more effective than a decoy?
Nick_Cafardo:Thanks Rick. If TO plays, he plays a big role. That would be the only reason to have him out there. Can you imagine TO's frame of mind if he were only a decoy? No way. He wants the damn ball, and believe me, if he's out there, McNabb will get it to him.
Edgar:Q: Lawyer Milloy certainly got the attention this week. Why does he continue to play the victim?
Nick_Cafardo:I'm not sure what you're referring to. Could you explain?
hammertoe_joe:Q: Hey nick do you think that national media likes the fact the pats are back in the superbowl?
Nick_Cafardo:I've talked to a few guys who are bored with the Patriots, and I've talked to some who feel if they can win this game and truly create a dynasty that would be exciting. I think Philadelphia's stpry is probably going to be sexier to them because it smacks of the Red Sox, the team that couldn't win, maybe now has a chance to.
Number_3:Q: Nick, any idea if Seymour will be available?
Nick_Cafardo:This is only my opinion, but I think he's playing in the game. Having the extra week between the AFC Championship and the Super Bowl should make all the difference. I think Richard wants to play as well.
VanBrocklin:Q: Give Andy Reid some help here. What does the Eagles coach have to put in his game plan to beat the Pats?
Nick_Cafardo:No turnovers. They have to be a little more creative on offense. They need to keep the Patriots defense on their toes with reverses and halfback passes. They have to throw the kitchen sink at them offensively. If they don't, the Patriots will stuff them. Defensively, they need to hit Brady. Kearse is a key player in this game because he has to chase Brady and make him throw off balance.
Edgar:Q: Nick, Who gets the O and D coordinators jobs?
Nick_Cafardo:Mangini on defense, Jeff Davidson on offense are my early favorites. I could see someone other than Davidson. I'm not ruling out Scarnecchia either.
Ty_Law_s_Ego:Q: Mr. Nick, Ty Law has been damaged goods each of the last 2 seasons. What kind of contract could he expect if he was a free agent?
TomFlores:Q: Hey Nick - What other assistant coaches might Romeo and Charlie take with them as they move on after the season? Thanks - LOVE the Mailbag.
Jeff:Q: Nick: When Lawyer Milloy says "you can't feed your family with Super Bowl rings" does he really believe it? I mean, how much did he make while he was here for all those years?
GhostOfMichaelHolley:Q: Nick: Who do you see them releasing/not resigning in the offseason?
bobbysox:Q: Every year the Pats get one big acquisition via trade or free agency? Any guesses for this off season?
Nick_Cafardo:Part of me thinks they won't do that this off season. They'll keep building through the draft and go with the players they have. One guy intriguing to me is John Abraham, who I know is someone they like and respect a lot.
snake-eyes:Q: Nick, do you know if any of the recent players who have left the Pats for more money regret the move?
Nick_Cafardo:All the ones I've talked to say no. I keep in touch with Woody and he's very happy for his two rings, but he loves it in Detroit and feels they can build a winner. Ditto Milloy. I've talked to Tebucky Jones, and he doesn't really miss it either. The one guy who does is Bobby Hamilton who wishes the Patriots had kept him around.
ynot_NH:Q: Nick, love the mailbag. Of the five (wow) Super Bowls the Patriots will have a appeared in, I believe that this is their first on natural grass. Do you think the warm weather and natural turf provides an advantage for either team?
Nick_Cafardo:I think both teams are Northeast teams and they'll love playing anywhere where the field is in good shape and where the temp is probably going to be over 40 (don't forget, Jacksonville is basically southern Georgia so it won't be that warm). I'm not a big field guy except for when a dome team like Indy has to play in adverse field conditions.
Pats_celtsfan:Q: Why did Tom Brady decide to sue GM a week and a half before the Super Bowl (a minor distraction that is uncharacteristic of the Patriots)?
Nick_Cafardo:I haven't looked into it yet, but sometimes in these suits there's a date where they have to file it by.
Pat_Dynasty:Q: Hi Nick - love the mailbag. The Panthers were supposed to be pushovers last year but gave the Pats a scare - this Eagles team is better. What's the chance of an upset here? How could it happen?
Nick_Cafardo:I'm the wrong guy to ask. I've been picking against the Eagles all year, and they keep proving me wrong. Their team doesn't scare me at all. I was much more frightened of Indy and Pittsburgh. They have to play a perfect game to beat the Patriots. Maybe they can do that, but I just think McNabb is one of those QBs that Crennel and Belichick will devour in the game plan.
Jeff:Q: Nick: Did you hear anything about Tom Brady and his 103 degree temp? Seemed like lots of Pats players were sick with the flu.
Nick_Cafardo:A day or two before the game, I heard about a couple of players having the flu. That happens just about every season. I certainly didn't hear about Brady's temp until Micheel Silver wrote about it after the game. That's a great story and it adds to Tom's legend.
VanBrocklin:Q: Dillon might have a so-so game. The Eagles run-D has been superb since Trotter took over middle linebacker. Can the Pats win it all on just Brady's arm?
Nick_Cafardo:Sure. The Patriots didn't run it that well against Pittsburgh. They didn't run it that well in their quest toward two Super Bowl titles. Weis is a very creative offensive coordinator. If you take something away from him, he'll make you pay someplace else. I'm not that worries about the Patriots offense being stopped unless the Eagles can get a pass rush on Brady.
Franklin:Q: Last year, it seemed the Patriots' deep secondary was exposed late in the season by both Tennessee and Carolina. What prevented Manning and Roethlisberger from attacking deep?
Number_3:Q: Nick, How much is the week leading up to the game a distraction for first time players?
Nick_Cafardo:It can be a big distraction because they have family and friends buggin them for tickets, and they're trying to arrange hotel rooms for their families and all of that stuff. The older guys, and probably some of the team officials, will help them deal with that. Maybe they'll take it out of their hands and make the arrangements for them. But the first time, I'm told, makes some of the younger guys pretty frantic.
555:Q: When will the current CBA expire? Any issues owners and players have that need addressing (e.g. salary cap)?
Nick_Cafardo:I think it ends after next season. There are always issues concerning the piece of the pie that the players get. They're always looking for a little more. The cap should go up significantly after next year because there's more money in the pot because of the TV deal. It'll make it easier for some of the teams who have had problems with the cap (the 49ers) to navigate it.
ziggy:Q: Given Mcnabbs talent for scrambling, will the Patriots employ a spy on defense? Do they ever do this?
Nick_Cafardo:They have done it. I remember Belichick saying in the case oF Michael Vick that, yeah, you can have a spy on him, but the problem is the spy isn't as fast as Vick. I'm going to guess that there won't be one spy. It might be different guys taking turns in an attempt to mix McNabb up a little.
bobbysox:Q: Any chance the Pats will go get a real fullback and run a two back set next year?
Nick_Cafardo:I think they have their guy in Patrick Pass. This guy has really merged into a fine fullback, who can also catch the ball and occasionally run with it. Pass has blocked very well in front of Dillon. On that 25-yard TD by Dillon on Sunday, Pass threw a nice block to spring Dillon loose.
gaol2005:Q: If Adam V. kicks the winning points this Super Bowl, does it put him in a class with the greatest kickers of all time?
Nick_Cafardo:Yes. I think he's there already. Hall of Famer. Greatest money kicker ever with all due respect to Roy Gerela.
BostonDotCom:Thanks for stopping by and chatting folks.

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