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Hoping for a deal

Posted by Eric Wilbur, Boston.com Staff July 28, 2008 09:58 AM

Somewhere in the midst of Manny Ramirez daring Theo Epstein to trade him during his annual hissy fit, the Red Sox slugger unintentionally made a very ironic statement.

"I’d even play in Iraq," he told ESPNDeportes.

Odds are that even being shipped to a war-torn region would do little to wake the clueless Ramirez from his narcissism. While the rest of his teammates were fighting off insurgents, he’d probably be sitting back in his bunk, claiming some convenient injury wouldn’t allow him to aid in the fight.

Whether the timeline is four days or two months, we are witnessing the final days of Manny Ramirez in Boston. That much is increasingly becoming certain. The left fielder held court yesterday and said he would approve a deal if the Red Sox were able to find a team willing to take him on. Even if Epstein doesn’t find a suitor for Ramirez before Thursday’s trading deadline, the occurrences of the past week pretty much assure that there is no way the team is picking up the $20 million option for next season.

The man has made more than $160 million during his stay in Boston, and is whining like an underappreciated child over the team's reluctance to dedicate itself for the next two seasons to his whims and offense. We've reached boiling point, everybody pretty much ready to wash their hands of the maddeningly enigmatic Ramirez.

In an age of conceited, rich, spoiled athletes with no clue as to how the rest of the human race goes about day-to-day life, Ramirez is the undisputed champ. The Boston fan base has done nothing but fawn over him the last eight years here (including the embarrassing ovation on deadline day in 2005), ignoring the bouts of immaturity and deceit, cheering him with unrivaled delight every time sawdust cracked on contact. A great hitter. One of the best in Boston history.

But as far as all the other stuff is concerned, Manny Ramirez is one opaque human being, spoiled rotten since he could first hit a baseball, and expecting, demanding it to never end. And because there was always the threat of Manny quitting when he didn't get his way, everybody simply enabled him further. But now, there's no more to give, no more reason to roll eyes and chalk instances up to cases of "Manny being Manny." Ramirez's legacy with the Red Sox will certainly be more good than bad, but he'll be leaving on a note that too often defined his stay here, as an unappreciative oaf who was given the world only to have it all not be enough. The quips of him being a child in a man's body are no longer cute, if they ever really were. He's a classic case of Peter Pan syndrome, a brat who always took his toys and went home.

The likelihood of him being traded before Thursday is most likely slim.

But that doesn't mean we can't root for it to happen.

From a baseball standpoint, trading Ramirez might not make a whole lot of sense. Even though the numbers are down, he's still a threat in the heart of the order, and one can only wonder what will happen to David Ortiz's production without him hitting behind him in the lineup. His OPS of .932 is sixth-best in the American League, and his torrid month of July further aids in the theory that the team can't afford to give him away. Now add in the complexities of Ramirez approving of a deal -- just because he said he will doesn't mean, when it comes down to it, that he actually will -- as well as getting decent value in return. All before Thursday. Epstein did it brilliantly with the Nomar Garciaparra deal, but the question remains as to whether lightning can strike twice.

On the other hand, washing everybody's hands of Ramirez now dulls the headache and assures that he won't quit on you down the stretch in September. The threat of that alone is reason enough to fervently work the phones this week. There's talk of the Phillies, Dodgers, Mets, and Diamondbacks being interested, according to Sean McAdam. Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman says that Philadelphia is the only likely landing spot. But even that likelihood is slim, writes Ken Rosenthal, in that no GM stresses makeup like Pat Gillick, and that Ramirez would probably need to play right field.

Still, Epstein should try and deal Ramirez, and get something in return that will aid the Red Sox in another World Series run, or hope that he won't remain a distraction for the remainder of the season. Then in the offseason the Sox can go out and try to acquire the likes of Mark Teixeira or Adam Dunn as a free agent. At least, that was the plan up until this past week. Now the Red Sox may be forced to make a play for one of the sluggers via the trade market and hope that either an extension can be signed, or that they'll secure a contract prior to free agency. Essentially, the team could be forced to alter its long-term plans based on the whims of one Manny Ramirez.

For all he has done on the field for the Red Sox, Ramirez's actions have left a stain on his place in Red Sox history. He helped lead them to a pair of World Series titles, and classic moments like the high-five in Baltimore are so positively goofy that you can't help but to laugh at them. But there's nothing humorous about these latest transgressions, the absolute final straw of Manny's time in this city.

As much of a threat as he is at the dish, he's just as much so in the clubhouse, where his penchant to quit on his teammates has to be of ultimate concern to Terry Francona. Rid yourself of that risk going forward, and the team can rest assured that they've got the commitment of each and every player on the roster. Keep him around after Thursday, and who's to say that some other phantom injury pops up in a few weeks?

A lot of folks have tried their best to avoid any Ramirez talk the past two months. We rolled out eyes at the Kevin Youkilis and Jack McCormick incidents, not wanting to fully demonize Manny for incidents in which we didn't know 100 percent of what took place. We refused to jump on the bandwagon of folks that insisted Ramirez kept the bat on his shoulder as an act of defiance a few weeks ago at Yankee Stadium. Ramirez comes up with a mysterious knee injury, and we were just too tired about all things Ramirez to even have a standpoint, even though our calendar said it was well past time for his annual week of histrionics.

Around the same time Ramirez and his underlords, aka, his teammates, were putting the wood to Sidney Ponson and the Yankees last night, HBO aired the third installment of its summer miniseries, "Generation Kill," about a group of Marines in the opening stages of the Iraq war. Unapologetic in its realism, the show gives viewers a glimpse into the violent lives of our servicemen, looking for a fight to break out, ready to kill at first chance, for that is what they have been taught to do.

It's an environment in which Ramirez wouldn't last 10 seconds. You just wish there were some way he, and every pampered athlete, could experience that sort of realism just once in order to understand the luxurious existence he leads rather than complaining about the Red Sox not picking up an option worth more than what most of us will see in a lifetime of working.

He will still remarkably have his apologists as long as he can hit a baseball. But with those even shrinking in number after the past few days, Epstein needs to at least try and rid himself of the daily headache that is Ramirez.

It's probably not going to happen. But we should hope that it does.

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  1. eric, look around the Globe newsroom and you will find a few folks that have been too willing not to call the guy out over the past several years. His ass should have been run out of town and the front office is responsible for asking too much in return in a trade. The declining production coupled with the lack of committment to his teammates made him a liability. The $20 million in savings plus the roster spot would have been enough. But no, Theo and Co. wanted max return and in the end will be lucky to limp to the end of the season with this guy.

    I'd really love for someone to get some off the record stuff about what Boras thinks of his client's actions. No chance Manny will get more than 3 years at $12 million per season.

    Posted by rob July 28, 08 11:09 AM
  1. I wish the Sox would separate the Manny exit from getting "replacement" value. His money is spent, go and get a Texiera or a Holliday and if you can't move Manny - bench him or send him to Pawtucket. He just can't be trusted down the stretch... Also, where are his teammates? To spend that much time together and not be able to handle things man-to-man??? From comments I've read, it's all about minding your own business and not getting involved.

    Lastly and sadly, yet another Red Sox hero will be exiled from future Red Sox celebrations. Yaz, Fisk, Buckner, Boggs, etc. The Sox always seem to have this awkwardness with their stars whereas with the Yanks, they seem to hang around forever...

    Posted by SteveP July 28, 08 12:05 PM
  1. ...and God forbid the team that would only give him $36M! Can you imagine the kind of effort that would generate?

    Posted by PossumPete July 28, 08 12:13 PM
  1. I don't care if the Sox get nothing in return and don't make the post season, at this point. Manny could have 20 RBI's over the next couple games and I still wouldn't care. I am so sick of his BS.

    To rob, I kind of have to wonder of Boras isn't behind this, since he makes nothing if the Sox pick up Manny's options.

    Posted by CatsDuck July 28, 08 12:21 PM
  1. His Iraq comment is obviously dumb, so I don't want to be labeled an apologist by any means, but just like all the other times Manny has come close to being traded, I don't understand why there's so much pressure to get rid of him. Yes, he creates unnecessary distractions, but the other 99+% of the time he's such a positive influence on the lineup baseball-wise that it way more than evens out.

    Not to mention, after his antics last week, I'd imagine it's going to be tough for the Sox to sell him at a high value. Maybe if I saw some of the trades on the table I'd change my mind, but what are we really expecting to get for him? The problem with the team is clearly the bullpen, so why are we trying to mess with the lineup?

    The guy's having a year that looks a lot like his 2004 season, so unless we could somehow get both a very promising replacement slugger, PLUS a top reliever I don't see the point in not riding him out for the rest of the season.

    Posted by Jeff July 28, 08 12:24 PM
  1. Yeah Shaughnessy has barely written three dozen columns a year for 8 years about Manny being a jerk and should leave, rob. Crackerjack observation.

    And declining production? You do know the number of players who have an OPS above .930? In the AL, five.

    His ass helped the Sox win two World Championships they would not have won without him. That has directly affected me (it made me happy), this latest episode is disappointing and he's probably gone (remember, Epstein was willing to let him walk in 2004 -- they put him on waivers, so I don't know what "max return" means here)., but it never hurts to remind yourself that there are still so many fans in Boston who seem to have rather have not won.

    I'm fine if they trade him and if not, they'll free up money next year (I'm pretty confident Texiera can play left -- if Manny can, the standards aren't exactly high), but why it so personally offends you when all the guy has done is delivered amazing numbers and two world series titles to town...I mean really. Get a life.

