Patriots owner Bob Kraft reiterates stance on wanting Wes Welker to return

The National Football League Monday announced a new partnership with General Electric to fight head injuries, and among the bigwigs on hand in New York was Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Kraft chatted with media members, and according to Bart Hubbuch of the New York Daily News, told reporters, “We want Wes [Welker]. We really do.”

An ESPN reporter also posted some of Kraft’s comments about the receiver on Twitter: “I love Wes Welker. I hope he remains a Patriot for life. Just like Tom Brady.”

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Signs still point to Welker remaining with New England.

At the Super Bowl in New Orleans last month, Kraft was asked about Welker, and he said, “I’d love him to be around as well. He’s a great guy. It takes two sides to make a transaction, and then we have to manage the lawyers and the agents, that they don’t mess it up.

“I think Wes wants to be with us and we want him here. It’s just a matter of whether both sides can be intelligent.”

With the GE partnership, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is hoping to use $60 million over the next four years to research head injuries and come up with innovations to improve helmets.

Goodell hopes one day players may wear helmets containing sensors to detect hits that cause concussions.

Those helmets might be lighter and ‘‘less of a weapon’’ than today’s, the commissioner said.