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Steve Grogan chat wrap -- Nov. 15, 2004

BostonDotCom:Howdy folks ... Steve will be arriving in a moment. Remember to tune in to NESN's Roughing It on Wednesday at 9 p.m. to check out Steve and Charlie Moore.
Steve_Grogan:Hi folks, thanks for stopping by
ew:Q: Steve, are you surprised with how quickly it appears that Drew Bledsoe's star has fallen? What has gone so wrong?
Steve_Grogan:Yes I am a little surprised. I just don't think he's in an offense that brings out the best of him right now. last few weeks when he had good running game very effective, but when he lost that running game, it got tough for him again.
PatsRool:Q: With such big lead last night in the game, shouldn't they have put Davey in at QB little sooner?
Steve_Grogan:Yes. Coaches just never feel that any lead is absolutely comfortable until late in the game which is why they probably didn't switch sooner
ss:Q: Hey Steve ... who do you predict in the AFC Championship Game, Pats vs. Steelers?
Steve_Grogan:I would say right now, yes, looks that way
LIQUIDPAIN:Q: I, think as pats fans we forget to grasp what could happen in a blink of an eye. Steve? It seem to me that if Tom B. goes down, what kind of Nightmare would that paint in New England. Since we have NO depth in that position.
Steve_Grogan:If Tom Brady gets hurt, it would be a serious blow to the offense. Fortunately with Corey Dillon back there playing the way he's been playing, it might not be as bad a we think
plasland:Q: Teddy Bruschi included a "happiness factor" in his negotiations to stay in NE...granted that it's rare, might there be other Pats that might include happiness in their contracting decisions?
Steve_Grogan:I think they'll be some that want to stay here and be part of a winning organization, and take money to do that, yes.
Jason:Q: What makes a QB a running threat? Is it pure athleticism or is it just an inclination? Brady's not as stiff on his feet as Bledsoe but it would be nice to see him be more mobile. I used to love watching you run the bootleg!
Steve_Grogan:Some quarterbacks have an ability to run and pick up positive yardage, others like Brady don't run that well but are able to move in the pocket to avoid pressure. Some like Bledsoe are pretty much stuck in the pocket and cant avoid anything. That has to do with natural athletic ability I think
Barry_from_SoCal:Q: Who do you most enjoy seeing the Pats beat? Raiders? Jets? Broncos? for me its those three in that order
Steve_Grogan:For me it would be the Jets first, since they're in division, followed by the Raiders and then Denver....
GoBears_:Q: Steve, do you think that the Pats of today could have stood up to the Bears of the mid-80's who the Pats faced in Super Bowl XX?
Steve_Grogan:Tough question.... I think they could have played pretty well with them although the Bears defense was the best I ever saw
Barry_from_SoCal:Q: What would you guess the chances of losing Pioli are? How great an impact would that be? Any guesses as to successors if that were to happen?
Steve_Grogan:No guess on successors. It would be my guess that he will leave here sometime in the next few years and that will be a blow to the organization as it will be if Charlie Weiss and/or Romeo Crenell were to leave
Barry_from_SoCal:Q: Being from Hawaii it was great keeping up with Russ Francis and Mosi Tatupu. Ever stay in touch with them or know what they are up to?
Steve_Grogan:Yes, I talk to Mosi and Russ fairly regularly. They both are still in the New England area. Mosi is teaching school and coaching. Russ has a lot of irons in the fire...
Barry_from_SoCal:Q: Do you watch home games in person from a box? are you officially affiliated with the organization currently?
Steve_Grogan:Not officially affiliated currently. I go to one or two games a year and I always sit in the stands when I go.
Sharkey:Q: Steve, looking at some of your stats from your playing days, the things you were able to do both through the air and with your feet were remarkable. What current QB's do you find comparable to number 14?
Steve_Grogan:At the present, Michael Vick would be the closest to what I was in my younger days although he was a far better runner than I was. Rothlesberger runs a little bit and might be a good comparison to my younger days.
Andrew_Fuller:Q: Mosi works @ King Philip my old high school!
Steve_Grogan:RE: Mosi. Not any more. He coaches at Foxboro High and with Steve Nelson at Curry College
LIQUIDPAIN:Q: Steve....How has the game changed since you have played? and do player like T.O. turn your stomach?
Steve_Grogan:The players now are bigger and faster and conditioned year round which we didn't do much of. The passing game has become more prominent than it was 20 years ago. And yes, players like T.O. do turn my stomach.
Lola:Q: Who do you think of the new stadium in Foxboro?
Steve_Grogan:The new stadium is a beautiful place. Much more comfortable for the fans. I know it doesn't have the same intimacy that the fans had at the old stadium.
Flakey:Q: Why do you think that Brady isn't really talked about in the same breath as the likes of Manning, McNab, or Vick? Is it simply because of the numbers or something else? Montana never really had the gaudy numbers either but we know how he's thought of.