    Posted by jayb July 28, 08 12:29 PM
  1. I'm tired of Manny too. I'd take 10 cents on the dollar for him at this point. I'd rather watch some kid from AAA who plays hard than hear Manny complain about being 'maltreated.'

    Posted by PFC July 28, 08 12:35 PM
  1. Manny needs to go!!! If you could count on him giving it his all, I'd say hang on to him because the Sox are still on the short list of favorites to win it all. However his effort is always in question.

    I think the Sox are better off getting what they can for him and forging a head with guys they can trust.

    Posted by ChuckM July 28, 08 12:42 PM
  1. Eric Wilbur, what athletic skills do you have? Ever been in the arena - either war or on the field to pass judgment so harshly? Doubt it. So stop your jealous rantings - it is you who leaves a stain on "journalism". I have little tolerance for people with no standing making the pronouncements you do in this article. As you note, we do not know 100% of what is going on in this situation, so why automatically villify Manny? Sounds like the payback of someone who always got picked last in gym class.

    Posted by InEnemyTerritory July 28, 08 12:44 PM
  1. excellent observation about boras, catsduck. never underestimate greed.

    i'm seriously at the point where i would be happier with a second-place finish without ramirez than winning with this clown.

    Posted by benjikaye22 July 28, 08 12:55 PM
  1. Why now? Why is this any different than any other of his childish rants? If you're so sure you can set your calendar by them, then why should it matter now? His comments this weekend don't change his reputation or his legacy. He's exactly what we thought he was. He hasn't changed for the last eight years. Although we just started to understand him maybe four years ago, this is nothing new. Do I feel like he doesn't always try 100%? Sure. But do I feel like he's ever cost the Sox at winning a championship? No way. Just the opposite.

    If they can get good value for him, I'm not opposed to trading him. I just don't know why there's always a big uproar each time he does this. It's expected. So act like you expected it.

    Posted by J-Bone July 28, 08 12:56 PM
  1. Manny Ramirez is a petulant little brat. (Bearing a striking resemblance to commenter #9.) Always has been.

    But, admit it, we'll miss him when he's gone. The team won't (on a personal level anyway). The fans are going to need their fix of "what's Manny done today?"

    The Sox will miss his bat, most assuredly. The FO needs to be focusing on finding some middle relief before the deadline (how's that working out, eric?) but instead they have to deal with Manny being Manny to the nth degree. Now they'll need middle relief PLUS a bat.

    Thanks, Manuel. We hardly knew ye.

    Posted by Bob July 28, 08 01:10 PM
  1. Wake up Eric. I know its your job, but he got Cleveland to 2 World Series, got us to 2 wins, works harder than anyone in the cages. And when Yaz would leave games early when taken out, that was OK ? So youre gonna ride this Manny story for a while and take the rest of the summer off. Bet you never played ball. And for the rest of you Bozo's.....when he is gone and we dont win, dont come crying on these blogs. Go Manny !!!!! Youre still my idol !!

    Posted by Steve D July 28, 08 01:13 PM
  1. #11....J-Bone..."No way" Manny has cost us a championship? Wrong answer. The correct answer would be "not yet."

    Manny pulled himself out of the line-up for the biggest game of the year, and whenever he'll be facing a pitcher who can hurt his stats. This doesn't have the potential to cost the Sox a championship? There's also the spectre of him flat-out quitting in 2006. He could just as easily pull that nice trick this year.

    I'll say it again. I'll miss him when he's gone.

    Don't let the door slap his lazy ass on the way out.

    Posted by Bob July 28, 08 01:17 PM
  1. If I were a Vegas oddsmaker, I'd put it at even money that Boras is behind all of this recent abhorrent behavior by Manny, while publicly taking the high road in his conversations with the press.

    Boras doesn't see one thin dime if the Sox pick-up the two options, so it's in his best interests to take Manny to the open market.

    That said, the best option for Boston right now is to tell Manny to shut up, play every day, hit the snot out of the baseball for 2+ months, and then give him a promise--even in writing if necessary--that they won't pick-up his options and that he'll be free to hit the open market in November.

    Posted by Tony July 28, 08 01:23 PM
  1. let manny go and kiss another ring goodbye. everyone in boston makes excuses about stupid things other sox-like Papelbon say--but never miss on slamming manny. I saw him in Anaheim last week and he's hitting like always has and he hustling. so he says something stupid now and then? He's keeping you writers with a job--kind of co-dependence. whatever.

    Posted by marc July 28, 08 01:24 PM
  1. I could care less about Manny's antics... it's what makes him loved by the fans. He is a real guy who is really good at what he does. There is no way on god's green earth that we could pull off a deal that would make us a better team midseason while in a pennant race. Leave all this silly talk up for the offseason when there is much more of a chance of this happening.

    We don't have any power in the minors and the Sox have had a long time to wait in order to get to Manny's option years. With the record deals being given out for guys like Lee and Soriano... you can't just go out and buy power like we used to. The lineup revolves around Manny and he makes all those around him better.... so get off the dude's back. This isn't a gossip column... this is baseball. Once this becomes a popularity contest, I guess we should go back in time and kick Ted Williams out of the record books and hate on Jim Rice who the media didn't like.

    I can think of worse problems than a guy who sometimes puts his foot in his mouth... oh say like Ray Lewis killing somebody and getting off because he is a super star. Brett Meyers from the Phillies beating his woman in front of Fenway and in front of hundreds of people with zero happening. We don't have the steroid scandals of Sheffield, Giambi, Clemens, Bonds... we have a dude who is normally harmless in his antics. It might be a minor inconvenience to most of us at times and tries our patience, but the bottom line is that I am here to watch the Red Sox win... not to cluck like a bunch of school girls in middle school. Get over it already.

    Posted by Pat July 28, 08 01:35 PM
  1. If you hate winning World Series Titles then hope we get rid of Manny, otherwise pray we aren't that dumb. MANNY IS HALF MAN HALF BEST HITTER EVER. The Boston Media has always had a problem with him because he dosn't like to talk to them and who can honestly blame him. This town is full of bums who couldn't write their way out of a paper bag. EEI is even worse. Their a bunch of talentless hacks. Give Manny a break. You really want to talk about someone who should be traded talk about Captin Strikeout.

    Posted by Nancy July 28, 08 01:39 PM
  1. manny will be manny u loved him when he helped us win nd now that hes compalining yall quick to turn u bak on him and try to get him outa town .....some real sox fans huh u guys r the so called "idiots"

    Posted by jpeso show July 28, 08 01:40 PM
  1. What is it with you those of you (who must be questioning your own masculinity) asking if Wilbur has ever played ball--as if that has anything to do with forming an opinion on Manny. Well, I played ball and I'm not sure what that means in the context of the Manny issue. A few years back, we had a guy on our hockey team who had an incredible shot. He could net it from the center line with barely a wind. But he didn't move around much at all. Nice enough guy, but disinterested except when the puck came to him and it was time to shoot. I think Manny is getting on his teammates' nerves as well. Sure, when the Sox are going well, any issues are below the surface--but they're there. What did it for me was not swinging in NY and then this week staying out two games due to a non-existent injury. And throwing down the old man? Come on.

    Posted by Dan, Washington, DC July 28, 08 01:44 PM
  1. Eric, you hit the nail on the head. I'm sick and tired of contact talk, extensions and restructuring of contracts mid-season as well. Once you sign a contract, you honor it to it's end.

    Manny signed a contract years ago knowing that there were these two team option years and has had no problem cashing checks knowing this up until about a year ago.

    He has more money than he will ever know what to do with, his grandchildren's grandchildren are set for life.

    The Red Sox should get whatever they can at the deadline (above and beyond the two type A draft picks they would get if Manny declines arb after this year).

    The other players can and are affected by all this and its unfair to everyone else in that clubhouse.

    Posted by Gregg Phelps-Franco July 28, 08 01:47 PM
  1. I think we should pick up the two option years, and trade him by thursday. We can offer another team that we will eat 10 million out of the remaining two years so it will be no different than the pay we doled out to schilling this year.

    This will ensure that we can trade Manny and have a say on where he's traded to without the possibility of him going to free agency in a couple of months.

    It will reduce payroll by 15 million a year.

    It will bring in more suitors because obviously teams would rather wait out Manny in free agency than offer the sox anything for 2 months service.

    Posted by Brendan July 28, 08 01:56 PM
  1. I have been a life long Sox fan and I am currently living in Washington Nationals land.

    I have taken great pleasure in watching the Manny saga from afar. Reading the Globe and other internet sites I can only guess what the tone and tenor of the Boston market really is regarding Manny. There are things that can't be discounted when talking about Manny and his time in Boston.

    1) Manny can hit the ball.
    2) Manny takes plays (and games) off
    3) The Red Sox have won with him
    4) The Red Sox have lost with him
    5) Manny is, well, publicly stupid, quietly brillant (I hope you all see it's a game that he has played his whole career and has played it very, very well - to the tune of 160 Million and two WS wins)

    Would I want Manny in Washington? No. Not the right time for a big ego and young players. Would I want his bat if the Nats were a real team? Yes. The antics don't impact my life and don't seem to really impact the Sox (see numbers 4 and 5). He is just one player, not a whole team. And he isn't a complete player at that (ca't run, can't field).

    If they can trade him, fine the Sox will continue to win and lose with out him. If they can't trade him, great. The Sox will continue to win and lose with him.

