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Super Bowl 2012 prediction roundup

Posted by Eric Wilbur, Boston.com Staff  February 3, 2012 07:15 AM

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You've read enough Super Bowl media saturation this week, that it's no wonder your eyelids are burning with anticipation for Sunday. So, let's sum up this week's coverage thusly: Who would you rather have, Eli or Peyton? Gronk ankle. Gisele's e-mail. Cocky Brady digging on Buffalo hotel rooms! Coughlin. Parcells. Belichick. Peyton's gonna play!!! Peyton. Peyton. Peyton. Madonna. Peyton. Parade planning. Tyree. Commercials. The ankle. Day-by-day. Front four. Giants rushing attack. UMass. BC. Giants receiving attack. Gronk.In a big game....Eli or Peyton?

Does that about cover it?

Super Bowl predictions

Here's how folks from around the country see the game unfolding, with the Giants a decided favorite.

ESPN.com staff: Six out of eight pick the Giants.

CBS Sports.com staff: Giants across the board.

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports: Giants 31, Patriots 24. This Giants team is on a roll and getting better. They handled Tom Brady for most of the first meeting, and I think they do a good job slowing him again. Eli Manning lights up the New England secondary.

Greg Cote, Miami Herald: Patriots 31, Giants 27. Picking New England AT ALL is what roils the tummy a bit, and part of that is the mystery of Rob Gronkowski's left ankle. The Gronk is that important to Tom Brady and the Pats' chances - especially against a Giants defense that has struggled defending tight ends at times, including the Niners' Vernon Davis in the NFC title game. The pick assumes Gronkowski will play and be effective. Brady will need him as a quick-hit outlet guy to offset the Biggies' mighty pass rush, and to outscore Eli Manning and all those weapons. Four years ago on this stage, Eli and NYG denied Brady and Bill Belichick not only a championship, but a perfect season. They won't be perfect this time, but I'd bet the Pats will be champions.

Peter Schrager, Foxsports.com: Giants 30, Patriots 21. Regis is taking the Giants. Every C-list celebrity hawking a sports drink, a signature clothing line, or a Zumba dance video on radio row this week has felt the need to offer a Super Bowl prediction. I've heard several of these predictions and have tuned out about 95 percent of them. My brain simply incapable of retaining the info. But the one guy who's opinion I trust? The one guy who's opinion actually matters? The one man who's pick actually carries any weight? Regis. And Regis, according to Jason Gay at the Wall Street Journal, is taking the Giants on Sunday. I've been listening to Regis my entire life. I see no reason to turn my back on him now.

Tim Kawakami, San Jose Daily News: Patriots 37, Giants 21. It's not that I think Tom Brady needs extra motivation to win a Super Bowl - the "motivation" issue is always overblown, in my mind, when championships are at stake, anyway. But I think that Brady has played poorly in several notable playoff moments - starting with Super Bowl XLII against the NYGs and continued to the AFC title game victory over Baltimore. In a word, I think Brady is due for an enormous performance, whether Rob Gronkowski is close to 100% or not, and I think Belichick can draw up a defense that keeps the Giants' offensive relatively in check

Dan Connolly, Baltimore Sun: Giants 28, Patriots 24. I've been around sports long enough to know it is foolish to pick against the better quarterback in a big game. And, no matter how much ice is in Eli Manning's veins, I'd rather have Tom Brady at crunch time. But I am just not sold on the New England Patriots' defense. Not with the way Manning, Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz are playing.

Bunch of celebrities ESPN rounded up: Fifteen out of 25 pick the Giants, with a confused Brad Pitt abstaining. Maya Angelou described the Patriots as "terrible losers which means the Giants, who are great winners, have to work harder than usual, and they will."

Bobby Valentine, Red Sox manager: Patriots. I grew up with the (Robustelli) family, so it was hard not to root for the Giants growing up. But I told Bill that I'll be there and I'll be rooting for him.

Some rhinoceros: Giants.

Some ostrich: Patriots.

Globe staff:Three out of four pick the Patriots. (New England by 3.)

It says here: Patriots 27, Giants 24. Their legacies won't necessarily be tainted with a loss, but is there any way Belichick and Brady allow this to happen twice? It's 2004 sports history all over again: Revenge on New York, and a Patriots Super Bowl title.

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