Steve_Grogan:Definitely don't think Brady gets the credit he deserves . Part of that is his personality of not calling attention to himself. He doesn't put up the spectacular numbers that some of those guys do, he just wins, and that to me is the most important thing.
Barry_from_SoCal:Q: Was there anything in Michael Felger's book Tales from the Patriot Sideline that you think was not portrayed quite as you remember it? or other aspects of the history that deserved more attention?
Steve_Grogan:I think it was fairly accurate, at least the years that I was there, that time was pretty accurate. History was captured as I recall.
Sharkey:Q: Steve - curious how Tony Eason was viewed in the locker room by the Pats players of the 80s, and what was the reaction when Eason was named the Super Bowl starter?
Steve_Grogan:I think everybody got along with Tony. Few guys like John Hannah didn't think he was tough enough. It was only natural to name him the starter for the super bowl considering he was the starter in the wins leading up to that game.
Grogan_s_Heroes:Q: Why is it that Daniel Graham is getting fewer looks each game?
Steve_Grogan:Part of it is because they've needed him to help in pass protection more the last few weeks. I would expect him to become more a part of the passing game as we get into the colder part of the season, that's when you usually look to your tight end to make plays. Another reason is the emergence of David Givens who has been playing really well.
slick:Q: What do you think the biggest factor in the Patriot's late 70s collapse was?
Steve_Grogan:Number one was Chuck Fairbanks leaving after the '78 season. Then we had a couple of drafts that didn't run out very well.
patfanatic:Q: Is Belichick the best coach in the history of the game?
Steve_Grogan:I'm not sure he's the best in the history, but he's certainly becoming one of the best. If he wins another two or three Super Bowls, he'd definitely be the best.
Barry_from_SoCal:Q: I recall that the Pats did not play on Monday nights for a number of years which I believe you were a part of. Was that a big deal or did you really not care much about playing on the big stage?
Steve_Grogan:I don't think it was a big deal.
LIQUIDPAIN:Q: I, paid close attention to Colvin during last nights game...Do you think he will ever regain what he had before the hip injury?
Steve_Grogan:I think there's a good chance he'll regain it. It's just goin to take some time. Not the same player he was before the injury. I expect he'll get better as time progresses.
matty2578:Q: Hey Steve. I know I may be nitpicking, but the Patriots haven't been converting many red-zone opportunities into TD's recently (4 FG's my Vinatieri against STL, 5 last night). Why do you think that is? Do you think Ben Watson's absence has hurt them?
Steve_Grogan:They certainly have not converted. that's obvious. And I'm not sure why. It may be they have become too conservative when they get down in there. And yes, Ben Watson is somebody they have missed, particularly in the Red zone.
Sharkey:Q: Steve - Irving Fryar or Stanley Morgan?
Steve_Grogan:Stanley Morgan hands down.
BillyT:Q: Thanks for giving us 110% when you played. You would have made a great free safety. Wondering what your thoughts are on Rodney Harrison as a player and why do other teams/players feel as though he plays dirty? I love the guy. He plays with the heart you played with.
Steve_Grogan:I like Rodney Harrison a lot. He sometimes, because of his passion, crosses the line and I think that's why players on other teams don't particularly care for him.
ljb:Q: Steve, Do you have any interest in getting involved with coaching with the Pats...I always thought you would make a great quarterback coach or offensive coordinator.
Steve_Grogan:At one time I did have some interest and actually talked to people in the organization but nothing ever materialized and now its probably too late.
bradypats:Q: steve - pick one receiver on this year's team you'd like to throw to
Steve_Grogan:I think David Givens right now would be the guy.
Barry_from_SoCal:Q: Do you keep up with K-State football much? or are you involved at all?
Steve_Grogan:Not involved. Do keep up with it. Have been very proud of their last 10 years or so and disappointed with what's taken place there this year.
bradypats:Q: was it scary being stuck in the woods with charlie moore?
Steve_Grogan:No it wasn't scary. It was actually a real fun experience.
Flakey:Q: Why do you think that Pats don't put anybody away when they have the chance? Last night had the makings of a major blowout but it seemed we fizzled a bit in the 2nd half. That seems to happen a lot to the Pats. Is it the gameplan or something else?
Steve_Grogan:I think they have so much trust in their defense to play well that when they get ahead, they get conservative on offense, not wanting to make any mistakes that would put pressure on the defense.
Barry_from_SoCal:Q: With all of the "gadget" plays we saw against the Rams last week, did it remind of anything you had done? ever catch a pass? or had some funky formations?
Steve_Grogan:We ran some gadget plays over the years. My favorite was the handoff to the fullback who pitched back to me and I would through the ball to Morgan (?) who went deep down the middle. Beat Miami on that play in '85, 4th down play.
Shawn:Q: Steve, you came to my high school, Bartlett High School last season, do you think High School sports should cost money to play for the students, or should the state step in and help students?
Steve_Grogan:I don't think high school athletes should have to pay to play. I think it's all part of a high school learning experience. Individuals should not be excluded if they cannot afford it. I'm not sure that the state paying for it is the best way to handle it though.