    Sox fans, it could be much worse. We could be in Green Bay dealing with the pill popping, beer drinking self absorb overrated hack that is Bret Farve.

    At least Manny hasn't done drugs and hasn't screwed with the team's future the way Farve has.

    Give Manny his due and his don'ts but the whinning really needs to stop. He is playing you like fools.

    Posted by Tom July 28, 08 01:57 PM
  1. The whining! Two World Series in 4 years, with who hitting in the clean-up spot? The media has beaten up on Manny since day one because he doesn't like to talk to them - so who's the baby? The scrutiny here is overwhelming for any athelete, and Manny's persona does not jive well with it, never has. For all your crying, Manny has been one of the most productive hitters of his generation and brought 2 World titles to Boston. If you say you'd kiss it all goodbye and hurt the team because Manny hurts your feelings, you're as egomaniacal as he is. Thank you to all the other Manny defenders on here. We're rarely heard.

    Posted by Jmacs July 28, 08 02:02 PM
  1. Quitting in 2006? The whole team quit. With injuries to the pitching staff, Varitek and Papi among others, Theo traded David Wells and the team shut down Papelbon. The team had given up. Why should a player who played all year, very likely with some pain, not be allowed to take a break and prolong his career when it was clear the team wasn't going anywhere? Remember: Jason Johnson was pitching. The team was dead.

    Manny isn't the only player who acts childish. When Roger Clemens, now Brett Favre and countless others in all leagues did it and do it, the writers and TV heads always spun it their way.

    Posted by Chris July 28, 08 02:09 PM
  1. When someone speaks from a place of omniscience, which Wilbur and many of the other sportswriters commenting on Manny Ramirez do, then it is completely fair to question their standing to do so. Having been an athlete at a competitive level is one of those qualifications to such omniscience and if he doesn't have that, well then let's all take his bravado with a grain of salt.

    Posted by InEnemyTerritory July 28, 08 02:10 PM
  1. InEnemyTerritory that was a dumb comment. For starters I for one have personally played baseball with Eric Wilbur, so yes, he has been "on the field" as you say. He knows what it's like to play as a team and he also knows about team cancers as well, which Manny very much is during these times. So if you may I'd recommend a woodsy red wine from Napa with that foot of yours. Secondly, most of the people who are vocal about being upset, like myself, are those who have spent years defending Manny, investing in Manny jerseys and admiring his God given talents like a child. So now it's time to cut the chord and end this relationship. We're hurt and more than likely we'll all say a few dumb things as a result of being bitter. All of us have been in this relationship before. You know that mentally it's a disaster and yet the sex is so good that you just ignore the pain and keep on going, but then you realize it's not worth it and you get the guts to say no thank you. That's where everyone is right now.

    Oh and by the way. Eric played football as well and skis more than most olympians.

    Posted by MSGiro July 28, 08 02:14 PM
  1. We've won 2 WS in four years. We're playing with house money, and it's time to say goodbye. Bat Drew 3rd and break open the prospects piggy bank for Matt Holliday and then sign him long-term. RSN asks two things of their players: that they try hard and that they care. Trot Nixon was probably a 4th outfielder for a team with our payroll, but he had those qualities and maximized his talents. Manny does not care, and he only tries hard when he feels like it. Let's get somebody we can actually root for under the wall. If we keep supporting this guy we're no better than Bonds' fans.

    Posted by Jeremy July 28, 08 02:16 PM
  1. I'm curious why teams wouldn't jump at the chance to get Manny. With reports that the Sox would take on the rest of his salary this year and no obligation to pay him a cent next year (not to mention the two compensation picks they'd likely get after Manny goes nutty and hits .380 the rest of the year and knocks out another 28 homers) why wouldn't a team like Atlanta make a Texiera for Ramirez swap?

    I want Manny to retire as a Red Sox, but I'm more interested in improving this team if he's not going to stick around and be productive.

    Am I allowed to shoot myself when they trade him for Bobby Howry and some prospect who hits .260 in AA?

    Posted by P-MO July 28, 08 02:17 PM
  1. Now is not the time to mess with the line-up. We are one game out of first, and we lead the wild card race, with only two months to go. Varitek is hitting like a chump, Lugo is lost for the season, and the young kids (Ellsbury, Lowry) are going to fade as the long season winds down. Take mannyh out now, you might as well forfiet the reat fo the season. Our starting pitching and relief pitchibg isn't good enough to weather Manny out if the line-up

    Posted by thomaschealz July 28, 08 02:18 PM
  1. Manny has played in 97 games this year. Only Pedroia with 104 has played in more. It seems no one believes that maybe his knee was sore, mainly because it's Manny.

    There is no way you can replace his bat, and there's no point trading him at a discount. I can't believe the people saying they'd rather lose than have Manny. He's not Barry Bonds....

    It's fine not to pick up the options, but to trade him for nothing is stupid. I think
    Shaunessy hates him because he helped us win that World Series, giving Dan nothing to write about.

    Hopefully Manny just keeps quiet and produces like he normally does.

    Posted by Brian July 28, 08 02:25 PM
  1. Simple Answer: ask the guys he plays with. If they are willing to put up with his non-sense, then let it ride. If Francona would rather have his bat in the line-up, let it be. We all understand in a perfect world that Manny would be gone. But this is no longer baseball as we understood it as kids. This is a professional business that has to provide an entertainment value and gain return, putting fans in the seats. If his team mates are willing to turn their heads and let him spew his non-sense, then we better just get used to it. As much as we don't like it, it's his on-field performance that counts. Personally, I think the Sox would be a much classier team all around without such "acts". I've been following them since 1967, and Manny has got to be one of the most aggravating players they ever had. At least Nomar had an excuse - hearing about a possible trade over the radio - to put him into a funk. But Manny? The Sox always bend over backwards to accomodate his antics, and all they ever get (off the field) is disrespect. At some point, his on-the-field performance will not be worth it. Until his team mates and Francona decide that, we'll all just have to put up with it.

    Posted by Jim W. July 28, 08 02:25 PM
  1. You know what would be really great about getting rid of Manny... STOPPING ALL THE NEGATIVE ARTICLES THAT JUST KEEP REPEATING THEMSELVES OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Don't you miss reading about real baseball. These Globe writers are taking the easy road. They pick on Manny because it's the story that writes itself. Boston sports fans want a soap opera and Manny's the antagonist. This story line is cheap. Manny's 36 and has sore knees for a couple of days. Big deal!! He's not quitting on the team for the rest of the season. Manny made a comment yesterday that no has touched because they can't -- He's a BALLER!! Over 500 jacks and thousands of RBI's, two championships and the guy can't have a sore knee? You can't replace him. You folks would really have Mark Texiera?

    Everyone wants him run out of town because they think he's a bad teammate, like they really know what it's like in the clubhouse. Seems like he gets along with the guys in the dugout just about all the time. You'll never read about that. You just read 8 different articles speculating on why Manny and Youkilis tried to slap each other on one little testosterone-filled occasion. Youkilis looks like he's gonna pop a blood vessel on every play. I bet he's great to be in the club house with, huh? Can't you picture it -- he'd spit all over you while yelling that you accidently stepped on his toe... Nothing's perfect. Manny's irreplaceable. Why won't we really leave him alone? You know, maybe his "I'm sick of them; they're sick of me" comment was really about the whole package. If I was the villain of every other article by the paper that's supposed to root for the team I play for, I might be sick of it all, too. You know we all say Manny's ungrateful, well you know what, SO ARE WE! Period. And you know it.

    If Manny goes, we'll deserve whatever we get in return. But at least the journalistic piece of candy called "Manny being Manny" that all of the Globe writers love to suck on will finally go away. And maybe I could be treated to an article about something more interesting for once.

    Posted by Greg July 28, 08 02:25 PM
  1. I can deal with the verbal nonsense, but I can't deal with this "no playing" in key games. It's a cancer and I'm sure his teammates love him for this. It's not the first time he's pulled this junk. He's quitting on the team and what good is it to the team or the fans if a future hall of famer just goes through the motions?

    $20 mil? shoot me now.

    Posted by JP July 28, 08 02:28 PM
  1. Manny defenders are nothing but apologists for a childish individual who doesn't respect the game or the fans enough to play it right. Taking games off? Dogging grounders? Quitting for the season back in 2006? What a joke. The man asked for $20 million a year and got it. At least he could be honorable enough to give his best. Say what you want about Damon he never took himself out of the line up, he abused his body for 4 years with his hustle and willingness to go all out. Same for Trot Nixon. Think Mike Lowell ever mails it in? Pedroia? Tek?

    Manny might HAVE BEEN one of the game's better hitters but not any more. .881 OPS last year, .931 this year and that's a $20 million a year guy?

    Posted by rob July 28, 08 02:29 PM
  1. This should be strictly an unemotional business decision. The best way for the Sox to repeat is to have Ramirez in the lineup, period. Manny is playing for his next contract so if Boras was smart, he'll have a "come to Jesus" meeting with him telling him to be on his best behavior for the rest of the season.The Sox should then pick up his option and trade him, the same way the Yanks did with Sheffield. There's nobody who's going to give him 20 large for multiple years...Would a team do it for one?? almost assuredly. The 10/5 rule would become a non-issue, because $20 plus for multiple years to an aging superstar with mildly diminishing skills is not gonna happen

    Posted by Jim July 28, 08 02:36 PM

    Posted by Tim July 28, 08 02:37 PM
  1. Get rid of the Meathead now. He is a lazy person making $20M per year and still he cries. You who still support him are losers following a loser. I wish he would go to Iraq. Friendly fire would be abundant.

