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Semi-daily footie update

Posted by Charles P. Pierce  June 16, 2010 01:37 PM

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  • Hurrah for the plucky Swiss, who livened up the morning by upsetting what appeared to be a Spanish experiment in lethargy. (Senores, losing to the Swiss and the Americans in the same calendar year? Really, now.) One thing for which those of us who love live televised sports in the early morning are grateful is that the British announcers who are working the games for ESPN are play-by-play guys who actually know when to shut up. A miracle, is what it is.
  • If you miss the action during the day, the ESPN World Cup round-up show at night is worth catching. All the highlights, and not merely the goals.
  • On the telecast of Game Six last night, Jeff Van Gundy placed himself squarely in the anti-vuvuzela camp. Pity.
  • The ideological slanging match here in America goes painfully on. Here, a Prominent Conservative Intellectual defends his side -- and his oft-asserted, but rarely demonstrated, Regular Guyhood -- from charges of racism by pointing out that, actually, conservatives oppose soccer solely because of the other people who enjoy it. In other words, we're not racist, we're just embarrassingly shallow. Also, there seems to be the contention buried in here somewhere that European soccer hoodlums are...liberals? (This is the guy, it should be noted, who argued at tedious length that Hitler also was a creature of The Left.) OK, everybody back to your corners now. 
  • Also, not a single shot of a Famous Person in the stands at any of these games. Nobody plugging a soon-to-be-ridiculed Major Motion Picture, either.
  • I am happy that Chilean coach Marcelo Bielsa is nicknamed "El Loco." By comparison, in American college basketball, there are about 192 coaches fighting over the rights to it.
  • UPDATE: And you thought it was too late in the day for yet more hackneyed jingoistic stupidity. You were wrong, my friends.


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Tougher than she looks.

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