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State of idiocy

Posted by Eric Wilbur, Boston.com Staff  November 10, 2011 08:21 AM

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No, that surreal image from the Daily Collegian isn't from earlier this week when the Penn State scandal erupted. No, it isn't from last April, when Mark Madden's unbelievable preview of the child abuse allegations appeared in the Beaver County Times. No, that image isn't conveying sorrow and horror for the victims of Jerry Sandusky.

No, that image is from last night, when Joe Paterno was fired as head football coach.

My God.

This is an invite that I'm terrified to make because it would mean some sort of association, but anytime you people in Happy Valley want to join us in the real world, feel free. Where was the outrage we saw last night when all this horrific news came to light? Instead, here's what these Neanderthals did yesterday in deifying their precious football coach's statue on campus.

On Wednesday afternoon, students and members of the community visited the statue, placing signs and cards reading, "Once a leader, always a leader" and "God Bless you and Thank You Coach Paterno" on the walls surrounding the statue.

You are Penn State. And you are all idiots.

I'll go on record as saying the pep rally outside Paterno's home Tuesday night was easily the most embarrassing display in the history of modern higher education, and it was fueled by a clueless puppet more focused on Nebraska than the real world around him.

Asking if Penn State made the right decision in axing Paterno is like asking if blue and yellow make green. Oh, you have a problem with it being done over the phone? Fine. I have a problem with a man keeping his lips shut for years about an acquaintance raping children. Let's have a debate over which is more egregious.

Are we truly this obsessed with records in our society that we're willing to watch lives get ruined? Because at the soul of it, isn't that what this is all about? JoePa's "legacy." I mean, good God, like having Penn State on your resume is going to get you a nifty football talk in a future job interview. Grow up.

Paterno doesn't get to coach his final home game. Boo-hoo. Let's tip a van.

These Penn State people make the Occupy movement look like a group of vigorous ambition-driven dragons. Embarrassed? They should be. Their precious institution is forever stained. But the outrage from Happy Valley last night was a joke, a riot fueled by football and a fallen icon. Unfortunately, it was a display we should have seen earlier about something far worse than a man not being given the "dignity" to coach one more game on his home sidelines.

Joe Paterno won't tie the record for most games coached this weekend. To many, that is unfortunately the tragedy here.Football is king, but it isn't God. It really isn't. 

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About the Author

Eric Wilbur is a Boston.com sports columnist who is still in awe of what Dana Kiecker pulled off that one time in Toronto. He lives in the Boston area with his wife and three children. Comments and suggestions for the best Buffalo wing spots are encouraged.

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