    Posted by BTM July 28, 08 02:39 PM
  1. All the posts above are nonsense...Manny decided to not play in the biggest game of the year!!! His teammates CANNOT be happy and I have been a Manny supporter up to this point. Everyone is right, he's a baller...unfortunately HE CHOSE NOT TO PLAY AGAINST THE YANKEES. Do you think Derek Jeter, Johnny D or even ARod would miss a game with the Red Sox?

    Posted by B Feltre July 28, 08 02:46 PM
  1. Hey Dan, how many times do you see a pitcher throw THREE straight strikes? I would be thinking a waste pitch for me with 2 strikes as well and get caught off guard. The only thing any of us can verify is Mannys taped comments yesterday and (perhaps) McCarver saying that Theo wanted Tim to tell the media they are up for trading Manny. And the Old Man did not instigate at all???? Can you prove that????? All i know is I saw a lot of smiles and hugs for Manny in the dugout last nite. And remember, Wilbur wins here.....he has me reading his junk.

    Posted by Steve D July 28, 08 02:49 PM
  1. MSGiro, I do not think there is a club yet for Eric Wilbur apologists. Great news! You are the first member. Let us know how you do in recruiting for that.

    And as an FYI, skiing is an individual sport, not a team sport. If you want to make analogies, at least make them apt.

    Posted by InEnemyTerritory July 28, 08 02:51 PM
  1. Seems to me those who question whether anyone should be allowed an opinion that disagrees with there's simply because they haven't played in MLB is absurd-what exactly qualifies such a person to badmouth wilber if they haven't been in a newsroom, let alone played MLB or fought in a war?
    Manny brought the scrutiny on himself by making the Iraq reference-it's bizarre such cynics don't turn their flamethrower on him.
    If you don't want people who haven't played in MLB criticizing the likes of Manny , don't be a hypocrite by knocking what they do and you haven't. Otherwise it sounds like the jealousy is coming from you, not Eric.
    We certainly all know enough, or should, to know Manny's actions are a disgrace. ddddddddddddddsdsddddisgracedisgracecompensation are a disgrace.


    Posted by Chris July 28, 08 02:56 PM
  1. Manny and his fans are a bunch of slack jawed butt surfing weasels. They should go back swimming in their limited gene pool.

    Posted by Stan July 28, 08 03:02 PM
  1. Make this strictly business see #36 and get a suitable rental (Holliday, Texiera) in case he decides to shut it down...

    Posted by bob mierzwinski July 28, 08 03:02 PM
  1. I'm so sick of "Manny being Manny". Why would Red Sox fans want a guy who doesn't really want to be a member of the team? He plays when he feels like it and tries when he feels like it and he only cares about himself. Whether all that is true or not, we'll never knows...but it's sure looks that way from here. Sadly enough, Manny would probably be perfectly content on a losing club that gave him everything with no questions asked and treated every one of his whims with the same attitude that you would a petulent, spoiled child. Why not? He's been allowed to behave like a child so far in his career. I have to believe that there are teams out there that would risk rolling the dice on a proven superstar who still has the ability to produce big time in the middle of a lineup...it's just not this team anymore, or at least I hope it's not. I also hope that Manny reads Boston.com blogs. Hey Manny, it's been great while it lasted, don't let the door hit you on the way out!

    Posted by Kevin July 28, 08 03:10 PM
  1. Manny will tear the cover off the ball the rest of the season... watch it happen, especially now that Ortiz is back in the lineup. I will give him some benefit of the doubt with the knee, if he does have pattelar tendinitus, it wouldn't show on an x.
    But he should have gotten treatment and informed the trainers. Fans & writers alike can say what they want, but I say you ride out the storm created here and let the man do the only thing he can do best... hit. You can't take back or change the past... so move forward with support and not worry about the crap.

    Posted by Dave Delio July 28, 08 03:10 PM
  1. It would be amistake for the Sox to shoot themselves in the foot by getting rid of Manny. He has a personality, you may not like it, but he's a warrior when it counts.

    Posted by chaz July 28, 08 03:14 PM
  1. Unbelievable how you all do not understand sports at all. Has Manny's teammates publicly said he faked an injury? Are you morons watching the game...he clearly was limping going into 2nd base twice yesterday. Do you think he shows up at 10 am before everyone every day cause he doesn't care and isn't really competitive? Manny loves to play baseball and he loves to compete! That is obvious. If he misses a game, its because his knee was bothering him. You don't get to his hall of fame status as one of the greatest players to ever play the game by loafing around and just relying on talent. It doesn't happen that way. He was a HUGE part of 2 championships here and is still putting up excellent numbers and unlike many, he never took steroids or hgh. Give it a rest people and appreciate greatness. I also love the announcers that repeatedly say how bad a fielder he is, then say well he does have an accurate arm, and yes he does play the wall very well, and yes he has thrown out a lot of people in the last few years, and yes that was a very good running catch heading into the corner, etc etc etc....but he's not a very good fielder. What a joke.

    Posted by Darwin Zook July 28, 08 03:21 PM
  1. I did pay good honest money to watch Manny disappear through a door into the Green Monster to take a leak. He held up the game. Now he's holding up a whole season... what kind of an example does that set for kids. Don't play ball and you'll get paid more? How much more $$ do we have to pay to have him stay? Why do we have to pay that bill with higher ticket prices... and he's thumbing his nose at us from the outfield.

    I remember Fall 99 and the Sox pitching against him when he was on Cleveland... I would pay money to see Manny try to hit against Papelbon, Dice-K and Beckett any day and in his place see a kid right out of the Cape Cod League go for his big break.

    PS I've seen Eric play baseball too and he never pulled this crap on the field - he was a team player.

    Posted by lolipopp July 28, 08 03:27 PM
  1. To the following commentators - #4, 10, 20 and 35 - Way to go!. First, I played ball and the question of whether Eric Wilbur did or didn't is irrelevant. Sports reporters are, just that, reporters. They are doing what they are paid to do. Secondly and most importantly, regarding Ramirez, enough is enough. We are at war and many young americans are dying or are maimed, thousands and thousands are homeless and starving, gas is approaching 5 bucks a gallon and, it just cost me over $700 to top off my oil tank. Here we have an athlete who is being paid close to 20 million a year to play a game most of us would kill to play for almost nothing and he has the audacity to want a trade / tank an at bat / mail it in on his teamates because he is being disrespected by management? Please. How much do you think cops, firemen and paramedics are paid? They risk their lives for us everyday. My bet is that most don't come close to $75G's a year. Manny - grow up and play the game that you are paid to play.

    Posted by Mike K. July 28, 08 03:30 PM
  1. People who want Manny gone to save themselves "from the headache" should not be calling themselves Red Sox fans. That's part of the deal--the "headache!" Manny is the current headache, but like Reggie Jackson during his Yankee days---he makes the difference between a winning team and a team that doesn't play in October. Personally, I'd rather watch the Sox in October baseball than satisfy some "we showed Manny what we think about him" self-righteousness.

    Posted by ron July 28, 08 03:31 PM
  1. Keep Manny. Can the blog

    Posted by AC July 28, 08 03:50 PM
  1. I have been a Boston fan for many years. I am finished with them until they rid themselves of that worthless piece of crap Ramirass. take a minor leager with a little class that will be fine. Go Manny leave please

    Posted by Henry Villemaire July 28, 08 03:50 PM
  1. Maestro Scott Boras is conducting his latest opus.

    Open your eyes, folks. Boras is pulling Manny's strings. The sox hold the options on Manny's contract. Manny and Boras have no say in the matter. If the Sox pick up the 09 option Manny has two choices: play under the deal or retire.

    Unlike with Drew and Arod, Boras has to use strife to get Manny out of Boston. The "knee injury" and this weekend's tirades are the only arrows in Boras's quiver. Make him a cancer to the club so the club cuts him loose on the FA market at season's end. Let him shoot his way out of town.

    There's really nothing more complicated than that going on. Manny won't be back.

    Posted by Ex Baller July 28, 08 03:57 PM
  1. All of you locals who are complaining about Manny Ramirez today would be crying even louder if the Sox unload him for a couple of "kids who try really hard". Can you imagine? The Sox free-fall because the kids aren't ready and there's nobody to hit behind Ortiz, who is walked 3 times a game. No playoffs. And suddenly everybody will want Epstein's head.
    Let's not get carried away. Maybe Manny's a jerk. But he's not paid to be liked. He's paid to hit. And as long as the fans want a winning team, they should be happy to have Ramirez in the lineup.

    Posted by Andy Gizzarelli July 28, 08 04:00 PM
  1. OK. Count me with the Manny apologists. There's no one else who can hit like Manny Ramirez. No one. I want to see his option picked up for the next two years. I want to see him retire a Red Sox.

    Posted by Stereo July 28, 08 04:01 PM
  1. Guys, guys, guys! This whole drama is unfolding because right now because the Red Sox are finally getting into a position of power with Manny's status. He (or, more likely, his agent, Scott Boras) does not want to have to play for a contract this year and the next two as well. He is simply making himself into public enemy #1 so that the Red Sox will lose year-to-year control over him and get pennies on the dollar (maybe even pay a few million dollars) for lesser talent for the stretch run. THAT WOULD BE VERY FOOLISH! Once we get to 8/1, he has no choice but to shut up and play for his next contract. the Sox should pick up his option next year and keep him or trade him early for real value. Don't get sucked in by his act and cut off our nose to spite our face!

