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Semi daily don't-call-it-footie update

Posted by Charles P. Pierce  July 9, 2010 02:35 PM

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  • As to the final game, I have a very strong feeling that the Dutch are going to be able to pull this one out. I do love the fact that it's being contested by teams who aren't necessarily used to being there but, for all the ball control they were able to achieve against Germany, the Spanish really did coast through the game, whereas Netherlands had to work a lot harder against Uruguay and (I think) come into the final with a sharper edge to them. Of course, the octopus disagrees, although it's nice to be on the side of the parakeets.
  • Good news for Nigerian fans. They get their team back and, not for nothing, but I will pay good money for a Goodluck Jonathan campaign button.
  • You can't call them "zebras," I guess, but here's a little sumthin-sumthin on the former British cop who's going to officiate the final. He seems to have had some trouble with Poland early in his career.
  • We used to have third-place -- aka "consolation" -- games in the NCAA basketball tournament all the way down to the level of the regionals. Nobody ever wanted to play in them; a legend persists that, in 1974, the UCLA coaches couldn't even find Bill Walton until minutes before the consolation game with Kansas. Therefore, good on Uruguay's Diego Forlan for playing hurt in tomorrow's third-place game. While I freely admit I'd never heard of him before this month, Forlan has impressed throughout as a class act.
  • FIFA's taken a lot of heat, much of it deserved, for what it's done over the course of the tournament, but this seems like a nice gesture, although it says something about international sport that a glut of private jets has become a problem with which governing bodies are expected to deal.
  • And people say vuvuzelas are useless. Pish-tosh. I guess my only question is whether you can play a vuvuzela by inhaling as well as exhaling, and whether or not you can play on them the collected works of the Strawberry Alarm Clock. Probably still won't make any difference to these folks, though.



Have cancelled the gig in Dubai.


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