Gronkowski updates progress, addresses criticism

Rob Gronkowski, an in-studio guest at ESPN on Wednesday, gave an update on his rehabilitation progress, and also addressed criticism stemming from his shirtless wrestling at a Las Vegas nightclub last month.

“Right now I’m just rehabbing, getting muscles around it stronger, get everything reactivated because it shuts down a little bit when it’s healing,’’ he said. “Just rehabbing and when trainers give me ‘good to go,’ hopefully in the next couple of weeks, hopefully as soon as possible so I can get rolling again, get back in the weight room, get back on the field and do what I love doing, running around catching some balls.’’

When the video of a dancing Gronkowski appeared on the Internet, his wrist-to-elbow cast on full display, and then body-slamming a friend on a stage in Vegas, some thought the move might not have been prudent.

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Although he appreciates the sentiment, Gronkowski said he wouldn’t do anything to intentionally injure himself.

“They’re my fans. They’re big fans of the Patriots; they just want to see the team do well, and I totally understand where they don’t want me to put myself in jeopardy of getting hurt,” he said. “I would never do that, put myself in jeopardy.’’

As for the Patriots’ reaction to his offseason — Bill Belichick strongly hinted at the recent NFL meetings he was not pleased — Gronkowski was mum.

“Whatever I talk about with the Patriots, we stay confidential,’’ he said. “Basically I just keep doing what I’ve been doing since Day 1 [as a football player], that’s what got me this far and I’m going to keep grinding hard, keep hustling.”