    Posted by Mark Gottlieb July 28, 08 04:06 PM
  1. I think all major league players get kind of freaked out around the trade deadline. Manny will make it past the deadline and dedicate himself to have the best last two months. He will stay true to Tek and Papi and help us repeat as champions. That batting order they put together for the game ve the yanks last night is sick. You can't deny it. Especially if jacoby and Tek can get producing. So when do we start to see the Thanks Manny signs? Tonight?

    Posted by a train July 28, 08 04:08 PM
  1. How about this? Since Manny hurt his knee, why no call him on it. Put him on the DL. Then, after that, you can send him on a prolonged "rehab" stint, say at Single A ball.
    I'm sick of Manny Ramirez. He is an incomplete ballplayer. In an earlier era, he would never have made it to the bigs for being one-dimensional. And his antics would never have been tolerated. What a whining crybaby.
    So let him go. I don't care if it even means we don't get to the World Series. Trade him somewhere and let those fools deal with his crap.

    Posted by RAD July 28, 08 04:12 PM
  1. It's time for Manny to go, PERIOD....I previously responded to a Blog regarding Manny that as long as he was not a distraction to the TEAM, then the Fans have no say, & he should be welcome here, based on his play on the field, & his comaraderie in the dugout/clubhouse. Obviously, he has become a distraction within, now. As much as I have never cared for Terry Francona as a manager, It was obvious he was able to foster a good atmosphere amongst the team within the dugout/clubhouse. Everyone can see that Manny has seriously affected that now, & Terry really has no control over him any more. The RedSox cannot afford to keep him around past Thursday's deadline. Trade him for Carlos Pena if that's what needs to be done to get him out of town. He should approve it, because it will allow him to hop a quick flight home after the games down there in Tampa Bay

    Posted by Dave July 28, 08 04:14 PM
  1. Don't blame the Red Sox and don't blame Manny. If anyone is to blame, it is the fans who have enabled him. Think about it - we're a bunch of adults who spend our hard earned dollars to pay other adults ridiculous sums of money to play a children's game. Then we complain when they act like children. If you don't like it, go home, turn off the game, and read a book. If there are no fans, there is no Manny. Grow up.

    Posted by grownupman July 28, 08 04:18 PM
  1. All you people are ridiculous. Manny is one of the best right handed hitters ever. Who cares what he has to say about his contract off the field. He doesnt talk to the media and people complain. He speaks his mind and people cry about it. Good luck getting someone to replace .300 35 and 120 every year. He is a bargain at 20M.

    Posted by Bullins July 28, 08 04:24 PM
  1. Don't you see what's going on? Manny does not want the 1-yr option Red Sox might tender after the year, so he's trying to be as miserable as possible so that they might think if it's all really worth it. If he had the option instead of the team, I doubt we'd have seen all of this (in fact, we might have seen a typical contract year statistics - not that Manny posts anything different otherwise). He wants a multi-year deal with or without Red Sox!
    Surely Boras is the key to all of this.
    Whatever it is; we have him and he has us till Sept/Oct - so just sit back and grin and bear!

    Posted by R Nathan July 28, 08 04:26 PM
  1. Another sickening and sniveling hit job by the Boston Globe; stop hating on Manny! He is the greatest hitter to have played in Boston since Ted Williams. Pre-Manny ZERO rings. With him 2. World series MVP and he *carried* the Sox in last years ALCS. Like Francona said, these facts alone should end all of this. Let the season play out and let the Sox themselves deal w their internal business. This whole saga is no surprise really, the Boston media has penchance for acting like traitors and haters against our own people. Ryan saying Belichick is Nixon, Will McDonaugh going after Parcells the night before the Superbowl, Boston Herald printing a bunch of Matt Walsh nonsense pre-superbowl. There is a disturbing legacy to all of this.

    Posted by dylanm July 28, 08 04:26 PM
  1. Everyone wishing Manny gets traded and doesn't care about making the playoffs is foolish and should root for another team. WAAAAH Manny hurt my feeling, you people make me sick.

    Posted by Chris July 28, 08 04:26 PM
  1. Can't we work a three way trade with the Mets and Rockies where we end up with Holliday (maybe Fuentes too), Mets get Ramirez, and Rockies get prospects from both teams, maybe Coco, or another legit player the Mets might have? Seems reasonable to me.

    Posted by Theo Epstein July 28, 08 04:34 PM
  1. We go through this every year with Manny. Bottom Line: He won't be traded, and if we win it all or get close again this year, I guarantee they will pick up his option, and you know what, they should. At $20 million, he's a bargain for the production he brings and protection for Ortiz. Plus, you keep him off of the Yankess, who I guarantee will sign him if he walks at the end of the year. I'll take the World Series wins and the drama during the regular season. I'd rather have that drama than the drama they get from the owners box in New York.

    Posted by Phil Hornthal July 28, 08 04:35 PM
  1. Manny is simply the most clutch hitter in all of MLB since 2000... obviously, when he wants to be... his whole attitude is the reason why... he plays loose and doesn't get stressed at the plate like the average ball player. On one hand it makes him very dangerous at the plate, on the other hand it makes him hard to take at times.

    He certainly has made all Red Sox Fans elated with his performance to help the Sox get to the dance twice, then seal the deals.

    At this point only his teammates know the answer. If his antics don't bother them, and they still have trust in him, then his performance may lead to another ring. If they think he tanks from time to time, then they need to draw the line. In my opinion, when that line is crossed is when management should act... it may have already been crossed- as far as we know?

    Posted by Ballistic Hornet July 28, 08 04:38 PM
  1. Manny is a mirror of our society, greedy, self serving with no understanding of how lucky he is. I would rather dump him and lose out on the playoffs than to root for such a selfish player.

    Posted by Ron Boisseau July 28, 08 04:42 PM

  1. Manny has played 97 out of 106 games this year, tied with Youkilis
    for second on the team, behind Pedroia with 104. I don't know if his
    knee hurt or not. Neither do you. I still wish he'd run out everything he
    hits. He plays hard in the field, though he is sometimes not-all-there.
    That's the package. So what's new? You either want him or you don't.

    I'm sure that Manny meant that he would play baseball in Iraq, not
    G.I. Joe. I find it hard to imagine Manny with a gun. That's one of the
    things I like about him. Is he spoiled? You bet. They all are.

    Posted by whoknows July 28, 08 04:43 PM
  1. Shaughnessy has had a personal vendetta against Man-Ram since his beloved "Curse" was broken by Manny and crew in '04. Red Sox fans are, justifiably, renowned around the MLB world for their passion and knowledge, yet they can still be led down this path of despair by a citrus-haired harbinger with an axe to grind (due to a loss of royalties from "curse" book sales). Wake up and smell the coffee, Red Sox Nation: Manny isn't going anywhere, and the team's outlook will benefit from the FO making the right business decision here. Good thing Theo and Co. don't defer to vendetta-fueled venom spewed out by unscrupulous Globe writers like Shaughnessy!

    Posted by LCDR Greg July 28, 08 04:59 PM
  1. Jayb and others are right. It seems that people here would rather lose if it means not having Manny then to win. And you call yourself fans? I honestly think some people would trade the two World Series titles (thank you 2004 WS MVP Manny Ramirez) if it meant not having him here the last 8 years.

    Do I care if Manny's presence makes Shaughnessy cry or causes some 'unnamed' teammate to pout in a corner? No. What makes me happiest is the Red Sox winning baseball games and championships (as I am, a Red Sox FAN). Manny Ramirez, like him or not, helps them do that.
    Wait..a modern athlete is complaining about his contract? OH MY GOD! Notify the authorities!!!

    And p

    Posted by DTwoms July 28, 08 05:03 PM
  1. I think we can "put up" with Manny for 2 more months. I mean...this isn't war we're talking about, it's freagin' baseball. Relax, enjoy Manny hitting, and stop worrying about how he behaves. He's been doing this stuff for years, yet everyone seems so surprised by it. Give me a break.

    Posted by Ben July 28, 08 05:05 PM
  1. and we again begin to eat our own.

    this reminds me of Mo Vaughan and then Derek Lowe. The team bad-mouths a player to reporters, and then fans don't mind seeing him leave. In fact, they clamor for it.

    As for the knee issue: Guess what, my knee hurts and MRIs don't show anything. Before putting too much faith in Sox docs, remember Curt Schilling

    Posted by James July 28, 08 05:09 PM
  1. I can't wait for his Hall of Fame speech. That will be one entertaining afternoon.

    Posted by Harrybosch July 28, 08 05:09 PM
  1. Maybe we can find a player that gets his uniform dirty, and we'll forget all about Manny's complaints. So he takes a game or two off mid-season. He’s there in the playoffs, and has the numbers to prove it. He’s an excellent hitter, passable fielder, and fun to watch. Because he makes more money than most is not really his fault. Trot Nixon is two years younger than Manny, chronically injured, and hitting under .200 for the Mets in his 11 games played this year. Grass stains look absolutely fabulous on his uniform though, so we should dump Manny, and reacquire Trot immediately. Wonder why he never complains about his contract? Oh, yeah - he can't hit or stay healthy, but this town still has a huge man-crush on him. It’s mystifying. Manny's production can not be replaced.
    Not to mention 98% of the people posting on this thread would trample a busload of 3rd graders to get Manny’s autograph.

