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Manny man in the stands

Posted by Eric Wilbur, Boston.com Staff May 16, 2008 07:20 AM

Thanks to Dan Lamothe over at Red Sox Monster for finding this Q&A with Red Sox fan Randy Dunning, who was on the receiving end of Manny Ramirez’s classic high-five double-play Wednesday afternoon in Baltimore.

“When it happened all I was thinking was, holy crap, heck yeah!” Dunning tells The Lost Ogle. “You can see me point down to Manny after the catch. I think that was what got his attention and he saw the lone Sox fan in the midst of a bunch of Orioles fans. I had no idea he planned on jumping up the wall, but I figured he was going to do a Lambeau Leap, so I prepared to grab his arm and pull him up. As I reached out, he slapped my hand, dropped down and made a hell of a play. That’ why, I’m not sure I’d call it a high-five. Maybe more of a slap 4.”

It’s been a big week for the Oklahoma native (who insists he not a bandwagon fan, although he admits he only had to endure one season of heartbreak in 2003), who also happens to be Barry Switzer’s nephew.

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  1. He's not bandwaon, but he's only been around since '03? Yea, OK that's the season where most of the bandwagon started to jump on, the easily likable band of losers who cowboy'd up to oppose the hated Yankees. He's about as bandwagon as they come. Gimmie a break, does this guy even know who Mike Greenwell, John Valentin, Rich Gedman or Carlos Quintana are?

    Posted by O'Dons May 16, 08 02:08 PM
  1. Carlos Quintana. I had all his cards. He was one my favorite players for the very short time he was actually around. He could have been great. Unfortunately he had to go get shot, or was it a car accident.

    Posted by Elise May 16, 08 03:24 PM
  1. This dude isn't a bandwagon chaser . . . he's driving the bandwagon!

    Posted by Bill W May 16, 08 03:44 PM
  1. Whatever. Been a fan since I was a kid and don't care when or who comes aboard. I jumped on the bandwagon in 1975 when I was 7 and just old enough to nmake the choice and I been here ever since. This is what killed the "feel-good" Dead tours of the early '80's- hippie-crits comparing their fandom. Who the flock cares. Get a life.

    Posted by Bobster May 16, 08 03:51 PM
  1. So when is it okay to start being a sox fan? I guess by your standards to be a 'real' fan you'd have to wait until a team stinks for a few years. The sox introduced me to the game during the '04 playoffs, and i've loved it and them ever since. I guess I'm a bandwagon fan though. You gotta start somewhere.

    Posted by MannysBBQ May 16, 08 04:03 PM
  1. So what if he's only been a fan for a short time? He's a fan now and maybe forever. We all had to start somewhere.

    Posted by JPnMO May 16, 08 04:05 PM
  1. Get a life dude - he's a fan...

    Posted by Butter May 16, 08 04:22 PM
  1. I think we've evolved past the point where scrutinizing everyone's "street cred" as a "legitimate" fan is a worthwhile pastime, don't you? What impact would it have on your life if Randy Dunning had been a Sox fan since the mid 70s? The issue in focus here is the awesome Manny Moment, not whether Randy Dunning has suffered enough Sox angst to be "worthy" of your respect.

    Posted by John S. May 16, 08 04:32 PM
  1. Ah, fan elitism from O'Dons. "They're MY team! YOU can't have them!" Get over it, mate.

    Posted by Concerned Citizen May 16, 08 04:42 PM
  1. Yea...Doesn't that guy know that a REAL fan only roots for a team that stinks for at least 5 years. If the team has any kind of success at all during that time you have to either choose another team, tell everyone you meet that you are only a "bandwagon" fan, or memorize a random book of obscure players then lie your butt off... Hopefully you'll be accepted by REAL fans then. Carlos Quintana really... what about Phil Plantier, Jody Reed, and Tom Brunansky? Bandwagon or not these new guys are on our side. Lets not forget to relish in the misery and misfortune of our pals in the Bronx.

    Posted by Billy-OK- May 16, 08 04:47 PM
  1. by bandwagon, you mean nation right?
    at least he admitted it

    Posted by dr charles May 16, 08 06:36 PM
  1. Come on, don't say this guy's on the bandwagon - he's been a fan for at least 5 YEARS. It's not like he bought one of them Red Sox Nation membership cards or anything...

    Posted by Albee May 17, 08 12:02 AM
  1. Fans who loved and supported the Sox through the bad years are to be commended. They were justly rewarded for their dedication. Those fans who came along during the good times will be weeded out if/when the Sox are no longer at the top. It's easy to follow a winner. Just so you know, I've been a Royals fan for over 30 years, through fantastic years and downright depression. I still go to games and follow them throughout the year, hoping that someday, the good times will return. I've always been a Sox fan too. I was born in NE and my parents told many stories of going to Fenway in the '40s and '50s before leaving NE. I was hooked long before I ever attended my first game at Fenway, which was years before they won a WS. I consider myself to be devoted to both teams.

    Posted by JPnMO May 17, 08 11:15 AM
  1. Gee, if you weren't on board with the Impossible Dream in '67, if you didn't cry when Tony C got beaned in the face, if 'Yastrzemski' wasn't the first word you spoke as a baby (and the first name you could spell!), then you're a bandwagoner. *sheesh* Sox fans are Sox fans. Enough with the hypocritical/elitist "real fan' standards. Remember, there's always an older Sox fan around who considers YOU to be on the bandwagon!

    Posted by stevenp May 17, 08 11:25 AM
  1. I wasn't aware Greenwell and Valentin were obscure players. I mean if I dropped Bill Pulsipher or Midre Cummings' names then I guess I'd consider those obscure. Anyway, I'm going to go crack a cold one and get ready to watch the Dice-man pitch 8 shut out innings.

    Posted by AHHHHH MATSUZAKA!!! May 17, 08 01:21 PM
  1. O'Dons... you toolbox.

    Jealousy is a stinky cologne!

    Posted by Bryce Seattle May 17, 08 02:36 PM
  1. Kids are always welcomed. As for adults well that's another thing.

    Bandwagoners, are just that Bandwagoners or Non-Fans. You know who you are. If you don't, just look in your wallet or purse and see if you have a 'Red Sox Nation' card. If you do, go no further, you're a Bandwagoner.

    Paying money to belong or at least 'feel' you belong. Paying to feel like a winner. It sorta sez, "Hey - Look at me. I am a loser!'' "I paid my dues, I belong".

    It's like introducing your hooker as your girlfriend.

    Jump'n in 'on' the middle of the big race doesn't count, (see; Ruiz, Rosie)

    You don't have to be a fan with street cred, but you also do not have to be one of the the new "obnoxious" loser Red Sox Nation fans that are acting the fool in stadiums all over America.

    The behavior of the new Corporate "Nation" is very close if not parallel to Yankee fans. What happened? Oh right they 'paid' for the privilege, so they must feel they are now allowed to conduct themselves in that manner. A false sense of entitlement. Maybe some of us where hoping for something better that's all.

    Not to mention Rossie Ruiz happened in Boston too.

    Posted by Conig25 May 18, 08 06:24 AM
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