Bill_2:Q: steve - can you pick a highlight that stands out in your career with the Pats?
Steve_Grogan:Two highlights and they weren't games so to speak. The '76 season, my first full year as a starter was a lot of fun. And the '85 season when I came off the bench and we won six games in a row and got to the super bowl.
pats_fan_1:Q: How are your knees?
Steve_Grogan:Not good. Not bad. So far no major problems.
Sharkey:Q: Steve - the NFL is negotiating record breaking TV deals. Does the NFL take care of its retired stars the way they should?
Steve_Grogan:We do have a pension fund. you have to have played four years to qualify and as the money's gotten bigger the plan has improved but I think the NFL is trying to help former players
bradypats:Q: have you been following BC football at all? will a BCS bowl give college football some credibility in this professional sports dominated town?
Steve_Grogan:I have followed BC a little bit, and I'm happy to see their success. I don't think this will ever be a college sports dominated town with the Patriots and Red Sox around.
ne_sports_in_wv:Q: Football highlights in my head feature your sweeping into the end zone out wide - on so many occasions. You don't see that as much anymore. Any thoughts on why?
Steve_Grogan:Part of the reason is that quarterbacks are too valuable now a days. They mean too much to their teams and they're costing so much in salary that coaches, agents, and players themselves don't want to take too many risks.
Flakey:Q: When you first heard that the Pats signed Dillon did you think it was good or bad? basically had him lumped in with T.O, Moss etc... glad I was wrong on that. And do you think Dillon would've made a differ
Steve_Grogan:I was surprise that they traded for him because of some of the things he had done and said in the past. I guess I'm like all the other fans who have been surprised at what a model citizen he's been since coming here.
patfan:Q: Steve, I remember as a kid watching you at Bryant College and back then it was so fan friendly. Now, it is hard to get close to the players, why?
Steve_Grogan:Part of the reason is they've been so successful the last few years that the crowds at training camp have become enormous and I think part of the reason also is the advent of the autograph collectors that have kind of ruined part of the fan friendliness attitude.
Gary_L_:Q: What do you think of all the technological advantages QB's have today compared to the past? i.e. snapshots of the formations when they come to the bench, O.C. talking to them in their helmets, video breakdowns etc.
Steve_Grogan:The pictures and video and film are things we had, even way back. The microphone in the helmet is something new and I'm not sure I would have liked a coach telling me where to throw it and where to throw it before I stepped in the huddle. I think the biggest change from my day is the way they're protecting the QB with the rules. Can't hit them high, can't hit them low, the intentional grounding. All things I didn't have in my disposal pack.
pats_fan_1:Q: Thinking back to 76 (I think) when pats got ripped off in playoff game in Oakland (Casper's bumble/fumble). Do you think that was the strongest Pats team? And what does recent Pats success mean to alumni like you?
Steve_Grogan:The 76 team was the best team I played on. The current success the team is having does make you proud to be an alumni
Barry_from_SoCal:Q: Was there ever a point in your career that you might have gone to another team or even rumors that concerned you?
Steve_Grogan:There were rumors on several occasions that I was about to be traded. Can't say how close it came. I am glad I got to spend my whole career with the Patriots.
pats_fan_1:Q: What was the toughest stadium you ever played in?
Steve_Grogan:The worst as far as field conditions was Philadelphia. The worst as far as trying to be heard over the fan noise was the Orange Bowl in Miami.
Gary_L_:Q: Who was the funniest or best practical Joker you ever played with and tell a story if you can.
Steve_Grogan:Andy Johnson (running back) was the best practical joker and we don't have enough time to tell stories about him.
slick:Q: Outside of the Pats, is there a coach/coordinator system out there today you wish you could play in?
Steve_Grogan:I don't think so, out side of the Pats.
pats_fan_1:Q: Who was the hardest hitter when you played? And now?
Steve_Grogan:When I was playing, two names come to mind. Jack Lambert from Pittsburgh and Joe Klecko of the Jets. Today would probably be Ray Lewis.
Van:Q: Steve, who's the toughest teammate you ever had?
Steve_Grogan:John Hannah, followed closely by Steve Nelson.
effjay:Q: Steve Young recently minimized the Pats' streak, saying it was achieved during the "mediocrity" of the new parity. Do you agree and, more to the point, are today's players as good, tough or mentally ready as the players of your day? Before?
Steve_Grogan:I don't agree with Steve Young. A winning streak in any era like this one, is unprecedented. I think the players today are as good as better as players in my day. Partly because of the year round training they now have.
ne_sports_in_wv:Q: Do/did any of your children play football, and/or do you coach at all?
Steve_Grogan:The oldest of my three sons played HS football at Xaverian, and college football at Northeastern. Last year was his last season. And I do not coach anywhere.
Steve_Grogan:Thanks folks, this was fun.
BostonDotCom:Q: Thanks for coming by everyone ... be sure to catch Steve on Roughing It on NESN, Wednesday at 9 p.m.
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