    Posted by Chris July 28, 08 05:35 PM
  1. Im disgraced to read these comments and call myself a Boston fan. No wonder why the Red Sox hadn't won in 86 years. 2 world series in 4 years and yet you still hate on one of the best hitters in baseball, its disgusting. It's sure going to be fun watching Manny get run out of town and trying to find a replacement for the next 30 years. Hitters like Ramirez are rare, enjoy his talent instead of living up to the stereotype of Boston fans and complaining about everything.

    Posted by John July 28, 08 05:39 PM
  1. To those who find Manny's behavior so nauseating and offensive, I ask why are you surprised? The guy has made around $200 million playing a children's game, and the system is set up to enable his behavior. It's set up to enable ALL players' behaviors, because the money is so big. That so few are brats is more surprising than that some are.
    If personalities like Manny's offends you, stop caring about MLB and start going to college baseball or something like that. Money has changed the professional game, so either deal with it or stop paying attention.

    Posted by Ribbie July 28, 08 05:42 PM
  1. If the writers think Manny is tiring, how tiring would another 87 year championship drought be?

    Wouldn't it be better to get rid of Dan Shaughnessy and Steve Buckley and a few other of the idiot writers who think they own every athlete in town? These are the same wanna-be jocks who crapped all over Paul Pierce for standing up like a man in the playoffs a couple years ago. Crapcan the writers, not Manny.

    I don't mind Manny jerking the management around, it's either them or him!

    Posted by CK July 28, 08 05:53 PM
  1. Hmmm... So with this logic, you guys wouldn't have anything to say if the Sawx signed Bonds, then, right? He has all of the Manny distractions without being a quitter. He hasn't been convicted yet, so why not sign him for his production skills?

    Posted by jorel July 28, 08 06:02 PM
  1. I think everybody who is running their mouth about getting rid of Manny ought to have their heads examined. Do I wish he would shut up? You're damn right I do. Do I wish Manny would just go out to left field play the wall and throw people out at the plate and keep quiet. Yeah of course I do but that's not Manny and we have known this for years. In case we all needed a reminder of what Manny can do with a bat in his hand we got a nice little reminder last night I'll take an RBI double, an RBI base hit and another double thrown in for good measure. Yeah that's right a 3-5 night topped by a great July. You people bashing Manny now are the same people who are chanting his name when he blasts 3 Run Walk off Home Runs against the guy who is probably gonna set the save record this season and not only does Manny blast walk off homers against him he does it in OCTOBER when it matters more than any other time. Sure does Manny not running out ground balls and half assing it in the outfield make my blood boil? Of course it does. He gets paid $20 Million dollars a year to play a kids game. Should he give it his all each and every second he is on that field? He sure as hell should. I have a very strong cup of coffee/reality check that I'd like all of Red Sox Nation to take a really big drink of...No Manny Ramirez = No 2004 WS Title (of which Manny was the MVP), No 2007 World Title (Where if memory serves Manny hit either right around or just over .400 during the playoffs). You can call me another Manny apologist if you want to but the bottom line is he is an INTEGRAL cog in the wheel that is the Boston Red Sox. Manny is a part of the fabric of this team and dealing him is a mistake that will come back to haunt this franchise mark my words. We've had a revolving door at shortstop since Nomar left town and sure we won the title twice but we have had no stability at that position whatsoever. If you let Manny get away teams will walk Ortiz or pitch around him everytime. Sure you can bring in Adam Dunn and his 40+ Home Runs but what he doesn't bring you is 40+ Home Runs and a .300 average. At 36 years old Manny can just as good as he ever could (maybe not for the same power but he can still hit), he plays that wall better than anybody in recent memory, and he provides Papi the protection that we need in this lineup. After the season Theo, the trio, Manny, Tito, and all the relevant parties need to sit down put their heads together and find a way to make Manny happy and make sure that he retires in Red Sox uniform. Manny is a sure fire first ballot Hall of Famer and it would be a damn shame to see him circling the bases at Fenway in any other uniform aside from the home whites.

    Yeah sure Manny is selfish, yes he's greedy, but so are all of us! We're greedy and we expect to go the Playoffs every year because of our recent success. Manny Ramirez is a HUGE factor in those expectations and if we lose him we become just another Oakland A's a perennial October loser. Manny makes our team better and he is not the time of player who comes around often. He infuriates me to no end but he is an idiot savant with the bat in his hand. Manny you can play for my team any day of the week and I hope that means that you have put on the last uniform you'll ever wear.

    Posted by Josh Korin July 28, 08 06:10 PM
  1. The writers have their marching orders from the Boston brass. It's line up and take a free swing at Manny time.

    Posted by Tom C July 28, 08 06:12 PM
  1. Manny never took his bat of his shoulder against Rivera and the Yankees in the last series...he stuck it to the club and his teammates with that one gesture. 'Nuff said! No one is bigger than the game!!!

    Posted by Tony25 July 28, 08 06:14 PM
  1. Most athletes are spoiled and stupid these days, i guess, but Manny's "I'd even play in Iraq" was beyond the pale -- if he really wants to go, it's very simple -- enlist. If not, SHUT UP. It's an insult to the people who've been there -- they certainly aren't being paid $20 million to be there.

    Remember when athletes actually went to fight for their country? Ted Williams might have been the Manny of his day, but he served in 2 wars, and flew 38 combat missions in Korea. Manny Ramirez is a disgrace to the Red Sox uniform for many reasons, but that comment might be top of the list. There are more important things than winning and losing -- Manny obviously doesn't care, and the Sox may not eithr.

    Posted by Thomas July 28, 08 06:16 PM
  1. Newsroom? You kidding me? Bloggers don't go to the actual newsroom...

    Posted by Classless Concepts July 28, 08 06:21 PM
  1. Right, all Manny ever did was help this franchise win two rings in the last 4 years....people went to their graves waiting for this to happen while the spoiled curly red head at the Globe decided to send his kid through college by spinning a fantasy about a curse when it was really bad management and racism that ruined this franchise for generations. If you want to read a REAL book about franchise ineptitude, skip the curse nonsense and read SHUT OUT by Howard Bryant...10 times better than the curly one's drivel. And now the media Johnny Come Latelies such as Eric Wilbur jump on the trade-Manny band wagon as if they were lost sheep. The scribes with ten times more talent than these two fellows wanted to trade Williams, they wanted to be rid of Yaz, they ran Dick Williams out of town, they dumped all over Vaughn, they never liked JimEd and they kicked Clemens over and over...now it's Manny...the scribes are batting over .800 in sticking it to HOF caliber players. Nice job!
    As to Eric Wilbur's opinions about spoiled ballplayers he ought to go out and find a real job....most of us would die to get a chance to "work" by attending games at Fenway. Eric's as spoiled as the players AND his red headed curly friend who "writes" the Carmine beat for the Globe and can't report his way out of the EMC club....

    Posted by Richard Walega July 28, 08 06:58 PM
  1. I'm sorry but the funniest thing about this blog entry, Eric, is that he's one of the best in Boston history. Sorry, but hes one of the best, in the history of baseball, period.
    Just because some people such as yourself don't open your eyes to the rest of the league, and not see that many other players (and in many other sports) do the same thing doesn't mean its 'embarassing' for fans to cheer for him, or that he's only so good.
    I truly hope Manny is traded, so people such as yourself will grow an appreciation for the center piece of your World Championship offense. Soon enough, Youk will fizzle, Lowell will hook more than drive, Drew will get hurt, and Ortiz will be walked consistantly, only to be left stranded. And when we don't make a dent in October, Remember that spoiled, 'over-paid', superstar? Damn, wish we kept him around.

    Posted by The Truth July 28, 08 06:58 PM
  1. Kinda makes you wish you had a Barry Bonds huh? Works his butt off and plays as much as hecan and keeps his mouth shut.

    Posted by wineguy July 28, 08 07:01 PM
  1. Francona should take Manny to the Boston Museum of Science and see the "Baseball In America" exhibit. Then maybe he would understand what a privilege it is to be blessed with the talent to play the game.

    Posted by JackTheRippa July 28, 08 07:10 PM
  1. "Remember when athletes actually went to fight for their country?" WHAT?

    Who the heck cares about that? What, you'd rather have vets in the outfield and come in third every year? Move to someplace with a perennial loser and be happy. Me, I like wins, period. I don't need a role model, I need wins to go with an ice cold beer after a long day at work, period.

    On the whole, you win more with Manny than without Manny. Keep Manny, get rid of Dan Shaughnessy and Steve Buckley, the sports journalist/religious-police.

