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Posted by Charles P. Pierce  September 19, 2010 09:31 PM

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Well, I don't know about you, but I think The Quarterback can play better than that.

Otherwise, welcome to your 2010 New England Patriots. Get used to them, because this is the team you're going to be seeing all year -- great flashes of wonderful offense, the occasional defensive stand, some decent special teams play, and not nearly enough talent to make the adjustments necessary against good team. Oh, yes. And braindead -- Delay of game on a field goal? -- penalties, too.

That was exactly as good as this team is. Tom Brady is the one unquestioned star on the roster -- I think Randy Moss is a star, too, but it's stretching things to call him "unquestioned," at least as long as there are brave radio contrarians out there -- and he's going to have to play like one every week. There is nobody else there to take the load off of him, even for a play or two. If the offensive game plan is bad, it's up to him to recognize it and raise hell until it gets changed. (Anybody think Bill O'Brien knows more about offensive football than Tom Brady does? How about Bill Belichick? Anyone?) If a play call is bad, it's up to him to ignore it and change the play to one he thinks will work. If the offense stalls after halftime, he's the one who's got to find the alternatives, on the fly, to get it rolling. This may be happening or it may not be, but Brady's got to be close to perfect for this team to win. He wasn't yesterday. That's not fair, but it's the way it is.

  • Otherwise...
  • Anyone who blames Brady's performance yesterday on a) his hair, b) his wife, c) his kids, d) Hollywood, or e) some "intangible" like "intensity" needs to go back on the meds immediately. Man had a bad game. Period.
  • Likewise for anybody trying to hang this one on Randy Moss. There aren't four receivers in the history of the game that make that TD catch. But he really doesn't know how to hand-fight for the ball in midair. Weird. Given Moss's athleticism and physical gifts, it's like Shaq and rebounding.
  • Aaron Hernandez looked like a keeper yesterday, until the Pats forgot they'd drafted him or something. The Jets can't keep giving up 100-yard receiving games every week.
  • Eric Smith should lose half-a-season for that headhunting he did on Wes Welker. If the NFL took head injuries as seriously as it claims to take them, he might lose the rest of the year. I am not kidding about this. That's the kind of hit that puts people on wheels for the rest of their lives.
  • If there's anyone worth rooting for on this Pats team, it's Fred Taylor, who is one bad man, but whose legs have very little left in them.
  • Brandon Tait is already a don't-go-to-the-fridge return guy on kickoffs.
  • I can't take this one too much to heart since I'm still grooving on that fake placement -- Big. Clanging. Brass. Ones. -- that Michigan State used to beat Notre Dame on Saturday night. That the play-clock already had run out just makes it extra special good. Heh, heh, heh. The Independence Bowl wants ... YOU!
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