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Out call from Belichick: Colvin will miss the Jets

FOXBOROUGH -- The Patriots complied with the NFL minimum requirement for revealing injuries beginning on Wednesday of each week, listing Rosevelt Colvin as out of Sunday's game against the New York Jets with a hip injury. Looking for answers beyond that? Coach Bill Belichick wasn't ready to give any yesterday.

"There isn't really too much to add on the Rosevelt Colvin situation," explained Belichick. "He is still undergoing some tests and trying to get a little more information on exactly what the best thing for him to do and what the best way to handle his situation is. As you know, he had some pain in his upper leg after he recovered the fumble in the Philadelphia game and it looks like it is more in the hip area. What the exact timetable on it is? I just don't know except he will not play this week. He is out."

Two sources, one a team official and the other a person familiar with Colvin's condition, have told the Globe that the linebacker suffered a temporary dislocation of the left hip that popped out and popped back into place shortly after he injured the hip in the first quarter of last Sunday's 31-10 win over the Eagles.

What Colvin hopes to learn through subsequent MRIs is whether he has a fracture of the hip bone or whether he has pulled or torn muscles or ligaments.

"If a guy breaks a bone, then you cast it and it heals like most bones do," said Belichick. "It takes a certain amount of time. Other injuries, there are other options. You can let it heal. You can do surgery. You can try to rehab it in different ways. Depending on what you decide to do, then you have a better idea and that decision hasn't been made yet."

Belichick received tough questioning on the secrecy of Colvin's condition from the Worcester Telegram's Ken Powers, who after listening to Belichick's answer on Colvin responded, "Do the doctors not tell you? They don't tell you how long he might be out?"

"I don't know exactly how long he will be out," said Belichick. "He will not play this week."

Powers persisted, "They don't give you a timetable? Like if you go to your family doctor, they give you a scenario, it might be this or that . . ."

"What do you want me to tell you?" shot back Belichick. "It could be six weeks. It could be 12 weeks. It could be three weeks. It could be eight weeks. Take whichever one you want. That is why they are doing more tests. He won't play this week. I could make something up for you if you want me to and then we will change it around next week."

Asked whether it was a pulled tendon or a dislocation or a hip flexor, Belichick responded, "Those are all good questions but I don't know the answer to any of those."

The coach finally said, "I don't know what to tell you. You can be as belligerent as you want about it. I can't give you any more information than what I have, which is the injury and the treatment has not been fully decided on yet. That is a fact and he is not playing this week. Write whatever you want to write. Make it however long you want to make it. I can't verify it one way or the other."

The Patriots will use Roman Phifer at inside linebacker while Willie McGinest and Matt Chatham will handle some of the load outside in Colvin's absence along with Mike Vrabel.

Safety Rodney Harrison said he hates to see Colvin out, but "if there's one area where we're strong it's linebacker."

Minor bump on road

One omission on the Patriots' injury list was quarterback Tom Brady, who suffered a right elbow injury against the Eagles. X-rays were negative, but even yesterday Brady reported having soreness, but reasoned that most players had some bruises and bumps and he would be out there Sunday . . . The Patriots also list Ted Johnson out with a broken foot, receiver David Givens questionable (leg), guard Mike Compton questionable (foot), cornerback Asante Samuel questionable (shoulder), safety Je'Rod Cherry questionable (leg), and fullback Fred McCrary questionable (knee) . . . Jets starting cornerback Donnie Abraham will miss 4-6 weeks with a shoulder injury.

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