    Posted by CK July 28, 08 07:13 PM
  1. Is $20MM too much for Manny?
    $27 for Madonna's boyfriend, $16.5 for Torii Hunter; Gee-I-Am Big gets $23+;JD (I tweaked my back) gets 14+!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They are all over paid, but paying $15+ to watch Adam Dunn strike out 180 times and finish 10 games out? I'll take manny and pay the $20

    Posted by Just say no to adam dunn July 28, 08 07:51 PM
  1. I think The Red Sox are making a HUGE Mistake if the get rid of Manny He has helped them out so many times Many pulled this crap before the last time the Red sox re-signed Him Sox w/ out him in the Line up YOU CAN FORGET another world series Theo would be stupid to get rid off him

    Posted by Paula July 28, 08 09:30 PM
  1. By the time he has finished this career, Manny will have 600 homers and over 200 RBIs. He might even pass Aaron and be first all time in Rbis. You may have noticed that he got 2 more rbis tonight. All of this bruhaha is one of the reasons it is much more fun being a Sox fan in Indiana than in Boston. I listen to games on XM, read about them on MLB.com and mostly ignore the Globe. I grew up watching Koufax pitch in LA and watching Manny hit is the same kind of pleasure. Those 0-2 counts that he works. Taking a third strike and then hitting a two run homer the next time up. And two world series championships. You people who want to trade him are crazy. His routine has grown tiresome? Who made you judge? Where are your "character" credentials? No one has been more productive over the last 8 years of his contract if you include the 2 World Series wins. Hasta luego,

    Posted by Marc July 28, 08 09:55 PM
  1. to:In enemy territory

    Have you been paying attention, let's stay on the issue here. The nonsense that is " Manny being Manny" has been tolerated for one reason.... the man has a great singular gift... he can hit a baseball, hard, far and often. You obviously HAVE NO CLUE as to the other realities in play here.

    Let's just suppose you even played SOMETHING.... if you did then you might have some concept of teammates and their interactions. Privately, what do you think his teammates thought of his BAILING on them for two games, you dunderhead!!!!
    Years ago some teammate would have called Manny on his actions.... no more, like he is going to listen???????

    OH, and by the way, you dope, try defending shoving to the ground a 65 year old, just trying to do his job, or even better explain the Iraq comment. Wilbur is SPOT ON..... Manny wouldn't have a clue.

    In this life, there are "foxhole"guys and those who are not. Manny's not a foxhole guy. With your viewpoint, you aren't either.

    Posted by Jake July 28, 08 10:07 PM
  1. Manny is only hurting himself right now. His actions are limiting the number of teams that will give him the deal that he wants next year. Many owners will not want to deal with the drama that comes along with Manny.

    Let's hold his agent Scott Boras responsible for some of this. Either he is encouraging Manny to act in this manner so the Sox wont exercise the option or he is not able to reign him in. Boras definitely wants payday here and the option is not in his favor. He has nothing to lose with Manny's behavior as of late.

    Manny is a great player and it's a shame to see a ballplayer act less than professional. It will surely taint his legacy.

    Posted by curran14 July 28, 08 10:22 PM
  1. What kills me about this is how the elitist ownership of the Sox are protected by you and the rest of the media geniuses in Boston. Why don't they take the same amount of crap that the fans take, paying through the nose at Fenway, and give Manny a deal. He only was a major part of two titles, and what might have been a third. Instead we spend $100 million for Daisuke. I guarantee you that the ownership is behind the Manny witch hunt. He becomes the scape goat for this year, while they raise ticket and concession prices. It also kills me that Theo keeps sending Hispanic players out the door.

    Posted by Tired July 28, 08 10:36 PM
  1. I don't know why Bonds started getting mentioned in the later comments, but that's actually a great idea! Keep Manny, Ortiz is back -- Bonds is looking better than ever! The Sox can just get rid of Lugo and move Lowell to short. Bonds would DH, Ortiz would play 1B, and Youk would be at 3rd. The 3 or 4 runs over the rest of the year caused by Lowell's errors at SS would easily be made up by replacing Lugo with Bonds in the lineup.

    So you've got as your starting batting order: Pedroia, Youkilis, Ortiz, Manny, Bonds, Drew, Lowell, Varitek, Ellsbury. Try to pitch around that lineup and you've practically walked in 2 runs! Awesome! Someone please send Theo the link to this page so he can see this.

    Posted by Jeff July 29, 08 12:03 AM
  1. Manny Ramirez is not "a" presense on that team. He is THE presense on that team. Get rid of the guy, and you just have another run of the mill team playing another. Personally, the guy could stand on his head in the dugout for an hour(and I'm surprised he hasn't yet), and I could care less, as long as I can watch him at bat. I always watch every single game of the season, but If they trade Manny, I know of one fan who, next season, will no longer be much of a fan. I will still watch some, not all, of the Sox games. But they could be down to their last at bat in the last game of the world series, and I'll be hard pressed not to change the channel to watch Manny hit a home run for his new team.

    Posted by Sherri July 29, 08 12:11 AM
  1. Whenever I read Eric Wilbur's articles, I picture him at Fenway in a pink B hat, paying for light beers with his Red Sox Nation Visa.

    Posted by Mike Thomas July 29, 08 12:27 AM
  1. Wilbur, what would you & Shaughnessy whine about if Manny was gone? Oh, I know - how many more losses we would have. Why don't you can it, jerk.

    Posted by Jeff July 29, 08 12:42 AM
  1. .Stop saying "we" you do not speak for me. Also Wineguy, I kinda don't want Barry Bonds. I don't know what planet you are on to have claimed Bonds played and kept his mouth shut. If I'm going to have a talented distraction, I want one who at least hasn't cheated himself into the record books. Manny has brought two championships more to Boston than Bonds or A-Fraud has brought anywhere they have played. Sure, Manny has been wrong, but he needs not be spoken of as if he were a cheater, or a damn criminal like Michael Vick.

    Posted by Thanks Manny July 29, 08 01:34 AM
  1. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and go to Manny's defense. Not because I think he has strong moral fiber or exemplary character. On the contrary. But he is and has been the same Manny he's been for 8 years (and probably for the past 24 years). He's a manchild: A 12-year old boy living inside the body of a Hitter Savant. He probably lives more in the moment than anyone you've ever met and, as such, has no recollection of what he's said - however thoughtless, provocative, or preposterous. He'll jabber with the press and then go home to play Guitar Hero or Grant Theft Auto and forget everything that happened prior (except every pitch to him in every at bat). And one more thing... With Papi out of the line-up and even off the bench for much of the past several weeks, coupled w/ Lugo's inactivity, the relaxed chemistry Manny has relied on has been replaced by the high-volume intesity of Pedroia, Youk and Tek. Manny likes it fun and funny. As hard a worker he's been, he relies on what any 12-year old kid relies on: fun with his friends. They've been absent. Left to his own devices, this "abandoned" 12-year old doesn't know what to do w/ himself and doesn't have anyone to help him watch his ps and qs.

    Posted by BayAreaSoxFan July 29, 08 02:06 AM
  1. The IDIOTS are supposed to be the players, not the fans!
    Amazing how people spout nonsense, without a grain of reasoning or knowledge. Here goes:
    1- The guys who keeps complaining about Manny's OPS is "only" .931 this year. What do you consider good OPS?
    2- Have you bothered to check on Teixeira OPS? It is "only" .902 . His OBP? lower. His Slugging? lower. Average? also lower. Seems a downgrade to me, or do we need a math lesson?
    Every year we seem to get enamored with a player. 2 years a go the yahoos wee on the Konerko banwagon. They wanted to tarde Manny and sign Konerko just
    because he had one good (excellent) year. Anybody wants to make this deal right now?
    3- The slacker only has played the 2nd most number of games on the team (2nd to Pedroia). Maybe being 11 years older than Pedroia should be considered? So, is it possible that his knee can be bothering him?
    4- You keep repeating that he makes $20M. So what? This has proven to be the best long term contract the Sox ever made. He delivered every year. Most teams are lucky to get 75% good year production. Even in his 1 down year, his OPS was still in the .800, a WS, and postseason OBP of .615 and OPS of 1.740. This is out of this world.
    $20M/year sound a lot for most of us, but it is demand and offer. His combination of skills is extremely rare. So he can make that. I remind you that Giambi makes about $24M and Jeter about $22M.
    5- You keep repeating that RS should not exercise his $20M option, and that you can get a lot more for $20M. No you cannot. Nobody in Manny's stratosphere will sign for 2 one-year contracts, ven at $20M. Drew makes $14M, but that was for 5 years, so to get Drew, you have to risk $70M. This year, Drew has been a good value so far, but next year might be like last year. How many good years out of 5 will we get out of Drew? So far, it has been 1 out of 2.
    The smart move is to keep picking up his options. The most you risk is a 1 year contract. As for Manny, it would be the best gift to not pick up his option. He can then lock about $70M for 4 years from somebody.
    6- I keep reading about how horrible an outfielder he is, yet year after year, he keeps gunning people on the bases (he even lead MLB with outfield assists a couple of yeasr back), and he plays Fenway LF like no otehr in memory. Granted he is no Gold Glove, and when he makes a miscue, it make the blooper reels, but he is more than serviceable. He lacks foot speed for a large LF, but his arm and quick release are huge plus.
    7- For those who whining about Manny being a primadona, and wants to be treated differently. Sure he is. What superstar is not? Even is normal work environment (not professional sports), you never treat all workers the same way. Your star salesman/engineer/(place whatever job here) will always get away with much more than the grubs. But they bring to the company more than anybody else. People react differently to different treatments. You want to get the best results out of your personnel; some you need to coddle, some you have to play hard nosed. The superstars are worth the extra effort needed. The goal is to maximize the results. If you ever managed anybody, you would know that.
    8- For all those who keep asserting that they would rather watch a hard nosed minor leaguer instead of Manny: Go watch the Royals! I bet you will love it.
    To conclude:
    - With all the good things that they do, I really dislike how this organization runs people out of town. They do not just part ways, they need to demonize the other player when doing it, so they look like martyrs. They do it with this insedious undercurrent of rumors and wispers, and are very adept at using the sports writers and talk shows in doing it. You would figure that these sportwriters will have a bit more brains or integrity.
    - This RS regime has been smart in how they developed and maximized the Red Sox business, in how they invested in the product on te field, and in the great development work they did in the minors. But, sometimes it is better to be lucky than good:
    > Tried to get rid of Manny for nothing. Luckily, it happened in a bad time for baseball when not many teams where able to afford him.
    > Lucked out with Ortiz. He was supposed to be the 1B backup for the otehr Giambi.
    > Lost out on Contreras
    > Lost out on ARod - Manny trade
    > Lucked out on Lowell. He was a throw in.
    > Screw up every year at SS since cabrera. What was wrong with Cabrera? and why the enamoration with Lugo?
    > Let's trade half the minor leagues for Mirabelli?

