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Coach is in Seymour's corner

FOXBOROUGH -- Patriots coach Bill Belichick believes All-Pro defensive lineman Richard Seymour has played very well this season, despite being held to four tackles and no sacks through the first two games.

"In our defense, and in our offense, when the opportunities come, you count on the players to make the plays," Belichick said. "Not everybody gets the same number of opportunities every week. Sometimes that changes. I know sometimes the press reports, `Well, this guy had a great game. He made four tackles,' or whatever. In all honesty, sometimes those plays came to him, and that is where he should have been. And next game, he didn't have any tackles and where was he? I don't really think that is going to be the case in our system, and when we play well defensively as a team, which I thought we did a pretty good job of in the Arizona game, really everybody was doing a pretty good job.

"He is our best lineman and he is playing well. His production will come. And if it doesn't come, then everybody else needs to get it.

"Seymour said he did a lot of decoy work last week, but Belichick said Seymour's role really hasn't changed much -- he's an inside pass rusher. "You are not going to see him standing out there 3 yards outside of the tight end. Don't worry about that," Belichick said.

"In Arizona's case, they took their line and they slid it into the middle a lot. In several cases, our outside linebackers or our safeties were unblocked, or they were blocked by backs who were trying to step out there and take them, as opposed to linemen who were trying to fan out and let the backs step up inside. So, if that is the way they are going to do it, it is going to be a lot harder to get pressure inside than outside. "I don't know about being a decoy, but if that is the way they want to block it, then we hope that somebody else will be able to come free and make the play."

Shouldering the load
Tom Brady has been listed as probable on the injury report the past two weeks with a right shoulder ailment. Brady didn't divulge any information yesterday, saying, "I think it's something that I'm always trying to monitor. Like I said, it's day to day. I think that us going out and throwing in practice sometimes takes a toll, but I'll be out there. I'm not going anywhere." . . . The Patriots re-signed cornerback Earthwind Moreland to the practice squad along with wide receiver Cedric James. Cornerback Christian Morton, a seventh-round draft pick, and speedy receiver Michael Jennings were released. James spent last season on the Cowboys' practice squad . . . Safety Rodney Harrison was named the AFC defensive player of the week. Harrison had 7 tackles, 2 sacks, and a forced fumble in Sunday's 23-12 win over Arizona . . . The Patriots reached an injury settlement with Dana Stubblefield, who walked away from the team with about six weeks' pay . . . Brady was asked what he most admired about Bills quarterback Drew Bledsoe. "He never makes excuses for anything," Brady said. "He gets right to it. I remember him jamming his thumb one game and going back in the game and playing, then playing the next week and hardly throwing a pass all week and went out and played a great game. He was extremely tough, very diligent. Football is very important in his life. I think you look at those qualities, and those are the type of things I really look to, I really admire, because to play 12 years, that's the type of commitment you need, and he certainly is a great example of that."

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