Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski appears to offend with racially tinged joke toward fan (video)

During a question and answer session at a Foxborough bar, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski appeared to mock a fan wearing his own jersey with a racially tinged joke, according to a video obtained by the celebrity website TMZ.

The Q&A, which occurred at Bar Louie at Patriot Place according to the site, took a turn when an Asian-looking man started dancing to the delight of the small crowd. Gronkowski appeared humored by the dancing, laughing it off, before saying “they told me he could only cook fried rice.”

He followed up by calling the man Leslie Chow, the character from the popular “Hangover” movie series.

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Shortly after, a man reminded the crowd that everyone in attendance signed waivers to hand over their cell phone footage and photos.

A person who answered the phone at Bar Louie declined to comment on the incident or Gronkowski’s participation in the event before hanging up.

There was no clear indication that the man who was the object of Gronkowski’s jokes was offended. He could be seen giving Gronkowski a fist bump in the video.