    Posted by Charles July 29, 08 03:12 AM
  1. Where are you Beacon Hill Barker. Well are you ready for another Sweep of the Sox by the Angels. The Sox should have picked up Johan instead of toying with the Hankees. Now I must say it appears that the Playoffs will hold many difficulties.

    Posted by jimmy bee July 29, 08 10:46 AM
  1. ATTENTION ALL Boston Writers and Fans!

    It is pretty amazing to see the fans express their feelings so openly about Manny's current situation in Boston. I've been a RedSox fan for a great many years now and I've always wondered if Baseball Teams actually listen to the garbage written in the media about their own players. Because, if the RedSox did so, then it wouldn't have WON 2 World Series Titles in the last 4 seasons, how ever, if the RedSox want to blow a chance at returning to the World Series in the next few years, Manny will need to be on the team to accomplish the goal.

    The Boston writers as of recently have become more and more negative, and critical about the way Professional handles themselves, without any real justification in doing so. It is done, just to get you, the fans on their side and push management into doing something that wouldn't be in the best interests of the team. Manny's contract situation should have been COMPLETED before spring training was finished. His contract should have been signed and not an issue during the season, but THEO wanted to flex his muscle as GM. Unfortunately, Scott Boras is now Manny's agent and that is a problem all in itself, and probably is the cause of the situation not improving.

    So, before making a judgement on what Manny is doing, the BIGGEST question is - Is Scott Boras baiting Manny into a tirade against the RedSox, so he can pocket more money for himself. Manny has 2 options at 20 Million and the RedSox, before this season were willing to pick up options - plus adding a couple years, so he could retire a RedSox. The media is claiming Scott Boras is looking for a contract of $100 Million over 4 years, which would result in a HUGE commission for him. But, if the RedSox picks up Manny's next 2 options, Boras only make money off the additional money over and above the 2 options. That is taking MILLIONS of dollars out of his pocket and Boras' ego won't let that happen.

    So think about it? Exactly around the time Manny started sputtering off in the media, matches perfectly with the time he took Scott Boras as his agent?

    If you are curious, What exactly a $20 Million player is look at Manny's Career?

    He has been in MLB for OVER 15 Years.

    He has OVER 500 Homeruns - 230+ with RedSox(David Ortiz- 266?)
    He has a Career Batting AVERAGE of .315 over 15 seasons- Consistency!
    He has a OBP over .400
    He has a SLG% pushing .500

    And his OPS is .999? Incredible.

    Those are his CAREER Stats. That's a $20 Million a year player is ever there was one.

    As for the writers, you people are really getting pathetic with your negative articles. It continues to happen in Boston Sport media and it's always seems to pick out the negative aspect of a situation, then draw it's own conclusion(which most of the time is way of base to begin with) and procede to tear down players or teams, because of either they didn't do something or didn't do what they(writers) thought was in the best interests of the team.

    First off, let's get something straight? The writers, if they were half as smart as each of them claim to be, then guess what - They wouldn't be writers and would be Manager or a GM in the league, and they are not. Opinions are like anus', everyone has one, however it doesn't make it right nor does it make fair to judge a book by it's cover. When making judgements without all the facts is speculation. Writers love to add their own kind of adversity to situation, that's what sells papers.

    Trust me, after the Patriot problem, the Celtics winning a Championship for the first time in 22 years(I that because the media keep reminding everyone how long it has been since Boston had won a title) and now the Boston RedSox winning 2 World Series titles in 4 seasons, the writers forced Theo to do something he shouldn't have been doing- waiting to sign Manny to a long-term 5 year deal worth $100 Million.

    As for Manny sitting out games, because of injury, it is his decision, but don't talk about him quitting on the team. Many players on the RedSox do not run out DP ground balls, especially when they know(from experience) that they cannot reach base before the play is over. Prime example: David Ortiz was not running all out, when Manny hit into the DP, yet you're not talking about that? It must be nice to be a hypocrit.

    Over the years, Manny may have had his distractions, but don't ever talk about his ability to play the game, his desire to play the game or whether or not he is injured.

    Yes, Manny is getting older, but even at his age, he is still BETTER than 99% of the rest of the league. He is the PUREST Hitter in the game.

    So, give it a break.

    Posted by Ray from chicopee July 29, 08 12:50 PM
  1. Oh Wait Mark Teixeira is going to the Angels Wooooo Hoooo. Vlad, Hunter, Teixeira. Hold on to your Red Sox this will be the next WS champion.

    The Nation

    Posted by jimmy bee July 29, 08 12:50 PM
  1. Hey people...... without Manny we do not win anything, you forgot about last year "it is not the end of the world statement? ", wait and see, who will carry the load, past the Yankees,just give him the money or you will see him next year with a nice hair cut, hitting homers at Fenway for the hated Yankees . Go Sox, Go Manny !!!!!

    Posted by Luis Perez, Miami Florida July 29, 08 02:23 PM
  1. Why not trade Manny to the Giants for Dave Roberts? Their payroll has got to be lighter without Bonds, and Manny guarantees sellouts wherever he goes. Roberts isn't on anyone's radar since he's just back from knee surgery - meaning the Sox could afford to sweeten the pot for the Giants to take Manny off their hands.

    Posted by RSN South July 29, 08 02:47 PM
  1. Look, the reason Manny "guns down all of those runners," is because he's stationed right behind shortstop and when he screws up a play and someone tries for 2 he has to make a 90 foot throw to get the out. Another thing, no, you don't treat "superstars" differently. Any "superstar" worth his salt just wants to be part of the team. There are a few primadonnas who want preferential treatment, but preferential treatment in and of itself goes against the team concept, therefore real "superstars" are team players. Go back to the Williams, Mays, Mantle days, and they were real "superstars." Their teamates will tell you that first and formost they were team players. And furthermore, if you were working in a place that let some people get away with crap and the others not, I'm sure that you'd think that the team concept in that environment was compromised. One more thing, to say that Bonds was a cheater and Manny not, I think you're splitting hairs between cheater and quitter, because a quitter cheats his fans and his teamates who are giving their all.

    Posted by jorel July 29, 08 04:51 PM
  1. It's to Manny's credit he's not "ready to kill at first chance." Too bad there aren't more people of like mind. Not only are you not only not fighting in Iraq you are not even playing major league baseball. You are merely a "writer" who goes to games for free and then rags on Manny. Knock it off. Wake up and stop being used as a shill for a front office that is trying to turn the fans against Manny in order to save money next year. Instead, sit back, relax, and enjoy watching one of the best hitters to ever go to bat. He may not be a gazelle in the field but you can also enjoy the way he plays the wall, his strong accurate arm, and how quickly he gets the ball back to the infield- quicker than any other left fielder in the game. And when he played right for Cleveland he once had 19 assists in a season .

    Posted by Enzo Baker July 29, 08 11:05 PM
  1. News flash fellow Red Sox fans. Not having Manny would not be the reason why the Red Sox are not going to the series this year (barring some last minute excellent trade). How about these reasons:

    Papelbon ERA over 2.0
    Five hour Dice-K games.
    Ellsbury - sophomore slump and lousy arm
    No shortstop (with or without Lugo)
    Varitek batting average hovering just over the Mendoza line
    Crisp - MIA
    Too many inconsistent rookie pitchers

    The first step other than non-Manny trades to solving all these problems is to improve the clubhouse atmosphere and get the focus back on baseball. Guess what one single action would do the most to start that process. Heck his teammates won't even defend him to the press anymore.

    Thanks for everything Manny, enjoy Flushing.

    Posted by Paul July 29, 08 11:23 PM

    Posted by JOE BOSTIC LAKELAND FL. July 30, 08 06:17 AM

    Posted by EL FATTY (WASHINGTON HEIGHTS,NY) July 30, 08 12:58 PM
  1. Manny should not be traded... end of story.

    What the hell is going on with this town.. this is typical 'Manny being Manny' and the sports writers/talk shows having nothing else to talk about. Why does Manny offend you?

    The Sox should pick up next year, $20MM or give him 4 year deal for $70-80MM... listen folks, the guy is worth it. His production might not be .330BA / 45 HR /140 RBI.. but he will still be one of, if not, the best right handed hitter in the league for the next 4 years.

    Do not compare Manny to Nomar. From the sound of it, the players in the dugout actually like Manny. He is not a cancer to the dugout, he is just a PR nightmare.

    If Manny gets traded or his option doesn't get picked up, watch out.. he will be wearing pin-stripes, playing left field...

    Posted by RAW July 30, 08 01:13 PM
  1. Manny should stay, he IS the best the soz have. For them to just keep him to try and win the championship again and then just not re-sign him would just show the world what low lifes the management really are. He is manny being manny, and i will always think hes the best know matter what.

    Posted by j. sims July 30, 08 04:48 PM
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