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Think big

Posted by Charles P. Pierce  August 19, 2011 07:07 PM

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We will stipulate for the purposes of this post that neither Vince Wilfork, nor any of his Miami teammates, knew exactly how Nevin Shapiro made all the money he was handing out to them in cash and, ahem, trade. (Hubba-hubba!). It even took the Feds a while to figure that out. The various 'Canes that benefitted from his largesse probably thought he was just another rich booster -- of whom, This Blog has learned exclusively, there are several in and around our nation's major college football programs. Maybe they thought he was a drug dealer. Of course, it turns out that he was something much, much worse than that.

OK, however, now we know.

It looks like the people defrauded by this human piece of dryer lint may try to claw back from the athletes some of (their) money that Shapiro passed along. Here's my advice to Wilfork, Jonathan Vilma, all the athletes caught up in this, and, for that matter, all the athletes from The U who want to salvage the microscopic remains of their university's dignity before Shapiro's inevitable book appears.

Give it back. All of it. And more. Do it now, before a court makes you do it.

Call a press conference. Say you're sorry to have taken money that you now know was the result of the swindling of widows and orphans. (You can even apologize for breaking NCAA regulations, but This Blog never would advise anyone to do that.) Moreover -- and this is where all the rest of you come in, and This Blog means you Michael Irvin and Jimmie Johnson -- announce the formation of the Hurricane Give Back Trust Fund. You all contribute (heavily) to a fund benefitting the victims of Shapiro's crimes. If an elderly couple he swindled is losing their home, the fund pays their mortgage. If a kid can't go to college because mom and dad got taken, the fund foots the bill. Behind on your medical insurance because you got fleeced by this crook, old timer? Vince Wilfork and his pals will be happy to pay. Give, give, until it hurts.

This Blog is not lawyer enough even on the Intertoobz to know whether or not this kind of thing is legal, or whether it will prevent the folks from clawing back what they need to claw back from the slug at the bottom of this sordid tale, but that's what This Blog would do.

Be a big man, Vince.
And the rest of you clowns, too.
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