Report: Gronkowski may need back surgery, too

A day after the Globe reported that Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski will have a fourth surgery on his left arm — to replace a plate — USA Today reported he also may need back surgery.

According to that report, Gronkowski recently had an MRI to check on a disk that had to be shaved down in 2009, and a problem was detected with a different disk. A decision on whether to have surgery for that problem, according to the report, has not been made.

Meanwhile, an ESPN report said that if Gronkowski has back surgery, it will be done during the time he is recovering from the arm surgery, and should not extend his recovery period. The arm surgery, which a team source confirmed will be done next week, will require a recovery time of 10 weeks, which is just about the time training camp would start.

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Doctors wanted to wait until an infection in Gronkowski’s arm had completely cleared before they replaced the plate.