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War Games

Posted by Charles P. Pierce  April 25, 2011 04:38 PM

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This is probably the most interesting piece This Blog has come upon in several months -- if only for the considerable effort the reporter goes to be fair-minded toward the subject, who might otherwise be dismissed as a gun-toting, redneck birther by people who notice that he totes a lot of guns, and talks like a Toby Keith record, and thinks the president has not yet produced proof-of-citizenship enough to suit him and the folks back home.

(Pro Tip: by now, if you're still in any way a "birther," you're not complex. You just believe some really stupid stuff and should lay off the short-wave radio for a spell.)

Leaving aside the learned disquisitions on constitutional law -- "Godly principles"? James Madison just chugged a whole bottle of Madeira in the Beyond. --  This Blog was most struck by this passage:

"Most of Scott's childhood friends are in prison, he says, or in the military; he would have been a Marine sniper had baseball not panned out. But it did."

Hold on a minute.

Luke Scott "would've been" a Marine sniper, but he got too good at baseball to try out for the job? This Blog calls horse-hockey here. Assuming Scott is marksman enough to make the grade, if he wanted to be a Marine sniper, he would be a Marine sniper. He decided he preferred to play baseball for a living. Period. This Blog is not aware of any rule in the Corps reading to the effect that: "An applicant shall be denied entry to the Corps, and shall not be considered for specialized duty, if said applicant can hit .267 lifetime."

The barstools, alas, are full of guys who would've joined the military if it wasn't for etc. etc. etc. And, if you're going to run a quote like this, you should really get a statement from the Tillman family.
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